Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger Woods Can't Be Your Jesus

And now the big story: Tiger Woods and his 3 women on the side. All young with old faces. All white. All ready to spill the beans. Spilling the beans, in fact.

There are so many angles to cover with this story, but the one that says Tiger deceived us should NOT be one. Tiger may have deceived his wife and his family but he didn’t deceive the public. Tiger never told us he was perfect. In fact, over his decade long career he hasn’t told us anything other than when he married and had his kids. He spoke about his father’s cancer and death also, but that's it. Tiger really only opened up about golf. He wore crisp shirts. He smiled that Colgate smile in advertisements. He worked with the youth. He sent out family Christmas cards. He played near perfect games. But he never ever told us or led us to believe he was perfect. Basically, he just lived his life, did his job, and kept his business to himself. Those who worshipped him and thought could do no moral wrong must have ignored his top pals – Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. Birds of a feather…

The public craves some human idol who resists temptations, always does the right thing, and looks perfect. The public wants to see that it is possible for a human being to achieve such greatness. Guess what? It aint. Those people who need this kind of idol might need to seek Jesus. Tiger Woods shouldn't have the ability to let us down. Whether it’s cheating, lying, stealing, doping, sneaking, or molesting – everybody’s dealing with something. (It's mind blowing that the (white) public thought this man was perfection. WE knew he had issues when he married the whitest of the white.:-))

Does this mean that Tiger gets a pass? Most definitely not. I could say that his personal life has nothing to do with his professional life, but at this point it does. He just missed a golf tournament and he may miss others due to injury or not wanting to face the journalists who’ll be on their tip toes shouting out questions that have nothing to do with the sport. And if he does show up, his mind might be too pre-occupied to play a good game. Heck, he’s had his worse year so far. Now we may know why. For the simple fact that his b.s. is interfering with his game, Tiger Woods doesn’t get a pass.

I know Tiger’s wife is hurt and fighting mad. Isn’t it ironic that she tried to kill him with a golf club? LOL Oh yeah, I think she tried to kill him. She swang at his face; got his mouth. She tried to finish the job, but a drugged up Tiger jumped in the Escalade and burned out (good thing he's not in Nascar). Mrs. Woods ran down the street after him, busting out both back windows like a G! She had it in her mind to maim or kill her cheating husband. I guess she came to her senses after he wrecked though. Lucky for the both of them because, otherwise, the headlines would have read, “Elin Woods Arrested for Killing Golf Legend!"

What do I think his wife should do? Off the cuff, I say take your money and self-esteem and RUUUUUN girlfriend! What kind of Nordic woman does he take you for?! A 31 month affair?!?! Multiple women?!? And these are just the women who are skanky enough to admit to the affair. What about the discreet women he fooled around with?

BUT, I don’t know the Woods' family life. I don’t know their personal reality. I don’t know if Elin got buck wild because she had no idea he’d ever had an affair or if she was just fed up with the latest affair. I don’t know if he started the affairs after his dad died. Maybe there's some missing void that he’s trying to fill with random women in Las Vegas? I don’t know if his wife is a shrew who doesn’t even like sex or if she’s putting it down. Not that that’s an excuse. I know of a woman who was the freakiest of the freaks for her husband and he still traveled the globe in search of new coochie on a regular basis. Well, that’s an exaggeration. He traveled throughout Texas to meet women in small towns. Still, she couldn’t keep him in Houston, Texas.

Tiger Woods’ story is a familiar one. It happens all day everyday. I can’t imagine how many reporters and friends were on camera condemning Tiger Woods one minute and texting their mistresses the next. Get it together men. Especially the ones who have so much to lose.

Keyshia Cole: Pregnant and Happy...For Now

1 - Keyshia Cole falls crazy in love (again).
2 - She packs her bags and chunks the deuce to ATL. Cleveland bound. Shuts out family.
3 - She gets pregnant. (or maybe this is #2?)

