Thursday, April 30, 2009

John Thomas Jr.: Killer and Rapist

The LAPD recently arrested cold case killer John Floyd Thomas Jr., 72. They say his killings may go back as far as 1955 and that he could be one of the worst serial killers in the US History. And yes, he's a brother. Killing and raping old white women way back then.

Here's one of his unfortunate victims:

DNA analysis in 2004 confirmed that Thomas raped and killed Elizabeth McKeown, 67, in 1976.
The "Westside Rapist" became one of the more notorious criminals of the era. Victims ranged in age from the 50s to the 90s. Bella Stumbo, the late Times feature writer, wrote in December 1975 that the "serenity" of the neighborhoods where the victims lived "had been so grotesquely invaded by that elusive maniac the police loosely refer to as the 'Westside rapist,' now accused of sexually assaulting at last 33 old women and murdering perhaps 10 of them." She said residents lived in "small colonies of terror."

The attacks appeared to stop in 1978. That year, a witness took down Thomas' license plate after he raped a woman in Pasadena. He was convicted and sent to state prison.

When he was released in 1983, he moved to Chino. And a killer began stalking older woman -- this time in the Inland Valley area.

Over the next six years, Los Angeles County sheriff's detectives would investigate five slayings of elderly women in Claremont, Sgt. Richard Longshore said.

During that period, Thomas worked in neighboring Pomona as a peer counselor at a hospital.

Detectives now believe the last in this cycle of killings occurred in 1989. They are not sure why the perpetrator stopped. That year, Thomas took a job in the state workers' compensation agency in Glendale. Full story here.

So he'd been chilling all these years, raping and killing at will until old age put a stop to it (I guess). I tell you, we get Obama one day and John Thomas the next. He totally trashes the myth that black men don't serial kill (or didn't start until recently). Seems like Thomas was leading the pack - and came very close to never being caught...on this side.

Rick Ross' Baby Mama Tells Her Story...

...and who shall give a d@mn?

"It wasn't just the child support case that was getting me down," it reads. "It was all of it. How he treated me like he was better than me and smarter than me during our whole relationship, how when I dated him it was almost like I dated his momma because she was so involved in his life, how his pathetic first baby's mama did everything she could to disrespect me every step of the way and he did nothing, how he verbally and physically abused me, how I left my marriage to be with him. This was the last straw." (Deeper Than Rap)

Then, she goes on to tell us that she is more than Rick Ross' baby mama. Really?

"The reason I felt that it would be interesting to write a book is because I have had a very big struggle in my life," Tia said in an interview. "I grew up without a father, my mom was a single parent and it was very hard for her to raise six kids on her own. Being the oldest, I experienced a lot of things growing up, a lot of challenges in life that I went through. I got married young, I had two kids and after that I ended up getting in a another relationship...When I met Ross he wasn't a celebrity. There are a lot of things that I experienced in my life before I met Ross that was overwhelming or outrageous or just crazy. And there are a lot of things that we went through that I thought would be very interesting for people out in the world to hear." (XXL Mag)
She would have done better to embellish her story a little bit and write a "Coldest Winter"-type good ghetto read. Instead we have to read her first person, self authored, regular old hood rat story. Hell, I can just go around the corner and hear about some good hood baby mama drama.

In other news, Ricky Ross sold 150K units of his new CD. I don't feel like researching the name of said CD because much like I feel for Tia's book, I just can't care to that level.

No More Milkshake for Nas

Kelis' pregnancy hormones went completely crazy and made her file for divorce from my baby Nas. Lord, if I wasn't married and Swine flu wasn't in NY, I'd be on the next plane out to console and/or stalk Nasir Jones. Believe it.
The marriage between Queensbridge, NY rapper Nas and R&B songbird Kelis is officially over.

Vibe magazine reports that divorce papers were filed around 3:45 p.m. today (April 30) by attorney Laura Wasser on behalf of Kelis.

The songstress cited verbal abuse and infidelity as the reasons behind the filing.
Whatever. If you'll look at the divorce paper(s?) below, you'll see that she filed on 4/20. Is she leaving him because he smokes too much??? Aaand the paper says they were married in 2003. I thought they were married in 2005. If they really did tie the knot in '03, that means they married right after they met, which makes this even that much more tragic!

Sad, sad, sad! I so wanted them to be tighter than Florida and James.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Music – Old, New, and In Between

Just a few of my favorites. A very few...

