Monday, April 24, 2006


After wrapping up her upcoming movie, Dreamgirls, Beyonce took some time to chill with her man in Miami. Must be nice!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Say WHAT?!?!

When I first read Bubba Sparxxx's comments in the Shine-covered XXL, I dismissed them. Although Mary Jane isn't known to induce spaced out trips, I thought I'd hit it too hard and lapsed into hallucination. So, today I re-read the article, smoke-free:
"My nigga Kaine put the 'Bootyboootyboootyboooty' on there, and I was like, "Holy shit."

Your WHOM?

The hell is up with this dude saying NIGGA? It's bad enough that we reluctantly cleared the way for one hit wonder Fat Joe to say the N Word (is it clear???), b
ut Bubba Sparxxx? Wha-? How-? I thought the rule was that no white person - including Teena Marie or Paul Wall - could say the word NIGGA? What's next? Will a tape surface of Sparxxx dissing his black ex-girlfriend?

*Chunkin the DEUCE at Bubba Sparxxx.*