Friday, September 29, 2006

White Post

My favorite white boy, Matthew McConahsomething, looks horrid in the pics above! I never, ever want to see him like this again. Totally ruins all of my Something New fantasies...

Anna Nicole Smith
You may not know this, but I have always liked Anna Nicole Smith. I watched her reality show and I've quietly supported her quest for millions. I feel so sad that her son recently passed away due to a methadone overdose. How can she truly enjoy her new daughter? As a mother of one son, my heart really aches for her.

Good thing she's got her lawyer/possible baby daddy by her side. They recently exchanged vows before God although they didn't have an official ceremony. (story here) Although Howard K. Stern (the lawyer not the skinny faced former shock jock) says he's the father, another man also claims to be the little girl's dad. It's very easy to prove paternity and end the speculation. Yes - I, too, am thinking that Anna don't know who her baby daddy is.


Pam's Peni-Nipple
Pamela Anderson Lee had a slip up, and the photographer caught her boob.

Yuck. What the hell is that?

All of this time, THAT'S what's been under her clothes? This changes my whole Pamela Anderson Lee thought process.
*Sick titty*

Black Ty Scares Me

Click here to download Tyrese's AKA Black Ty's mixtape, "Ghetto Royalty".

TYRESE has an amazing singing voice. I hate that he couldn't find the success he wanted in R&B and had to thug up for you hoes.

All About Beyonce

I aint answering that.

Another Beyonce post - and I aint apologizing.

Tina Knowles abruptly ended an interview about their clothing line when the interviewer asked why the damn clothes don't fit. Apparently anything deemed "negative" can't be discussed in them Knowles interviews.

Click on the pic above to watch the interview.

Also, everyone is saying that Beyonce was drunk HERE and in the pictures below. You know, maybe she was. Or maybe it was all staged to make her appear normal and not so camera-ready all the time. Nah, I'd put my money on the Alize.

Note: For those who hate Beyonce - I am NOT on your team. I'm a tried and true Beyonce Stan. I'm just saying.

Getting in the car...

In the car...

Gone! (With a run in her hose...)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Sad news: Condolences to the Simmons Family

Rev. Run issued the following statement earlier today:
On September 26, 2006, Victoria Anne Simmons for some unknown reason chose to come early and unfortunately did not survive. We must accept whatever is there and once you accept unconditionally, then everything is beautiful. Every pain has a purifying effect.
* * * * * * * * * *

Is It Hate?
* * * * * * * * * *

Being Busted Bobby
Bobby Brown recently asked a television show to pay him with a car. Yes, he wanted them to pay him with some wheels instead of some bills.

"When he asked for a car, we actually thought he meant for us to book him car service, and I told the producers to set it up," the show's executive producer, Datari Turner, told the Daily News. "But then I was told that he actually wanted us to buy him a car!"

"I was open to it at first and wanted to know what price range he was lookign for, because for the standard appearance fee we could have gotten him a 1997 Ford Expo or maybe a 1995 Pathfinder," Datari said. "Maybe even a month long rental car. But we knew he wanted something new, so we had to pass on booking him."
(story here)
* * * * * * * * * *

T.I. Owens Attempts Suicide...or Not?
Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens said Wednesday that he did not try to commit suicide by overdosing on pain medication, as had been reported earlier.

(story here)

I smell SPIN.

I don't mean to be morbid or cruel, but it's not hard to take some pills and just be by yourself for a few hours. If he attempted suicide just to get attention—his way of "reaching out" for help—there's a much easier method. Just talk and save yourself the embarrassment of looking like a heathen who aint scared of HELL.
* * * * * * * * * *

Eddie Murphy and his gal, Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice

Beyonce's Milk Ad with her Mother

The dresses really don't go with the mustaches.
Beyonce is making all kinds of money...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beyonce Gets Booed

Superstar Beyoncé Knowles was booed by the audience at the Mobo Awards despite being the biggest winner of the night.

The US singer bagged three out of the four Mobo gongs she was nominated for, including best international female, best song and best video.

But even the lure of her favourite fried chicken and a £10,000 goodie bag couldn't get her there.

Singer Mica Paris, who was presenting the Bootylicious star with the best international female award, joked that the singer's absence meant that she could take the gong home.
Afterwards, she slammed Beyoncé's no-show. She said: "Sometimes you do get tired of people who get awarded that don't turn up and Mobo need to look at that.

"Stop giving awards to people who don't turn up."

#1 - why in the hell were they serving FRIED chicken? Because this is a black award? I wouldn't have attended either. Who wants to get chicken grease on an evening gown???

#2 - aint none.

