Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Smokie's Listening to...

Beyonce - Video Phone

The actual song is dried up dookie, but the video is so nasty that it’s SICK. I don’t want to like it – really, I hate co-signing all of this oversexualization that is Beyonce/Sasha. But dammit if Mrs. Knowles Carter is not 205% entertaining! The gum smacking, ode to Rihanna, guns, costume changes, booty popping, goofy lyrics, Gaga – ALL of that is heaven for a Beyonce Stan.

Lady Gaga adds extra freshness to the video. I didn’t really like her until this song, but she’s jamming. I applaud her for being fearless next to Beyonce. Do you girl!

Rihanna - Russian Roulette

I struggled with "Russian Roulette" because it’s so dark and seems to advocate suicide, but screw it - I have to ride with Rihanna because this baby goes hard. This is one of those songs that you don’t really know what you’re singing about, but so what? It sounds fantastic. The production is right on point and her voice has never sounded better. I can’t worry about what and who might blow their brains out because of this jam. All I know is I’M feeling it and I’m cool.

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart

Finally, a new Alicia Keys song that’s not a lullaby anthem. This one kinda sneaks up on you because it’s mid tempo. Before you know it, you’re grooving and thinking, “…this whispering really works!” I could have rocked the hell out of this song back in my bad relationship days. It’s such a sad/sweet song full of emotion and classic rhythm. The homewrecker just redeemed herself. I’m not even going to judge her for walking like that in those heels either.

Z-Ro – Thank You

What can I say? I’m Houston all day. Lol

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kelis Brings the Baby Out

Knight is sooo cute! Kelis and Nas know they need to work it out!

More pictures here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bushwick Bill Does Gospel

I actually like it.

The Testimony of Redemption album is scheduled to be released Dec. 1 under G-S.P.O.T. Productionz (God's Special Purpose of Talent).

G-spot eh?... Interesting.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


All of my dating life I carried around a little word in my head. That word was NEXT!

To explain what Next! really means, it is a concept that comes from within a secure, confident woman who has a reason to be confident. Her confidence is not false or overbearing, but pleasant and assured. She's spent time working on herself and she’s pretty sure that her baggage is light.

She nurtures her spiritual health, her mental health, her emotional health, her PHYSICAL health, and her financial health.

When this woman meets a man, she goes out on a date or two and she listens to ALL of her womanly instincts. She doesn’t just listen to the desperation that chimes from her soul. No, she acknowledges those uncomfortable warning signals as well because this is the best time to face them. This is the time before she falls and it is the easiest time to tell a man NEXT! if he is not on her mental, emotional, or spiritual level. There are a lot of men in the world, and she does not suffer with someone who doesn’t deserve her. She is not delusional about her worth. Nor is she in denial about her faults. The Universe has supplied THIS WOMAN with a nice number of the male species to comfortably pick and choose from.

Please do not think that because you weren't born the prettiest baby... or because you can’t solve a calculus equation... that you won’t be able to pick and choose your man. The truth is that grown men ultimately choose a woman for how well she takes care of herself (beyond being a shopaholic), how well she takes care of him, how easy she is to get along with, and how she makes him feel. Period. If she has some outstanding bonus (cooking, singing, writing, leading, being a peace maker, etc.), that’s only icing on the cake.

Men are simple creatures. When you become a better woman, a better man will find you. When a woman lives her life in a way that reflects a better woman, this not only strengthens her self image, but her REALISTIC, not boastful, self love will shine and virtually blind a good man into submission.

(Copyright 2009)

Shaunie, Rihanna, Angel Murphy, Katt

Shaunie and Shaq Call it Quits Again

I guess Shaunie's doing more than looking at the front door. She done packed the kids up, moved to another city, and filed papers on Shaq AGAIN. He probably couldn't keep his hands to himself (not in a Chris Brown kind of way), and she burned out. Or is this just something they ... do? We'll see if this divorce ever materializes. The O'Neals appear to be the type who can't get enough of each other. Besides, didn't she know what kind of man Shaq was when she married him? I thought deep down she was cool with the affairs. Perhaps not.

The Obligatory Rihanna and Chris Brown Post

You know I'm on the woman's side. Team Rihanna all day. I have a problem with black women who don't believe Rihanna's version of what happened. "I DID NOT HIT HIM. IT WAS A VERBAL ARGUMENT." Why not believe her? No police report says otherwise. Chris Brown didn't say otherwise. Rihanna wasn't charged with anything; however, Chris Brown has 2 felonies on his back. You do the math.

Let's say that Rihanna did swing at him. How many times do you think this slim woman actually swang at this crazy beast before he started punching, chocking, and biting? Normally, if a man hits a woman as a reflex, it's a one hit stunner. It's not a knock down, drag out, I'm-trying-to-kill-this-Islander type scenario. Don't you remember the pain and shame on Rihanna's abuse photo? (I'm mad that Black women are giving Chris Brown a pass and blaming Rihanna. How about giving the "nice guys" and "goofy guys" a pass and doggoing out the abusers? What's up with these wack alliances?)

I'm thinking about Chris Brown's behavior after the beat down: laughing, joking, and wearing chains that say "Oops". Then after a severe fanbase drop, he poured on the sad tweets and musical dedications to Rihanna. Like a typical abuser, he apologized and more recently he requested that Rihanna keep the events of the night private. They never want you to tell what happened.

So what if Rihanna's using this time to promote her CD? Catching a beating that serious - and then getting back with the man - would leave any woman's head spinning. Rihanna just had to take a minute to get her FLY back and figure out exactly how she wanted to proceed. She had to be sure about her decision to leave or stay with Chris Brown before speaking. She had to heal. I'm pretty sure that working on an album was instrumental in her healing process. She left Chris for good, got her confidence and swag back, recorded a CD, and felt ready to talk about the incident. Seems to me like Rihanna, or someone around her, knows how to maturely handle business.

Mel B. Should Be Investigated for Child Abuse

Because any woman who consistently leaves the house looking hotttt with a full head of hair but keeps her daughter looking like Maddox is probably doing some unspeakable things behind closed doors. WTH?

For God sakes lady, you gave birth to this little girl. Have a heart.

Mel B. is trying her BEST to get a phone call from Eddie.

Katt Williams Likes Boys

Ok, take care of business first, Smokie. Katt Williams was recently arrested for burglary. He looks doped out.

Now to the meat of the story. No pun intended. The 911 caller is a 17 year old boy who sounds like he was born gay. He says that Katt won't let him leave. He doesn't say Katt is standing outside with a bomb or a gun. He just says that little bitty Katt Williams won't let him leave.

All I hear is a domestic dispute between two male lovers. I told y'all Katt was more than a "pimp".

Listen to 911 Call Here

Sammy Sosa...Please.

Sammy Sosa claims that he's now a light skinned man because of "skin rejuvination". Yeah whatever.

He was much more handsome as the brown skinned man who God created him to be. Now he just looks like George Jefferson's body guard.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Jackson 2

Michael Jackson is gone, never to return. I wasn't a fan per say, but I knew the brother was mad talented and I felt nothing but respect with a dash of repulsion for him. I liked the guy. I was pretty interested in MJ news when he was alive.

Not so much any more. If it has anything to do with Joe, Jermaine, or any random Jackson not named Michael or Janet I'm just not interested. That's it. THOSE are the Jacksons -- Mike and Janet. Jackson news lives on only in Mike's music... and Janet. So why do TMZ and other sites insist on feeding us Joe Jackson news? There is no "exclusive" Joe Jackon news.