Remember this? Loved it! (1991)

This is me and my husband’s song…

This is my song!! And ladies, he does say “makes me wanna give HER my wealth.” See… they just want us to have a little something too…

A total classic…

And because I am soooo Houston… my all time favorite local jam.

One of my all time favorites just because…

Of course, no list – no matter how abbreviated – would be complete without some Mary.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Review: Obsessed

I write this as a Beyonce Stan.

Thanks to perfect timing, curiosity about Bey's acting ability, and a fan base that’s apparently stronger than Jamie Foxx’s, Beyonce’s new “thriller” took in $28 million this past weekend. May the Knowles family revel in this #1 position because the summer blockbusters start this weekend.

The night before I actually watched Obsessed, I read review after review after review. I was sure that the negative reviews were directly related to the movie being about a beautiful black woman whose husband can’t be tempted by a white blonde babe. Not really.

The negative reviews were directly related to the fact that this movie sucks hard and Beyonce know she need to stop. Any random cute, black chick on any street could have played Beyonce’s Sharon. Can you read? - Good enough - got a part for you.

Obsessed is actually one long, drawn-out Beyonce video, minus the music. The strong, fearless Beyonce we hear on the radio and onstage is the same Beyonce in this movie. The same diva who believes that material possessions and love go hand in hand is the same Bey in this movie. While strength, perfection, and bling bling work as subject matter in a 3 minute song, it can get old and tired in a 105 minute movie.


Idris Elba tried to warn us, but until you see just how much chemistry aint in this movie, you can’t imagine that no sparks fly between Beyonce and Idris. It’s like, “Look at Beyonce and Idris; I’m uncomfortable.” WHY? Two beautiful black “actors” on screen should be like Love and Basketball or Love Jones or even Lady Sings the Blues. I was so looking forward to loving Bey and Idris together! But as soon as they got close, I found myself wanting Jay-Z to come on the set... and jump in Idris’s spot... to warm up Beyonce... and let Idris find a real movie to star in...

Either the writer of this film didn’t know how to build a thought provoking movie, or Beyonce and the machine behind her wouldn’t let him. I’m thinking Door #2. Somebody, probably Matt and Tina, scaled back every realistic word or emotion in the script. “She wouldn’t say that – she’d say this: ‘Imma mop the flo wit yo ass!’” And at some point, I’m guessing that somebody, probably Matt, Tina and Bey, told the writer to have Derek go from being a playa to a man who can’t even understand the game much less play it because he luuuuuuuuvs his uneducated wife so much and will do whatever it takes to get her back even though he didn’t do ANYTHING wrong.

After a while, even the fineness of Idris Elba starts to get overshadowed by his stupidity. Ali Lartner is as crazy as Lisa Nicole Carson. Just wish I could have known why. But character development was the least of this movies' problems. The dialog was weak. The office setting was sexist and out dated. Beyonce and Idris’ home phone was even out dated -- who in the hell has an external answering machine in 2009? Surely not the rich and successful characters in this movie. But, I guess, in order for Big Bad Beyonce to pick up the phone and say, “I’mma have to call you back” - and then go kick some skinny white ass - they had to have an outdated answering machine. Relevancy is for suckers.

Beyonce will NEVER win an Oscar like this. Never. There is no way she can earn an Oscar for anything but a song in a movie. Still, even after such harsh criticism, I saw some improvement in Bey. If you just want to watch her “act” a fool and mean mug the camera before whooping some butt, then, have at it. But I’ll tell you what. I’m not running out to see another movie staring Beyonce Giselle Knowles… Jesus woke me up for the fight scene, but I almost fell right back to sleep. The next time I pay to see Beyonce she better be sweating, half dressed, rolling across the stage and singing like her life depended on it. I don’t even need her to speak to the crowd. To be honest, I’m kinda pissed at the audacity of Beyonce. She’s taking all the roles from real black actresses and now she’s creating roles for herself and depending on our curiosity to fill up the movie seats.

Pretty clever, huh? Love her.

Grade? C-

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beyonce Loves Her Mom

Awww, Beyonce comes to tears when talking about how much Mama Tina means to her.

I hope Tina's not sick.
Did Beyonce kinda diss Matthew?

And I don't have a damn thing to say about that jacked up audio that Howard Stern played today. Old rancid dropface Howard was just laughing and sniggling like he'd found the key to the end of Bey's career. I'd seen the Today Show video earlier this year on hate on beyonce . com, but I didn't believe the hype then and don't believe it now. You can't Milli Vanilli people for 12 years.

Guess I did have a damn thing to say.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Kind of Superhero Are You?

