Wednesday, February 28, 2007

VIDEOS - Beyonce, Shakira

Beyonce feat. Jay-Z - Upgrade U

Upgrade U is a real tight song and the video is near perfection. You gotta respect Beyonce's tenacity. People chop her up, yet she keeps right on doing what she does.

Beyonce and Shakira – Beautiful Liar

Beyonce is really not playing with y'all. Nice video. Shakira got a nice lil Upgrade herself with this one. I've noticed that Beyonce has to do more and more to keep that shock factor, though. Next step is soft porn for real.

Mike Jones – Mr. Jones

Unbelievable. “Who, MIKE JONES!” ...?????
(I actually like the “ha haaaa” though.)


CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer Hudson for winning the Best Supporting Actress award!!!

Yes, she did that. Initially, I didn't believe she deserved an Oscar for her performance -- how hard can it be to play an angry, black woman...? But, Jen's voice and her "extra something" made Effie very memorable. I would have voted for her. Congrats.

Not really sure how I feel about the jacket, but I thought the dress was OK and she looked really pretty.

"I'mma put a root on you, Big Girl!"

This is at an Oscar's event. Not the best look, Mr. Latifah. Kimora looks lovely. Puff is Puff.

JHud and the other girl from Dreamgirls chatting at a party in Jen's honor. No, Beyonce wasn't there.

Beyonce in her Armani dress. ~sigh~ The pale green is uninspired and the thick rope sleeve looks dated.

Kim Fields is pretty damn pregnant, isn't she?

Nick and his new Victoria's Secret model wife. Wow. Let's see if he can get his Will Smith on now that he has the one thing white folks respect more than money: marriage and family.

Update: I hear he's not really married. OK dammit.

The man on the far right is responsible for JHud wearing that space fantasy flight jacket to the Oscars.

The Dreamgirls performance @ the Oscars.

I'm really happy for Jennifer. She's a super talented, gracious singer. I have always loved Beyonce, too, but she sang so hard in this performance. They did a nice job overall, though. Both can really sing, but have different styles. God that girl has a VOICE. Akoni, Akina, Noni Juice...whatever the cute little Dreamgirl's name is...has a great voice also.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jigga's Lil Ni**a? And Baby Mama?

SandraRose is saying that this is 100% Jay-Z's son...

...with this model who lives in Trinidad and works in the States:

Shanelle and her man (dude from B2K...??)

Supposedly, Beyonce knows all about the baby mama and the son.

I guess this is pretty interesting. I do wonder why the baby mama agreed to a measly $1M to keep Jigga's name off the birth certificate, though. That's just a birthday gift for Bey.

But seriously -- if the kid has been hidden and ignored, that's real dead beat.

Update: I hear it's all just another Jay-Z rumor. Oh well. Maybe a video of Jay and Bey boning will surface and soothe the disappointment that Jay isn't really a deadbeat dad?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

K-Ci Contributes to "Who's Got Jokes?"

At the bottom of this post is K-Ci's performance on TV-One's "Who's Got Jokes?" Apparently, K-Ci got all the jokes.

He starts out gently lowering himself onto some grown man's shoulders.

I think his "carrier" even caresses his knee.

Then, ya boy tries to get the ladies hot by sticking out his tongue. Definitely misses his mark.

How does a grown man tell another grown man, "Ok, put me down"?

Not even Mo'Nique is turned on by this seductive shitty mess.

Of course he wouldn't be K-Ci without taking off his shirt. Check it out though -- he's updated his style: naked and leanin and rockin with it.

My review of the vocals:
Out of four stars, this is a 1.5 at best. Halfway through, Jo Jo shows up and confirms that he, too, is either flying real high or drunker than Mel Gibson. K-Ci sounds like that old black man in the choir who can't hear nor see and definitely can't sing. And didn't Jo Jo used to be able to sing?

K- Ci better clean up his act and get next to MJB so he can catch her if Kendu lets her fall.

Watch and laugh here:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beyonce Does Sports Illustrated

Not to be outdone by Big Mama J's Vogue cover, Beyonce takes on Sports Illustrated in a big way. I'm sick of seeing her as much as the next person (well, not really), but you can't deny the IT factor right here.

Houston, stand up!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Whitney and Bobby Sittin in a Tree...

Yes, they were spotted together recently, but I suspect they were just hanging out with their daughter. Whitney probably hadn't seen Bobby with sober eyes since the late 90s. I wonder what she's thinking now...

You're touching meee...move Bobbyyyy

Puff Cusses Out Naomi

Naomi Campbell bores me. She does just enough to make the news but not enough to make me care. Don't slap a lowly housekeeper with a phone behind closed doors. Knock some teeth out walking down the run way. Slap Tyra Banks off her own stage. Show me something!

But this is Puff news and Puff is never boring.

According to TMZ, "Diddy just started screaming at her when he saw her. No one could believe it. He was screaming obscenities at her" and at actor Terrence Howard, who was with her. Oddly, however, Naomi "played it totally cool." Nobody knows why Mr. Combs went off.

I wonder if Naomi smoked all his blow or something? Because surely he didn't have a bitch fit just because Kim Porter doesn't like Naomi? And why is Kim jealous of Naomi anyway? Kim should know that she's the last black woman Puff 'll ever be with.

The fact that Terrance Howard just stood there confirms he's no Dee Jay.

JHud Graces Vogue

The sista is working her 25 minutes and I'm not mad at her. I gave her an extra 10 minutes because I really love her voice and her personality. But this cover? Let's not eat the camara man, boo.

Ja Rule...?

This is a critic's playground, and I just can't go there with LilRichardAlBSureSpecialEd.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Prince - Superbowl Performance

I know it was a week ago, but I had to post Prince's half-time show at the Grammy's. OUTSTANDING. Remember when everyone used to say "Who's the best -- Michael Jackson or Prince?" I think we know the answer to that. :-) And y'all said Prince was the crazy one. ha ha Love him!

Prince half-time show at Superbowl Part 1:

Prince half-time show at Superbowl Part 2:

That guitar behind the screen scene is NOT lewd. Who has an awkward "piece" like that??

Friday, February 9, 2007

Cam Disses 50 - Show Some Coutesy, Curtiiiiis!

Cam’ron – 50 Diss some courtesy Curtiiiiiiis<-- love that part. Pretty quick, tight rebuttal and I don't even like Cam. The beef is staged.

50 Cent - Funeral Music - Cam'ron Diss


Paul Wall - Get Money TV

Actually kinda funny.

(reason for the video)

JHud Photo Shoot

That phone booth picture is SO right, but let’s face it: this is as bright as her star will get. "They" won't even remember her 2 years from now -- unless she plays another mad, unattractive, and overweight black woman.

Lisa Nowark Leaves the News

If it weren't for Anna Nicole's untimely passing, Lisa Nowak would still be top news. But hold up Lisa! We're still talking about the chick who drove 900 miles in a diaper to maime a bitch.

I don’t want to hear anything else about a black woman being crazy! We might come to your house and slash your tires. Might even wait outside all night to confront you in the morning, but we are NOT NOT NOT going to spend that much money on gas just to mace the other woman.

Astronaut Bill Oefelein has taken leave from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston to join girlfriend Colleen Shipman in Florida following the alleged attack on her by astronaut Lisa Nowak, a space agency official said Thursday.
(more here)

Who's Your Daddy?

#1 - I really liked Anna Nicole Smith. She had a heart of gold and a troubled soul. My GRANDMOTHER loved her. I hope the afterlife brings her some peace.


First the crooked lawyer/boyfriend claimed he was the daddy.

And poor Scary Spice can't even get ONE nigga to claim her kid.