*we’re at the 4 month mark now*

4 - She passes out turkeys for Thanksgiving with a dazed and bamboozled looking Daniel Gibson. You can see his legal name below on Keyshia’s shoulder. 8X10. Where’s Boobie’s tat? Where is it Boobie???

Keyshia’s looking happier than Chris Brown before it all fell down. Cheesing, rubbing her dip it low stomach, looking like you couldn’t tell her not a damn thang about Boobie. LOL

I’m not mad at Keyshia. She’s 28 and can afford her kid with ease. But I am kind of sad for her. Maybe it’s premature and negative to think this way, but WHOA! Ya boy is 23. Weren’t you on bended knee in front of Jeezy this time last year? Keyshia wants to be married; she’s said it a few times now. Is this the best route to matrimony? A tat, moving to Cleveland, and a baby? All in 8 months? Daaaang, slow down homie. It takes at least 4 seasons to get to know a man.

Prepare for the real talk which some may construe as hate…

First off, I knew Keyshia was somewhere getting pregnant for Boobie. That fertility is in her blood…she couldn’t resist the urge to see what this whole parenting/baby mama thing is about. If it doesn’t work out with Boobie, Keyshia will be on her Neffe little way. She’ll probably love being a parent. And do it again and again (Erykah Badu, Neffe, Frankie). She might be the Tiny to his T.I.P...we might never get another CD from Ms. Cole. Of course, she could go all Anita Baker on us and get married and raise a family. But, nah, I smell a Neffeteria.

Click here to listen to Keyshia and Gucci Mane’s new song “Bad Bad Bad”. God how I wish this was Keyshia’s song with no Gucci.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Smokie's Listening to...

Beyonce - Video Phone

The actual song is dried up dookie, but the video is so nasty that it’s SICK. I don’t want to like it – really, I hate co-signing all of this oversexualization that is Beyonce/Sasha. But dammit if Mrs. Knowles Carter is not 205% entertaining! The gum smacking, ode to Rihanna, guns, costume changes, booty popping, goofy lyrics, Gaga – ALL of that is heaven for a Beyonce Stan.

Lady Gaga adds extra freshness to the video. I didn’t really like her until this song, but she’s jamming. I applaud her for being fearless next to Beyonce. Do you girl!

Rihanna - Russian Roulette

I struggled with "Russian Roulette" because it’s so dark and seems to advocate suicide, but screw it - I have to ride with Rihanna because this baby goes hard. This is one of those songs that you don’t really know what you’re singing about, but so what? It sounds fantastic. The production is right on point and her voice has never sounded better. I can’t worry about what and who might blow their brains out because of this jam. All I know is I’M feeling it and I’m cool.

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart

Finally, a new Alicia Keys song that’s not a lullaby anthem. This one kinda sneaks up on you because it’s mid tempo. Before you know it, you’re grooving and thinking, “…this whispering really works!” I could have rocked the hell out of this song back in my bad relationship days. It’s such a sad/sweet song full of emotion and classic rhythm. The homewrecker just redeemed herself. I’m not even going to judge her for walking like that in those heels either.

Z-Ro – Thank You

What can I say? I’m Houston all day. Lol

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kelis Brings the Baby Out

Knight is sooo cute! Kelis and Nas know they need to work it out!

More pictures here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bushwick Bill Does Gospel

I actually like it.

The Testimony of Redemption album is scheduled to be released Dec. 1 under G-S.P.O.T. Productionz (God's Special Purpose of Talent).

G-spot eh?... Interesting.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


All of my dating life I carried around a little word in my head. That word was NEXT!

To explain what Next! really means, it is a concept that comes from within a secure, confident woman who has a reason to be confident. Her confidence is not false or overbearing, but pleasant and assured. She's spent time working on herself and she’s pretty sure that her baggage is light.

She nurtures her spiritual health, her mental health, her emotional health, her PHYSICAL health, and her financial health.