This was sparked by a craaaaaaazy conversation I just had.

Tell me, if you were a Superhero, what would your powers be? One real power, and one power that's reflective of your personality.

My real power would be to know everything. EVERYTHING. Wondering why your man won't answer his phone? I'd swoop down and tell you if you deserved to know. On a game show, trying to win some money to BALL? I'd swoop down and give you the answer if you deserved it. Despondent and contemplating the meaning of life? SchoolGirl would break it down to you and then kill you because now you know too much. (Everything has its downside.)

My other power is NOT my idea, but I since I can't think of anything better, I'd be The Critique... If you're wondering exactly why you didn't get the job, the man, the life...I'd touch you on your head, look you up and down, inside and out, and tell you each and every fault you possess. Yeah.

Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust

"Left to Tell" is a page turner about the Rwandan genocide of 1994. I started reading it Sunday morning and did not put it down until I was finished later that night.

I'd had the book on my shelf for well over a year before I found the inner strength to read it. No, I hadn't even seen "Hotel Rwanda" until earlier this week; I was too scared to watch the raping and savage murders of the Tutsis by the Hutus. So, I figured that I'd start soft by reading "Left to Tell" first. Uh uh. The book was more graphic than "Hotel Rwanda", but still, I was drawn to turn each page. How sad is the story of the Genocide, which is much like what is happening in Darfur today.

But have no fear -- this book isn't about defeat. It's about family love, strength, and the close relationship that Immaculée Ilibagiza forms with God while hiding in a VERY cramped restroom with 7 other women for 91 days. It is a thoroughly compelling read. And for me, it was the quintessential example of how God can do whatever, whenever, and however if 1) it is His Will and 2) you BELIEVE.

Pick it up. You won't be disappointed.

"Left to Tell" Website

Jamie Foxx Getting Sued

Jamie Foxx has been sued by a guy who got severely injured on a Vodka display and claims his dream to become a brain surgeon has been put on ice.

Here's the lowdown. Foxx hosted a party in 2007 at Social in Hollywood. William Presler says in his lawsuit he was hired to work the bar -- made completely of ice.

In the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Presler claims drunk guests dropped their drinks around the bar and glass shattered everywhere. He claims he tried cleaning it up but was told to leave it be. Presler says the manager preferred kicking the glass along the side of the ice bar.

At the end of the party, Presler says he slipped, fell and landed on the shattered glass, severely injuring himself. He needed 170 stitches to repair the damage to the severed nerves in his left hand.
I feel bad for his dream deferred, but the smart dude's trying to blame it on the alcohol and get paid. I don't know a lot about the law, but I can't see how Presler can sue Jamie for this. Seems like the fault would lie with the owner of the venue or the company who threw the party...?


Beyonce Doesn't "Get" Twitter

"My sister is the Twitter queen. She told me about the twittering," explained Beyonce. "But I don't get it. I feel like I'm getting really old ... I'm like, 'What? I don't understand. Just call me.' I don't get it."

She's not only absent from Twitter, Beyonce isn't a fan of social networking sites all together. When asked if she was on Facebook, B replied: "Not really. I like to call people or have dinner".
Hell, Bey don't have time to be Twittering. She's too busy rehearsing and making money. Besides, she's so private, what could she possibly share? Pics of her and Jay making faces in the camera? For FREE? Not hardly. Solange, however, can just get high, put on some green, purple, and yellow ish and Twit all night long while Bey trying to make it fit.


Recent pics of Bey and Jay in NY...

I've noticed that since she became Mrs. Carter, Bey has been much more relaxed in appearance. She was FIERCE every single time the camera flashed before he put a rock on it. Hair, nails, outfit, body, face, everything was on point. In the back of my mind I keep thinking her new lax look is a protest against Jay's new hair "style".

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Natural Hair ... Professional or Not?

Don't even answer that.

How can the hair that you were born with ever be considered"unprofessional"? Is straight hair the only texture that's "professional"? Mind boggling. Sad. Crazy.

FoxNews ran a story about the number of Black women who don't workout because they are worried about messing up their hair. I totally understand preferring relaxed hair and I know first hand how difficult it can be to exercise with a relaxer in your head, but come on...there's no need to apologize or explain why you're wearing your natural hair to your co-workers. It's just hair! As long as you wear a contained, modest style (or a wild one if you work in a creative field) then who cares about the texture? I WISH I would get fired for rocking a natural. PLEASE fire me because of my hair. (Y'all just don't know how much I wish I could get unfairly discriminated against or sexually harassed at work. $$$)

I couldn't help but cringe as I watched the black female news reporter in Chicago down playing her natural hair. "It does hold a curl, that's one good thing about it. The only good thing." Something like that, of course I paraphrased a little.