Whitney in "US Weekly"

Sources tell Us Weekly that Houston came to the conclusion that her rocky marriage – complete with infidelity and dwindling finances – was finally over after a dramatic intervention led by Houston's music-biz mentor, Clive Davis (who was prompted to intervene at the behest of singer, Courtney Love who recommended that Houston work with her own addiction coach, Warren Boyd).

"Getting sober has given her the clarity to move on from him," a source close to Houston tells Us. Adds another source close to the couple, "After all these years, she cleaned up and got smart. She didn’t need him and realized it." (Reps for Houston and Brown had no comment.)

I also hear that Bobby feels saddened by the news. Perhaps if he woud have prevented his fresh-outta-rehab sister from taking pictures of his wife's crack bathroom, she wouldn't have left him.

I'm usually on Bobby's side. I know I was his last bonefied fan. But, I'm sick of Bobby. He can't get that mouth fixed; I've seen his alien feet (I'm a foot person); and, now he's living off of Superhead. This is as sober and sane as Bobby will ever get - and that's not saying much. I hope Whitney does get it together and moves on. Bye Bye Bobbyyyyyyy!

It huuuuurt to say that!

Elise Neal Presents ASSORTED FLAVORS

ELISE NEAL has a sexy girl group called Assorted Flavors. They're a more ethnic Pussy Cat Dolls. Cute.




(from Sister 2 Sister mag)

DMX: She raped me. I mean, you know, that might sound like some bullshit. No man has ever been...You know what I mean, like never? Is that the only thing in he world that's not possible? Because when I sleep my "man " be out. So sometimes you have a baby sitter there so your man can have get some p---. She get in the car, I have to flirt with her and it's like a'ight, just leave it here, dawg, you know? I was out. I was up the day before. I had drunk, did a whole video shoot. I go back to the room, they had some broads, you know what I'm saying? They wanted to get up on 'em. Just put her on the couch. I don't give a f---, you know what I'm saying? I'm going to sleep, with my clothes on.

Jamie: Put her on the couch?

DMX: Yea, like, have a seat in the living room. I have a suite. So, you know what I'm saying, sit your ass right there...

The article continues, and Tashera pipes in to say that she believes him.

Tashera: I know him like a book and when she walked up to us, you can tell he never seen her before. He was like, oh sure. Because for one, if it was somebody he was dealing with he would have never pulled me in.

She makes about as much sense as he does. He had seen the girl before b/c he told his boys to put her on the couch. And what's this talk about not "pulling her in"? Apparently, Tashera knows her man's M.O. when talking to other chics - and she accepts it!

Later he says of his adoring wife:

DMX: First of all, in our relationship, I'm the smart one and she's not the smart one. Blew me away when she told me...[blah blah blah]...

I'm insulted even if she's not. I want to hate Tashera, but I can't because I don't definitively know if she's mildly retarded or not. For this reason, I'll with hold judgment.

And I'm wondering about X's definition of "rape". Does he mean that the woman had sex with him while he was out of it (high)? If so, we can probably deduce that every sexual encounter he has is a rape.

Game/Foxy Brown/Marques Houston (<--LOL)

Game Talks About Ras Kass "Fight"

Don't put my son in your records. That's all I was saying to the dude. He said something like he did that and he can't take nothin' back. And he said, "I'm Ras Kass and I'm out here." Before he could finish the "e", the "r", and the "e" in "here", he was laying flat on the fuckin' ground, man.


* * * * *

FOXY BROWN IS BROKE. Read about it here...

* * * * *

There are too many things going thru my head (and obviously his, too) right now. If ever there were an appropriate time to say "not a good look", this is it.

To think... I was a Marques Houston fan until the moment I saw this. Can there be a comeback? I don't even think Puff could come back after something like this. Speaking of...

Puff's sexiness seems to be reaching an all-time low on the 'net. He's still The Man in pictures and music, but he shows a side of himself that I promise you I didn't want to see on his MySpace page. The Proactive one is pretty wild, but the VMA clip is pretty scary too.

Click here to see the videos.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Condi Got a Man!

"Something else I've learned about Secretary Rice is she loves the cool Atlantic breezes here in Nova Scotia, and she left the window open last night," MacKay said to reporters.

Rice said that MacKay had taken her to meet his parents the night before.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, however, was quick to deny any romantic interludes between Rice and MacKay.

"She has a good working relationship, professional relationship, with Foreign Minister MacKay and a lot of her counterparts," he said.

Nevertheless, the blogosphere has been awash with theories of a romance of global proportions. "Question is," one posting said, "is he taking his title of Minister of Foreign Affairs a little too literally?" [Story Here]

What's up? Is Condi trying to defy everything that we know her to be by being... normal? Is she actually digging another man besides Dubya??