When this woman meets a man, she goes out on a date or two and she listens to ALL of her womanly instincts. She doesn’t just listen to the desperation that chimes from her soul. No, she acknowledges those uncomfortable warning signals as well because this is the best time to face them. This is the time before she falls and it is the easiest time to tell a man NEXT! if he is not on her mental, emotional, or spiritual level. There are a lot of men in the world, and she does not suffer with someone who doesn’t deserve her. She is not delusional about her worth. Nor is she in denial about her faults. The Universe has supplied THIS WOMAN with a nice number of the male species to comfortably pick and choose from.

Please do not think that because you weren't born the prettiest baby... or because you can’t solve a calculus equation... that you won’t be able to pick and choose your man. The truth is that grown men ultimately choose a woman for how well she takes care of herself (beyond being a shopaholic), how well she takes care of him, how easy she is to get along with, and how she makes him feel. Period. If she has some outstanding bonus (cooking, singing, writing, leading, being a peace maker, etc.), that’s only icing on the cake.

Men are simple creatures. When you become a better woman, a better man will find you. When a woman lives her life in a way that reflects a better woman, this not only strengthens her self image, but her REALISTIC, not boastful, self love will shine and virtually blind a good man into submission.

(Copyright 2009)

Shaunie, Rihanna, Angel Murphy, Katt

Shaunie and Shaq Call it Quits Again

I guess Shaunie's doing more than looking at the front door. She done packed the kids up, moved to another city, and filed papers on Shaq AGAIN. He probably couldn't keep his hands to himself (not in a Chris Brown kind of way), and she burned out. Or is this just something they ... do? We'll see if this divorce ever materializes. The O'Neals appear to be the type who can't get enough of each other. Besides, didn't she know what kind of man Shaq was when she married him? I thought deep down she was cool with the affairs. Perhaps not.

The Obligatory Rihanna and Chris Brown Post

You know I'm on the woman's side. Team Rihanna all day. I have a problem with black women who don't believe Rihanna's version of what happened. "I DID NOT HIT HIM. IT WAS A VERBAL ARGUMENT." Why not believe her? No police report says otherwise. Chris Brown didn't say otherwise. Rihanna wasn't charged with anything; however, Chris Brown has 2 felonies on his back. You do the math.

Let's say that Rihanna did swing at him. How many times do you think this slim woman actually swang at this crazy beast before he started punching, chocking, and biting? Normally, if a man hits a woman as a reflex, it's a one hit stunner. It's not a knock down, drag out, I'm-trying-to-kill-this-Islander type scenario. Don't you remember the pain and shame on Rihanna's abuse photo? (I'm mad that Black women are giving Chris Brown a pass and blaming Rihanna. How about giving the "nice guys" and "goofy guys" a pass and doggoing out the abusers? What's up with these wack alliances?)

I'm thinking about Chris Brown's behavior after the beat down: laughing, joking, and wearing chains that say "Oops". Then after a severe fanbase drop, he poured on the sad tweets and musical dedications to Rihanna. Like a typical abuser, he apologized and more recently he requested that Rihanna keep the events of the night private. They never want you to tell what happened.

So what if Rihanna's using this time to promote her CD? Catching a beating that serious - and then getting back with the man - would leave any woman's head spinning. Rihanna just had to take a minute to get her FLY back and figure out exactly how she wanted to proceed. She had to be sure about her decision to leave or stay with Chris Brown before speaking. She had to heal. I'm pretty sure that working on an album was instrumental in her healing process. She left Chris for good, got her confidence and swag back, recorded a CD, and felt ready to talk about the incident. Seems to me like Rihanna, or someone around her, knows how to maturely handle business.

Mel B. Should Be Investigated for Child Abuse

Because any woman who consistently leaves the house looking hotttt with a full head of hair but keeps her daughter looking like Maddox is probably doing some unspeakable things behind closed doors. WTH?

For God sakes lady, you gave birth to this little girl. Have a heart.

Mel B. is trying her BEST to get a phone call from Eddie.

Katt Williams Likes Boys

Ok, take care of business first, Smokie. Katt Williams was recently arrested for burglary. He looks doped out.