Then, Fox News presents Happy Nappy Hair Day @ Soul Salon Spa (this one I like)

I'm natural and even when I flat iron it, I know I'm going to end up natural again by the end of the work out. lol

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazy on Aisle 5

It's storming outside, so I'm on Bear's laptop under the dryer. Funny, I've never really used it as a LAP top before. Anyway. Tonight I'm trying a deep conditioner with mayonnaise and 2 eggs. Gross, I know. I don't eat mayo and who wants to smell like a sandwhich they don't even eat? But I hear it's supposed to be really good for my hair and that it'll bring on the shine. We'll see.

In the meantime, sitting under the dryer is like the most boring-est thing a person can do ever. This and waiting at the foodstamp office (past issue for a brief moment). I guess sitting here will force me to wrap up a chapter of the book. I've been totally slacking in that area while Steve Harvey has been on Oprah at least twice. No offense to Steve, but my book should have been finished long before his. How did I get offtrack?? I guess that's why he has the fame and I can't say the same. Such is life. :-)

Yesterday in my favorite neighborhood store, Target, I got the ish scared out of me. I don't know if I was just fatigued from being up all night the night before or if I really did run into a potential problem:

I was almost done shopping, coming off of one of the last aisles in the store when a light skinned black guy - 6ft 1in, 4 days' stubble, around 26-31 - walked up to the side of me and said, "Hi". He put his hands behind his neck and I just said, "Hi" in return.

He looked at me and asked, "Don't you just hate it when good things happen to bad people?"

Red flag.

"Uh yeah, I do."

He looked in my eyes like he was about to share some unreal info, but he just said, "I do too. You know what? Something bad happened to me today."

I was fully nervous by now and dialing Bear as a distraction. "It did?" I asked as I rounded the aisle and then almost skated away with the basket. I had to know if the stranger was following, so I turned around and saw a few shoppers in between us. He just looked at me and lifted his hands like, "What's up?" But he wasn't smiling, just still looking at me with that deep, blank stare. Almost mad.

Unfortunately my trip to the store was cut short, and in my haste to leave, I forgot to pick up some deep conditioner. Hence, the mayo and egg mixture.

Dirty Dancing 2009

This probably needs to be labeled NSFW.

Wonder what made them decide to make a clothed sex tape?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Melissa Huckaby: Child Rapist and Killer

Huckaby is charged with one count of murder that includes tacked-on "special circumstances" for kidnapping, lewd conduct with a child and rape by a foreign object. The "special circumstances" means prosecutors could seek the death penalty.
If they don't, Huckaby faces life without parole if convicted. Prosecutors did not offer a motive for the shocking crime.

This trash. This nothing, pedophilic, sick, deranged piece of a woman. What is the world coming to when you can’t trust your daughter’s playmate’s mom? We’re conditioned not to trust men with our daughters, but now we can’t trust the women either? I know they kill behind men and they love to kill pregnant women for their fetuses, but since when did they start kidnapping and raping their daughter’s friends? Exactly what kind of demon is that? Whatever kind it is, I think it needs the death penalty.

Why are so many people trying to give this woman an excuse?
fishystory Apr 15, 2009 1:20:52 PM
I still don't get why the police are not saying more. How are they sure this was Huckaby's doing? Why are they refusing to look for other suspects? Are they positive she did this? Death is quite a penalty if it turns out to be someone else who got away with this and the media will never show it, if that is the case

Watching Huckaby's tears as charges of kidnapping, molestation, and murder were levied against her in court yesterday, I could tell she was ashamed - her body language gives every indication of it. Her darkest secrets are now exposed for all the world to see. Her family has said that this was out of character for her, but we have a hard time recognizing problems in our own children. It's like the mom who keeps wondering why her son isn't married yet, when everyone else can clearly see he's gay.

As upsetting and shocking as the circumstances of the child's death are, it doesn't mean Huckaby is crazy. Emotionally traumatized, with no functional way to release her pain and anger, yes. Diminished capacity? Likely, and if so, in California, that will save her from the death penalty. Crazy, no.
She’s quite possibly mentally insane; I’ll give her that. But are not mentally insane people throughout the prisons? Aren’t most people who would do what she did, insane?