I'm glad Condi's having a love life. It will keep her at an even keel and hopefully make her heart fill with peace so she can convince her lover-boss to convince his boss to free the troops!

PIMP C Speaks on East Coast Rappers

We got different divisions of rap music... We need to get separate sections in the music store: We need to put all the rappers that say they straight up true hip hop on one side; we need to put the snap your finger rappers in the middle; we scewed up ....chopped...dirty rap.... let's put that over here. Let's have a contest, see who sell the most records. All these rappers crying, here's an idea: it's dead because y'all froze everybody out. Now, we freezin' y'all out. Get your mind on your money. You better get down here. Stop complaining. I'll see you on the charts. [Hear it Here]

Now what else is a pimp supposed to say?

* * * * * * * * *

Lil Fizz feat. Missez - Fluid

Wouldn't normally post this, but I'd like it if I were 16. Bow Wow better get a growth spurt.

Carmen: Author, Baby Mama, Ho, Ho, Ho

Nas' baby mama, Carmen, talks about her rendevous with Jay-Z, Allen Iverson, and Puff in the clips below. She has a book coming out soon called "Sex, Drugs & Hip Hop, & Oh Did I Mention Love?".

Ok, here's the deal: Carmen is a ho. But because she had a kid for Nas, she's managed to fool herself that, somehow, being passed around isn't ho-ish. In her mind, every escapade was a love affair.

Jennifer Lopez got around before settling down with that wilderbeast Marc Anthony. But she seemed to get a ring each time she was rang. Not to mention a couple of devotional songs from ya boy Diddy. Newsflash to Carmen: when a man raps about knocking you down and leaving the rubber in the baby seat, that aint no love story.

Then she says:
In the middle of Round 4, Allen asked, "Nas ever tell you you got some good stuff?" What?

Watching her attempt at making the ho-scapades sound meaningful is downright funny. I can't completely hate on Carmen, either. Them boys dissed her on wax. What is she supposed to do? That she waited five years past the date of interest to respond is irrelevant.

I like when people do things fully - good or bad - and, while Carmen didn't play the game well enough to be in Kelis' place (or, even in Beyonce's), ya girl did restrict her sleeping around to celebs. You get a point for that, right?

Or, at least some real child support.

Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Know You Want a Piece of My Chicken...

I spotted this at C&D today and had to post it. Man, this is funny. The hot, that was me...LOL

He/she cracks me up with the, "You hear me..."

Now see, if you're going to get ignorant get ignorant. I appreciate this. There were no limits. Cooking fried chicken outside. Kids. Long nails. If you are going to snap and pop and make a fool out of yourself, do that all the way. No complaints here.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Being Bobby Brown...Without Whitney

Whitney and Dionne look like sisters. Who's the oldest?

Anyway. I'm tired and over-worked, but I had to do a quick post about my favorite couple. Whitney and Bobby are calling it quits. It's everywhere:
Associated Press, CNN, ABC, UK News, everywhere.

To tell you the truth, I don't believe it. Sure, Superhead is supposed to be living with Bobby, and Bobby's been saying that he's left his wife, but they aren't going to break up. I refuse to believe it. They'll get back together.

Why is Whitney looking so old? Poor Whitney. That shit will make a pretty woman understand the average woman's plight. No matter how much money you have, crack will crack you up. She looks like any other newly cleaned up crackhead (I say that in all respect). It's in the eyes, the plump cheeks, the careless make up covering only God knows what... Whit's looking like the women you see going to rehab meetings every few days. I hope she stays clean. And I pray - pray - Bobby gets that mouth straightened out.

If you don't know who Superhead is, CLICK HERE to see her doing her thing. WARNING: This is very graphic and not suitable for work (or a first date).

Thursday, September 7, 2006


Damned if that Asian kid don't look just like Tom and Katie!

Now, that's a pretty baby, I can't even front.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006


HOT HOT HOT! I love this video!

Couples either sizzle or fizzle onscreen together. Nas and Kelis are definitely not fizzling. I could say a lot about this video, but I don't want to appear obsessive, gay, deranged, or perverted.

Due to the fact that I've already posted too much about the "light skinned chic from Destiny's Child", I won't make the obvious comparison.

Nas and Kelis win.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

More Kids for Puff

Making a baby is the easiest thing anyone can do, so it's never been "hot news" to me. Still, click on the picture above to check out Puffy's Myspace page for a special announcement from him and Kim Porter. Really, it's an announcement from Puff b/c Kim doesn't say anything other than "Champion!" at the end.