Now to the meat of the story. No pun intended. The 911 caller is a 17 year old boy who sounds like he was born gay. He says that Katt won't let him leave. He doesn't say Katt is standing outside with a bomb or a gun. He just says that little bitty Katt Williams won't let him leave.

All I hear is a domestic dispute between two male lovers. I told y'all Katt was more than a "pimp".

Listen to 911 Call Here

Sammy Sosa...Please.

Sammy Sosa claims that he's now a light skinned man because of "skin rejuvination". Yeah whatever.

He was much more handsome as the brown skinned man who God created him to be. Now he just looks like George Jefferson's body guard.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Jackson 2

Michael Jackson is gone, never to return. I wasn't a fan per say, but I knew the brother was mad talented and I felt nothing but respect with a dash of repulsion for him. I liked the guy. I was pretty interested in MJ news when he was alive.

Not so much any more. If it has anything to do with Joe, Jermaine, or any random Jackson not named Michael or Janet I'm just not interested. That's it. THOSE are the Jacksons -- Mike and Janet. Jackson news lives on only in Mike's music... and Janet. So why do TMZ and other sites insist on feeding us Joe Jackson news? There is no "exclusive" Joe Jackon news.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whitney Houston Live: Much Better!

Whitney looked great and sounded much stronger than her last live performance of Million Dollar Bill. Go Whitney! She's getting there!

Black People: The New Free Race

Like many of you who actually read for pleasure and growth, I’m frustrated with my people. Black people. African American if you prefer.

I see us sipping too much syrup, smoking too much weed, loving Lil Wayne too hard, showing too much skin, not loving each other enough, etcetera etcetera. I don’t have to tell you that we’re far behind in the areas of ambition, progress, and civility. Sure, we have a Black president, but look at the country he inherited. Look at how hard he had to work to get where he arrived. Notice his mixed parentage.

Sure, we can be proud of his accomplishments but let's not forget to jet back to reality: he’s but ONE single black man. That’s it. We have ONE black President to be proud of. He could hang a baby and we’d vote for him next term. Extreme, yes, but you’d be surprised at who’s thinking, “Hell yeah” right about now.

We have Oprah and Obama on the national stage. White America, on the other hand, has all of the previous presidents and a ton of white men who would scoff at Oprah’s financial balance.

It seems like we’re way behind. Seems like we might never catch up or get ourselves together, doesn’t it? If I didn’t know better I’d think that we are about to disintegrate into one big race of fatherless menaces to society.

But are we really behind? Is it hopeless? I don’t think so. I think we are right on schedule. Let’s do that math. We were in slavery as soon as we hit the continent. We didn’t find jobs and work our way up in 20 years. We were lucky not to be killed and live a long life as a good slave. There were no alternatives. We couldn’t speak English for the longest, and by the time we could we’d been so oppressed that it took us hundreds of years to find an underground railroad.

But we found it. We were eventually freed on paper, but it took the Civil Rights movement to truly end our slavery. Jim Crow may not have come with whips and indentured servitude, but it certainly came with lynchings, segregation, and Caucasian piss in Black water fountains.

To be fair, we were not essentially born until 1965. As a race – Free African AMERICAN – we are only 44 years old. That’s it. We’re not as old as my parents. White people are hundreds of years old. Thousands. They have roots. Although many White Americans’ ancestors were immigrants, they still have roots that reach back much farther than my great, great, great grandfather. Financial and relationship lessons and traditions were taught from one white generation to the next. White Americans were allowed centuries to fall, get back up, fall again, get back up again, explore, learn, and EXCEL. They once lived as barbarians, but they had more than 44 years to become civilized.

I don’t offer slavery as an excuse for lazy blacks. I only offer it as an explanation. A reason. A fact. A consideration.

As a black woman, I know that there is absolutely no need to give up on the Black race. We ARE Kings and Queens and with time we’ll remember that and act accordingly.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Whitney Performs "Million Dollar Bill"

Whitney Houston was full of all kind of contradictions when she hit the "X Factor" stage. How is she out of breath on the first word of the song? How is she out of breath without doing one dance move? And call me crazy, but how does a skinny girl pop out of her clothes? LOL

Get it together, Whit. Get it ALL together instead of rushing back home to that million dollar habit!

