Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kilpatrick and Wife Speak

I'm very confused about the over-sized men's suit she's wearing.

Is he belching...?

I think this whole story is dramatically fascinating, yet completely common. I'm not saying - nor do I believe - that all men cheat, but this happens all the time. Just not in a public forum.

Girlfriends don't leave their cheating men. Wives don't leave their cheating men. Girlfriends marry men who they know will cheat. Wives excuse the cheating. Politicians cheat on the company dime every day. Corporate execs do it, too. If the citizens of your city pay for your affairs and you are caught, you should pay the money back. That's really, the only issue here.

That Kwame and his mistress were immature enough to send THAT many text messages might be another issue. The strong, sensitive woman in me hates Kwame for hurting his wife like that. I hate the redbone he was...boning...because she was married and happily destroying so many lives. And, I have issues with Mrs. Kilpatrick for sitting there in that men's suit. I'm almost tempted to understand why he cheated. Ok, I completely understand why. Oh well...Team Kwame.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Britney’s Spears’ Sister’s Baby...etc.

For the longest time I wasn’t intrigued by the Britney-Spears-is-crazy headlines. But when her 16 year-old sister got pregnant, I was forced to tune into the world of Trailer Park Trash with Money. What I found was startling! And admirable (in a shameful way). I can’t help but admire the White Girl spin that these girls are putting on the face of a "baby mama". Brit's a trailer park genius. And her sister? Learning fast.

Why do I think Brit’s a genius?

When she first got with K-Fed, she showed us that she don’t give a damn about anybody’s happiness but her own. She surely didn’t care about Shar Jackson’s feelings when she swept K-Fed off his break dancing feet. Then, she proceeded to do exactly what she wanted to do and married Kevin – with an iron tight pre-nup in place. She later pushed out 2 kids for him, completely ignoring family advice and onlooker criticism.

Then, still doing what the eff Britney wants to do, she cut her hair off and began the “I’m too crazy to raise these kids – here, you take em...” facade.

Britney tried out marriage and kids, but she ended up with a man who liked excessive partying and who wasn’t around much. Fine, says Britney. She got a divorce and now she’s playing a damn good “insane mommy” roll. Britney put a WHOLE new twist on being a baby mama. Shar Jackson tried to be the new age black baby mama by being “understanding” and “cool”, but Brit trumped all of that with a big middle finger – to Kevin, Shar, and the kids.

Poor Shar. She’d hung in there all that time as a regular old unwed baby mama. Britney swooped in, got married, had kids, and BOUNCED on everybody. It’s not right, but dammit, she’s Britney bitch.

And little Jamie Lynn is not even playing like she’s about to be any bodies baby mama. Only a Solange would raise a child at such a young age.

I bet a nigga won't impregnate them Spears girls.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Wendy Williams Disconnect

Do you feel any kind of connection to Wendy Williams? As a woman, do you ever think, “I see myself in her...” Do you ever identify with Wendy? Does she remind you of your best friend, sister, mother, cousin? Or does she remind you of your gay friend, a transvestite around the corner, your gay brother…?

I have always voted that Wendy was probably born Wendell or even Leon, but definitely not Wendy. Some people laugh at me; few agree, but Wendy has to be a man for these reasons:

Wendy is 5’11. (Many natural born women are taller, sure.)

Wendy sounds like a man. (Height and voice go together, so that's ok.)

Wendy looks like a man. (True.)

Wendy went in hiding when she was pregnant. She called it “bed rest”. (Ping!)

Wendy ‘s husband always looks like he’s ashamed to be with her. Not because she’s loud and Tammy Faye Baker-ish looking, but because she is a HE. (Ping!)

I feel more of a connection with Serena Williams, as brute as she is, than with Wendy Williams. I know that Serena has her good and bad moments, but I also never ever doubt that Serena was born a female. She's just athletic. Wendy is a man.

As you're watching the heart-wrenching clip below, try to imagine Wendy without the make-up and you’ll see… that's a grown man under there.

Wendy's also obsessed by gay men. She’ll give a little bit of talk to lesbians and heteros, but her thing is exposing the gayness therewithin! Only fag hags and gay men are obsessed by gay men. I don’t see any gay men in Wendy’s entourage, so she’s not digging the girls who are obviously boys. And she clearly doesn’t like women. Yes, I know many women don’t like women, but this woman is a man. Period.

Wait – I just blew my own theory. I’m neither a fag hag nor a gay man – I’m a straight woman and I’m obsessed with wanting to out this “gay man”. ~Sigh~