The most likely scenario, in my mind, is that she probably did this kind of thing before. Not the killing part. So, this time the little girl says she’s going to tell and Huckaby kills her. Or this could have been her first time and she panicked – or got crazy and enraged – and killed the poor girl. Regardless, a life time of jail is in order. If not death.

Why do some women kill.

** Note: I like true crime. Would it be inappropriate to profile a killer once or twice a month? Would it creep you out if I profiled Ted Bundy or the Green River Killer?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Audacity!

Earlier this week, a lady by the name of Susan Boyle sang for Britain's, "Britain's Got Talent". Before Susan hit a note, the judges and audience snickered and damn near booed her off the stage when she said she wanted to be a famous singer. Why did they doubt her? Because they had heard her sing and knew she couldn't pull it off? No, that would have been too justifiable.

They doubted Ms. Boyle simply because she's older (47) and frumpy. Period. You mean to tell me that you can tell a person's abilities just by how they look? Now, if she said she was about to beat Michael Phelps' Olympic record, I'd look at her sideways too. But to doubt her voice? How incredibly superficial and condescending! Everyone should be ashamed. A "wake up call" it definitely should have been.

So, after the audience laughs at her and prepares for her failure, she surprises everyone with an angelic, on-point delivery. The audience is seen holding back tears as they listen with disbelief and open mouths. At this point I'm wondering if everyone expected her to fart and make monkey noises. I mean what is this? Amazement at the freak show? When she's done singing, she gets a standing ovation and Simon Cowell jokes that he knew she could sing all the while. The jerks.

Whatever happened to not judging a book by its' cover? Where's the love based on just being a human being first? I wish the old broad would have told them what to do with their standing ovation!

But you know, that's how people are. They don't care about you until you're somebody. Then they want to fawn all over you, smothering you with compliments. It aint right. It just aint right.

Luke 10:27 (New International Version)

27 He answered: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself'."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mel Gibson's Wife Is DONE.

From TMZ:

We've learned Mel Gibson's wife Robyn has just filed legal papers to divorce Mel Gibson, her husband of 28 years, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Sources tell us there is no prenuptial agreement -- they were married in 1980, before Mel Gibson amassed a fortune estimated at $900 million back in 2006. Under the laws of California, community property -- which includes earnings -- is divided 50/50.

The Gibson's have 7 children, but only one -- Tom, who turns 10 tomorrow -- is a minor. In Robyn's legal papers filed this morning in L.A. County Superior Court, she seeks joint physical and legal custody of Tom. Robyn is also asking for spousal support and attorneys fees.

Mel Gibson's wife is fed up. Sick and tired of all the drinking and screwing around. There she is, still slim after having all those kids because Mel probably doesn't believe in contraception, and how does he repay her? In racist drunken rants and quite possibly in one night stands after racist drunken rants. Yeah, do the Nicole Murphy on him and enjoy yourself Robyn.

I guess this is what happens when you hire a Slovakian/Swiss/Irish man to play Jesus Christ.


Fun times.

Quick Weave and More

Quick Weave

Who knew?

The Obamas’ New Dog: Bo

Love that he named it after Bo Diddly.


Pras in Danger?

Pras from the Fuggies has an interesting Twitter page. Apparently he's filming a documentary in Sudan and his mental and physical state isn't too good. I used to have a low grade crush on Pras.


Interesting. Cassie needs to do something to make us notice her.

She channels Rihanna in this one.


The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

The good: Jill Scott is great, everything seems authentic (but I’m not from Botswana), and Akini Noni Rose is fantastic on screen!

The bad: I fell asleep the first time I watched. Ok, it was 3 am. I’ll have to watch again. I liked it, and I expected the pilot episode to move a little slowly. I really hope the series lasts because it seems like it’ll be quality entertainment. And I’m tired of watching everything American. We have an African president!

Bow Wow Strikes Out

After confessing that Angela Simmons was the love of his life, Bow Wow got shut down with the quickness. From Angela Simmons' Twitter page:

Hey global grind fam. Just checkin in with ya and keeping you updated with my life. Before i tell you guys about whats going on with me i wanted to address summtin that i’ve been hearing lately. i jus want to shut down any and all rumors about my relationships because you know how that can get. i am currently in the happiest relationship i have eva been in and MY other half lives in texas. so thats all i will say about that. Any person i have talked to in the past i wish them the best of luck . So anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy im excited about easter and going home to nyc to see my fam tm . im kinda feeling homesick lol. first time in 2 yrs. its finally really cacthing up to me man. i travel so much that i dont realize how long im away from home shesssssh.:) well g2g go get the hair done and have movie night with my sis and cuzzin.

so ill ttyl guys

well thanks for the love

Poor lil dude. First he sells an embarassing $18K the first week and then he gets dissed by an Angela Simmons?