The word of the day is REHEARSAL.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Queen Latifah Does Mo'Nique

Considering all the factual rumors, maybe that wasn't the best title for this post....

Queen Latifah recently made an appearance on The Mo'Nique show, looking pounds lighter and sounding octaves better. The Queen has really grown as an artist and entertainer. Her new song "Fast Car" is catchy and she hits all of the light yet soulful notes that she shoots for. I thoroughly enjoyed this clip. I'll bet you will too.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mathew Knowles Has a Baby On the Way says Alexsandra Wright and I totally believe her.
We've learned Alexsandra Wright filed the case in L.A. County Superior Court. Wright lives in L.A. -- she works in the name-branding business. We're told she's in her late 30s.

Wright, who is 6-months pregnant, filed the case last week, alleges Knowles is the father. Sources say Wright is repped by Neal Hersh, who is currently repping Lamar Odom in the prenup negotiations with Khloe Kardashian.Source

I guess this explains the emotional moment Bey and her mom had in the video below back in April of THIS YEAR.

Yeah, it's true. Mat's still a dog. Don't act like Kelly Rowland isn't his too.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Shot at Fame...?

Does Lil Mama want some fame or what? If it's good enough for Kanye West, d*mmit, it's good enough for Lil Mama. Who knows? Lil Testosterone's stage crashing might make her the talk of the town come morning. This might be the sliiiiight push she needs to become a household name.


Jay-Z looked like "What is that?" - "Who is that?" - "Security." Alicia wasn't trying to be bothered.

At this point, you have to know Lil Mama is crazier than Kanye West will ever be. Bless her hard soul.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whitney Houston - I Look to You

I love this song. It's on constant repeat.

I feel the strength in Whit's voice. Before, she was perfect and even somewhat soulless, but this Whitney has been through it, and once you realize that she's singing a GOSPEL song from the heart, you'll appreciate it so much more. Unless you've been through something REAL and YOUR FAULT like Ms. Houston has, you might not get "I Look to You" fully. Just wait. One day you're going to be in the middle of a storm, or just on the other side of a storm and "I Look to You" will speak to your soul...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chris Brown, the Village Idiot

I admit that I stole that title from my good friend, Larry. I'll take an idea and run with it if you don't. Zero shame.

Anyway. What a joke Chris Brown turned out to be. He came on Larry King Live and basically gave one big apology to the people and let us know he loves Rihanna. His lawyer made sure to divulge that Rihanna had slapped Chris before... but nobody could give us any details about the night he almost beat her into a coma "out of respect for her privacy". Whatever dudes. Larry King tried, in his slap dog way, to get a detail or two from Chris but Chris got stuck on, "Wow - wow - uh wow". Repeat this 20 times and that's pretty much the transcript of the interview.

If you're going to reserve time to speak on an incident DO THAT. Chris Brown could have just recorded a public apology and been done with it. I can forgive him and just look at him for the entertainment. Nobody needed him to put on a bow tie and dodge all the real questions in an *Exclusive* interview. And I surely didn't need to see his enabling mom crying one second and looking like a pit bull ready to pounce the next.

The Whitney Houston Hour

I sincerely hope that this post manages to convey all of the good, bad, sad, frustrated, and hopeful feelings that I have for my girl.

I’ve always been a Bobby Brown fan first, but I loves me some Whitney Houston. Needless to say, watching her on Good Morning America this morning was kind of hard. I loved her energy and her command of the stage, but the vocals were shaky. More shaky than, "she's getting older" ....more like, "crack is a witch."

Don't for a second get it twisted: I salute Whitney for trying to get her life together and battling such a tragic addiction. I sympathize with her from the bottom of my heart, BUT. Is she broke? Why’d she do this? I saw Being Bobby Brown and I know Whitney didn’t put out a new CD just for the fans. lol What’s up, Nippy?