Funny, I thought Puff was going to announce an engagement. Right.

BEYONCE - Live from Budokan

Click above to see Beyonce performing songs (live in Japan) from B'Day. She's also singing DC songs and songs from Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, etc.

I've ducked, dodged, and hid from the word. But there it remains. Lurking. Popping in and out of my consciousness everytime I hear "Deja Vu" or "Ring the Alarm".

OVERKILL. The problem with Overkill is that, unless you are Yolanda Adams, there will be times when people may wonder, "Can she really sing?" By being everywhere, all the time, Beyonce gives us too many chances to examine every aspect of her talent. We begin to wonder if she is "that good".

Of course Beyonce can sing. But, does she sing well enough to play on the radio everyday? For the past 5 or 6 years? I mean, I can go days without hearing Usher, and he made the best RnB album of this era. As brash and arrogant as he can be, Usher Raymond knows when to get out of the public eye. In other words, when to go "sit the hell down". My mother always told me not to wear out my welcome. Did Tina Knowles tell Beyonce?

The AOL performance is cool, but I didn't appreciate the echo behind "A Song for You". That song is made to be heard clearly. It's a poignant tune, and the never-ending echo ruined it for me. The CD is pretty good, though. Upgrade U needs to hit the radio. Love it.


Dear Beyonce,

You're beautiful. You're polite, mannerable, and raised well. You're talented, and we admire your drive and desire to work. We are so proud to have you representing Houston. But, Sweetie, we're going to need you to relax after Dreamgirls. OK, Puddin'? Just take a looong break and sit back and watch the world. Get some none show business experiences. See how much we'll miss you. LET us miss you. Now Beyonce, after the Grammy's next year, we don't want to see you until at least 2008. If you're REALLY the shyt, you'll make us wait until 2009.
Your Fans

*BONUS* Beyonce's Interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez - worth a listen

**Second BONUS** Beyonce speaks to Ellen about marriage and kids and retiring at 30. (video)

"Flavor of Love" SPOILER

BUCKWILD, the white chic with the fake ghetto accent on Flavor of Love gets called out in the clip below.

Flave: "Can I ask you a question? Where the fukk did your accent go?!" Buckwild should have taken Paul Wall's Black Dialect 101.

And if you listen closely, you will also hear Flava give Beautiful (sp?) the ax because of her lack of aggression - and that cold sore. UGH.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Back to Work on Tuesday

Well, God blessed me with a new job. I'd been on "vacation" for six months after a departmental lay off. We were told that our division would be sold on March 3, 2006 -- and we were laid off on March 6, 2006. I copied aaaall of my music to CD's and walked out the door a happy camper.

I chilled as hard as possible during my lay off. I spent many lazy mornings at the park, working on my stage play. I traveled. I talked to friends that I never seemed to have time for. I stayed awake until the sun came up, and stayed asleep until afternoon. I stopped being embarrassed at being seen in non-work attire at 10:00 in the morning. I started to understand how people can get lazy.

Then, I looked up and seven year's worth of severance was gone. The 401(k) had dried up, and Unemployment for the the unemployed. The maximum you can receive is $700 every two weeks in the state of Texas. So there I was: nearly broke and spending every dime on bills. I even thought about selling cocaine out the back of the ride.

Damn, why did I race through that money??

Then, my aunt recommended I get FOOD STAMPS. I thought about it and shuffled my way to the food stamp office. I considered wearing slippers to look the part; then I reached in my pocket and pulled out 15 cents and realized I already fit the part.

Until my lay off, I'd somewhat looked down on welfare recipients and unemployed people. I didn't want to be this way, but I couldn't help it. "Just get a job!" was my response to the despondent. I couldn't understand how people could accept handouts instead of working. I thought people should settle for any job until they found the right job. But, here I was: tired, on food stamps, and hesitant to give up my free days. Free days, dammit!

The welfare office jarred me back to reality. Stepping inside that place was worse than stepping in a gay bar. I didn't want to run into ANY body I knew. But, of course I did. The first person I saw was the brother of a good friend. He greeted me like we were in Hawaii on vacation. "Heeey Smokie! So good to see you! What have you been up to?" Inside I screamed, "Where is this grown man's SHAME???" Mine was smake dab across my forehead in blinking red letters: "ON WELFARE -- CRACK IS NEXT".

I ran into a girl I knew and her 4 kids. Yes, her man was in tow, freshly braided, and probably waiting on that steak dinner they'd have later. I tried to hide from Shamika, but she spotted me and raced over, "Hey girl....these fools up here keep you waiting. But I need my benefits. When do you get your benefits?"