Chris Tucker "Breaks" Trumpet Award

I watched this live. Had tears rolling. LMAO!

I love Chris Tucker so much that he's the reason my name is Smokie. I was so hurt that he wasn't coming back to reprise "Smokey" on Friday that I changed my online name to Smokie way back then.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adam Lambert: My Favorite White Boy

Truly, I love this dude. He is such a STAR!!!! Danny O. and Allison are really good, but let's keep it real: NOBODY is touching Adam.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eminem's New Video: "We Made You"

Yay!!! He's back and he's definitely not fat as was rumored. LOL

Do you like it???

Friday, April 3, 2009

Que's At it Again

Really, somebody needs to handle Que.

Robert almost had a moment himself. Why is he so hurt by Brian? I can understand some tears but is Robert...wailing?

Everyone on the show keeps asking what's wrong with Que? They must want us to think he's gay because that's the most obvious conclusion. Is Que about to come out? I'm more lead to believe that this is a ratings ploy. They don't care what we think as long as we tune in.

That said, I'd be shocked to find out that Que doesn't lust after Willie and envy Brian for being sensitive yet straight. It was very telling and worthy of a good beat down when Que told Brian to give him a Monica Lewinsky. I don't think Brian was acting when he tried to get at Que after that. lol

I love how Mike handles himself. He only talks when he absolutely has to. He really doesn't want to be a part of all of this bitchassness.

Rick Ross Runs Out of Ammo; Beyonce Soars

Rick Ross claims that 50 Cents' people tried to pay him to "fall back".

slfjkdlsjdflkdjfO*$ <-- means I'm laughing uncontrollably.

Most unappealing.

Once the streets get ahold of whatever this fool rolled in that blunt - the new crack!

I thought a rap beef was supposed to include some form of rap...?

Check out Bey's entrance in the test-run Canadian leg of her I Am... tour. The one that they call a Creole Queen is simply unstoppable.

Why I Don't Twitter

Twittering, in essence, puts every twitterer on Reality Computer. Sure, MySpace told the world if you were happy, sad, indifferent, confused or whatever, but Twitter has taken it to a completely different level. Now we are privy to all the mundane truths and exotic fallacies of the serious twitterer's life. Too much.

There are practical purposes for twittering, but who can resist the narcissistic allure of reporting every restroom visit and personal thought to anyone who wants to know? In 140 characters or less at a time, that is.

My life online is already consumed by 30+ gossip and news sites, addicting blogs, and this blog. Anymore free online presence is overkill.

I do like a little mystery within myself and of those I encounter. I really don't want to know that you're pulling into the parking lot for school or that you just spent 6 hours at the beauty salon. And if anyone does want to clock you to that extent, I have to wonder why. To me, constant twittering is akin to "forgetting to stop and smell the roses". While you're bent over typing to the world about that sexy guy next to you on the train, you could be looking at him with an "it's on" smile in your eyes...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Should She Tell...?

Tammy and Angie are good friends. Both married. Tammy arrives at Angie's house. Angie's husband answers and says that she's in the kitchen. Tammy hands him $10 for a cd. As she's extending her hand with the $10, he says, "Ms. Taaaaammy..." and glides his fingers from her wrist to her finger tips to grab the money. A definite caress.

Sometime during the fast exchange, Tammy realizes it doesn't feel right and kind of pushes the money to him and pulls her hand away. As if she believes he's just joking, she quips, "Boy!" and exits the room to find her friend.

The week before, he sent a mass email soliciting bootleg cds. When Angie responded, "I don't want one of your wack remix cds; give me some good radio hip hop," he replied, "I got what you need." For a moment she wondered if he meant something behind that, then dismissed that as being paranoid.

Now, the hand caress.

1 - Should Tammy think nothing of the hand caress and the email?
2 - Should Tammy tell Angie?
3 - Should Tammy tell her husband?

Personally, I don't think she should say anything. It's all circumstantial.

Halle Berry does Halle Berry

Halle Berry does the "Halle Berry" with ease and rhythm on the Ellen show. I'm impressed. I'm sure Hurricane Chris feels 10 ft. tall. It all starts around 1:45.

Did Ellen throw it back at Halle around 2:07?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"When Music Was" Wednesday: Joe, 1993

Joe - "I'm in Luv"

I knew there was an oooold Joe song that I used to love/hate. And I found it!