Whitney Houston's 'Million Dollar...
Million Dollar Bill

Whitney Is 'Every Woman'
Every Woman

Whitney Houston: 'My Love Is Your Love'
My Love Is Your Love
Whitney: I’mma make y’all realize it’s a difference. My baby can’t sing a note!

I just love Whitney for singing, “Me and Bobby’s baby…”

Bobbi Kristina comes on stage for this one. Isn’t she turning out so lovely? I have to wonder how the child of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston can’t sing though.

I’ve watched these clips a few times; you can’t deny that she can still carry a tune or that she’ll always have a nice tone, but Whitney's voice sounds so hoarse and strained and smoked the hell OUT. A few times I actually had to make sure that wasn’t Frankie crashing the set. Let us all pray that our Whitney will quit the Newports and work on her voice. I hear something there so all is not lost... ala Aretha Franklin.

The CD?

I like it! I can do without the oooh yeah and oooh Lord fillers, but it’s a nice CD for grown people to groove to. I’ve heard MUCH worse. We'll just consider this CD her first *rough* one after coming through the storm. To be perfectly honest with you, I'll take Whitney's new CD anyday over Vanessa Williams'.

What if Whitney Houston called Mariah Carey after doing her set on GMA?
Mariah and Nick turn off the television and look at each other with raised eyebrows after watching Whitney on Good Morning America. Mariah can’t talk because she doesn’t speak before noon to preserve her voice.

Mariah’s cell rings. She sees Whitney’s name on the caller ID. Eyes light up.

Mariah: (To Nick) Put down that keyboard; watch me clown right quick. (Puts phone on speaker and sings into the phone) HellooooOOooo? This is Mariaaaah Caaarey speaking ooooooooooooo!

Whitney: Mariah?

Mariah: (Still singing) Yeeees, yeessss what’s uuuuup old friiii-e-e-end? You are my friiiiiend -

Whitney: Oh, hell to the naw. I don’t know why you singing and whispering baby girl. I had to get on crack and weed and powder and handlebars and Bobby and everything else just to come down to your level. Don’t act brand new. I caught the Michael Jackson memorial.

Nick: (Runs to Mariah’s side) Just hang up the phone baby…

Salute - Whitney Houston

Sing it, Whitney!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

MJB - The One

A song to listen to while cleaning or clubbing, The One is my new jam. Drake is totally unnecessary but tolerated.

Friday, August 28, 2009

God Bless the Child

How sad and horrific the past 18 years must have been for Jaycee Lee Dugard. I'm sure you've heard about the kidnap victim resurfacing 18 years after her deranged abductor (and his wife????) snatched her as she arrived at her school bus stop.

Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, took Jaycee Dugard and held her captive in a series of backyard sheds for almost 2 decades. As if that weren't bad enough, Dugard now has 2 children with Garrido -- two girls ages 11 and 15. I don't even want to think about what their sick father probably did to them as well.

We all have our just opinions about Phillip Garrido, but I don't know what to say about his wife. I don't know what to think of her. How? Why? What?

Phillip looks like a small (could be tall, but very slim), controlling, mentally ill, pathetic, and even unstraight male. I guess you wonder why I put that part in. I can't tell you; he just looks like he doesn't like women to me. But he doesn't look like somebody who THAT woman above would fear. And if she did participate in the kidnapping out of fear, she doesn't look like she'd be scared for 18 years. So why did she silently participate? She knew the girl was back there, presumably, and she never went to the authorities...? Why?

When I look at her face I see ... a woman who just didn't care. I might even see a mean witch. (Trying yet again to stop cussing...)

I pray that somehow Jaycee and her children can recover at least 70% from this. If there's any bright side to be found, it's that the children weren't born out of incest like Elisabeth Fritzl's...

Phillip is a possible prostitute killer, too.