I don't remember what I said outloud, but I could only think, "Bitch, move around with all that welfare office banter."

I listened to the mindless chatter among the regulars, and knew this was like jail: some place you wind up in, but never want to return. It wasn't the needing help that bothered me. Anyone can need help. But, it was the defeat hanging in the air. From the girls with all the weave and kids -- to the low wage beasts behind the desk. I sat there and absorbed it all while I waited 7 hours for my $279/month food stamp card. Success and defeat in the same moment.

I went online job hunting after I left the foodstamp office. I won't lie and say that I sent resumes to 50 companies a day because I didn't. I did pray for a well paying job that I'd enjoy. Something not too hard, so that I could focus on my own projects.

When my aunt started throwing around "Section 8" hints, I signed up with a temporary agency. I was even reduced to receptionist work for one day. I swallowed my pride and walked into a beautiful office in the richest neighborhood in Houston just to answer the phones. Oh well.

I'm a Proposal Writer (not a Grant Writer) by profession, so I'd never answered phones before, but I did an excellent job. I didn't enjoy taking packages at the front desk, but the work was mindless and there was no overtime. It was actually kind of fun talking to different people all day. I started thinking of the pros of being a receptionist, and I'd convinced myself that it had benefits. As a Proposal Writer, I sometimes worked until midnight if a deadline loomed. However, the girl at the front desk leaves at 5:00 pm, sharp.

So, I patiently looked for jobs. And, I put the word out that I wanted to do some light editing or word processing. I knew my pay would be reduced, but I figured that I'd look for a better paying job after getting fully re-acclimated into Corporate America. I dreaded the daily grind and wanted to ease back into it.

Then, the company I'd done the receptionist work for called me to interview for a permanent position with them. As a receptionist? Hell no. I'll be working as a Personal Writer for a very wealthy family in the Houston area. The gorgeous office holds only SIX employees and parking is right our front. All I have to do is handle correspondence for this family. I'll be making MORE than I made at my previous job to compensate for the "boredom". Ha haaa, little do they know how much time we spend on the Internet.

This lay off taught me about humility. Taught me to do the best job possible, in whatever situation. Taught me that anyone can get down on their luck at anytime. It also taught me to lean heavily on God because he ALWAYS has a plan.

50 Cent vs. Puffy

New diss records from 50 Cent and ... Puff? (I refuse to call him P. Diddy, whatever that is.) 50 has a nice flow on this one.

50 Cent - The Bomb

Puff - I'm Richer, Bitch


Apparently, 50 and LL are new "best friends".

LL said he's siding with 50 because he's unhappy with the way Def Jam is handling its projects. He said the company's music "gotta be a lot better." New York's Daily News reported Friday (September 1) that LL was heard taking Def Jam President/ CEO Jay-Z to task during the VMAs. "I think Def Jam needs to be a better promoter of hip-hop," the rapper reportedly griped. "I think Jay-Z does a very good job ... of promoting Jay-Z." (more here)

Ouch. I wouldn't mind an "LL vs. Jay-Z".

VMA's = B-b-boring!

I know that JLo didn't perform and wasn't even in the running, but this pic of her describes what I felt about the VMA's... super boring. All of those rock/pop/whatever performances bored me to tears. I didn't even like the dudes on the treadmills. Is that the best you can do?

Although can't stop comparing Beyonce's performance to Britney Spears' stiff performance on the 2003 AMA's, I thought Bey did a great job. She always gives a show. Love her or hate her, she's entertaining. "What!"

* * * * * * * * *

And who does Kanye think he's fooling? This girl is NOT his fiancee. She's a prop. A mad prop, at that. I hope he's paying her good money to quiet down those "John Legend & Kanya West sittin in a tree...." rumors.

R.I.P. "Crocodile Hunter"

Steve Irwin AKA Crocodile Hunter was killed when a stingray barb punctured his heart during underwater filming off northeastern Australia.

"He came over the top of a stingray and the stingray's barb went up and went into his chest and put a hole into his heart," said the ebullient Irwin's longtime producer John Stainton, who was with him at the time on Monday.

"It's likely that he possibly died instantly when the barb hit him, and I don't think that he ... felt any pain," a tearful Stainton told reporters in the city of Cairns. "He died doing what he loved best."
(more here)

How I loved watching the Crocodile Hunter. The first time I saw him, I was like, "No way...", but then I realized he was serious 'bout it. A very passionate and entertaining man, indeed.
See, you just never know: We all thought he'd die inside the mouth of a crocodile, but a stingray got him by surprise. Sad. Well, at least now his kids won't get attacked. Remember when he held his infant son over a crocodile like bait?