Story here

Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts

What say you?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R. Kelly feat. Keri Hilson - Number One

I know I'm late, but yeah whatever... I finally watched the video to R. Kelly and Keri Hilson's song, "Number One Sex" and I have to say it's alright. Of course, I'm conflicted between thoughts of "ew" towards R. Kelly and my love for this song. But that's what R. Kelly does to a person when he makes a good jam. And Ms. Keri Baby just looks and sounds so fresh, for lack of a better word.

It must be written that I don't care for R. Kelly singing about sex anymore than I'd care to hear Chris Brown singing about beating an Islander, but I dig the song.

Cash for Clunkers Flops?

It seemed like a great idea at first – kind of like Oprah’s free KFC coupons? – but the Cash for Clunkers program is rapidly coming to an end. It was every hooptie owner’s dream to trade his/her old worn out wheels in for something new and improved. Then, the government promised to pay dealerships $4,500 towards the car too? Could a deal be any sweeter?


Unfortunately, just like many black operated establishments, the boss hasn’t paid up. Dealerships are complaining that they’ve sold 90% of their cars and still no reimbursement checks. So, with no supply and no money, they can’t sell anymore cars under the Cash for Clunkers plan.

Obama know he need to pay those people.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Music from Chris Brown + Jamie Foxx Naked!

Ginuwine – Trouble

It’s going to take this song x 10 to bring Ginuwine anywhere near back.

Chris Brown – Changed Man


Beyonce - Poison

It might grow on me.

As a side note, India.Arie was recently on 106 & Park. Doing her Own.Thing. Good thing she’s not her hair…

Don’t Malinda and her husband D Nice look so grown and sexy?

And oh yeah! Jamie Foxx took it to another level with the nude picture. View it here. It’s not safe for work or in front of anyone that you don’t feel comfortable watching porn with.

All About Whitney

Whitney Houston

When you see her name, what comes to mind? Regal. Voice. Drugs. Beautiful. Older. Voice. Funny. Bobby Brown. Bobbi Kristina. Voice. Tragic. Dionne Warwick. Spiritual. Crazy. Voice. New CD…

On September 2nd Whitney Houston will drop her first CD in 7 years. I imagine that I Look To You won’t come through the speakers with such clear perfection as I Will Always Love You, but I’m fine with that. After all that she’s been through, it’s expected that her voice, today, can’t sound like anything but a combination of all of the words in the paragraph above.

As long as she doesn’t “yeah yeah yeah” me to death on the tracks, I’m sure I’ll love her new CD. It’s not like anyone but new parent JHud can sing as well or better than Whitney anyway. Something tells me that her comeback won’t be the disappointment that Mike Tyson’s was. Whitney can still sing. Will it so bad if she only sounds like an above average singer now?

Good Morning America has a Whitney Houston page full of videos, pictures, and general information about her new CD. Click HERE to check it out.

Bear Grylls is So Nasty

Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild started out highly entertaining for all the right reasons. Then, Bear Grylls turned into something almost cannibal-like and it was revealed that he sleeps in motels between shoots. I could deal with his motel usage, but the constant slaughtering and eating of wild animals for entertainment purposes is not my idea of right.

Bear's went from eating raw fish to ripping open reindeers and snakes...with his mouth...while they are still moving. Too much!

In the clip below, he traps and kills a large wild animal by slitting its throat. He then goes straight Vampire and drinks the blood pouring from its neck. As if that's not shocking enough, he finishes off by ripping the poor animal’s heart out and taking a healthy bite from the tip.

Exceedingly gross and needless.

Where’s PETA? Why hasn’t Bear Grylls lost his job…?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rihanna Jams

I'm just in a Rihanna mood today.

I know this song isn't new (and it's for teenagers), but I love how Rihanna sounds on it...

And this goes so hard in the "fun" clubs....

My other fav Rihanna song:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fake Lottery Ticket

Surely this isn't real, but it's funny. I was given a fake winning lottery ticket a few years ago myself. It wasn't for $2 million, but I wanted the $10K just as much. Itchbay.

Why Your Boss Shouldn't Be a Friend on Facebook

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mos Def Sings Billy Jean and Moonwalks

He moonwalks at the end with such ease.

How's Your Summer Going?

Wow, I've really neglected my little blog, haven't I? I haven't been browsing the normal spots and I haven't really been following gossip sites (gasp!) What have I been doing all summer? I've been swimming, getting my son ready to be a young man, partying, chillin with new and old friends, and I've fallen prey to a vicious new drug - Facebook!

Facebook puts you in touch with everyone you ever knew in life, provided they are at all computer literate and actually want to be found. I've ran into past and present friends, foes, old boyfriends, neighbors, former teachers, vague acquaintances, and people I wouldn't remember even if they showed me a picture of us together having a BLAST. (This has happened and the embarrassment can not be measured.)

A few pics from this summer...

I've been chillin at the beach....

Partying on yachts in illfitting dresses...

And just being with my Sweetie...

I hope you're having a great summer too!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drake Falls

Maybe I’m real childish, but this was FUN-NY to me; I’ve watched it about 5 times so far. Drake does his hand thing, twirls, falls, and becomes one with the floor for a minute. It's so lame and goofy looking. I pity-love Drake.

Why do I feel like he just might not be ready to perform for the people? Is he faking - or exaggerating - his injury? In any event, the whole thing is hilarious. One day he'll perform on his feet.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hold Up Wait a Minute, Put A Little White In It!

While some sistas were putting up with lazy, gay, and/or generally sorry Black men, these sistas said Boy bye! and found successful unions with successful men of other races, mainly white. It's so interesting that Black women generally go for the cream of the crop white man, but Black men sometimes (usually) bend down to scrape the bottom of the white girl barrel.

Were you aware that an increasing number of white men love the strength and natural loveliness of Black women? They appreciate the difference and marvel at the beauty. I’m all for Black love, but if the store is out of brown bread I don't see nothin' wrong with trying the white.

This post is very picture-intense, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what all of these pics are saying...

Venus Williams and her boyfriend

Thandie Newton's mom and dad

Chris North and Tara Wilson

The Ambassor to the UN, Susan Rice, and Ian Cameron

Stacey Dash and husband Emmanuel Xuereb

The whole Mowry family

Simon Cowell and Teri

Ronald Betts and Family. Billionaires.

Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne, again

Robert Dinero and wife Grace Hightower

Peter Norton (Norton anti-virus) and wife Gwen

Paula and Robin Thicke

Olympic star Tina Ellerston and family

Olympic star Mary Wineberg and her husband/coach

Deborah Wilson and Cliff Skelton and look at Regina King with Nicholas Gonzales!

Naimi Cambell and her rich man. This is her longest relationship.

Tia Mowry and boyfriend

*Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.*

Michal and Tarika

George Lucas of Star Wars fame and wife Mellody Hobson. Get it girl.

Just a megarich couple. His money.

Marsha Thompsaon and husband

Mark and Allison ECKO

Lydia and Mat Peobody. Filthy rich.

Kim Wayans and husband

Kim Hamilton and Werner Klemperer

Ms. Kelly and a guy she either is dating or was dating.

Keesha Sharp and husband. Mmmm...

Jane Fonda's son and wife

Halle and her baby daddy

Golden Brooks and her boyfriend

Celebrated chef Wolfgang Puck and his wife Gelita

Garcelle and her family

Eve and fiance Shane Powell

Eve and Shane again :-)

Now would you look at this. Anything is possible people! This is Count and Countess Ferdinand.

Movie critic Rupert and his wife Chaz

Angela Howard and Matt Stone, originator of the South Park Series

Alice Walker with her family

Alfre Woodard and husband

Alec Wec and boyfriend

Akira and her husband. Asian's need love too.

Kerry Washington and her new man

Now check out all of these ordinary interracial couples:

Did she snag a Pilot?

That's that good ole used-to-be-your-Domestic love.

Family membership at the gym!


Here comes the bride!

Interesting II

That's that good ole used-to-be-your-slave love!

So what's up ladies? Will you date outside of your race?