Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hold Up Wait a Minute, Put A Little White In It!

While some sistas were putting up with lazy, gay, and/or generally sorry Black men, these sistas said Boy bye! and found successful unions with successful men of other races, mainly white. It's so interesting that Black women generally go for the cream of the crop white man, but Black men sometimes (usually) bend down to scrape the bottom of the white girl barrel.

Were you aware that an increasing number of white men love the strength and natural loveliness of Black women? They appreciate the difference and marvel at the beauty. I’m all for Black love, but if the store is out of brown bread I don't see nothin' wrong with trying the white.

This post is very picture-intense, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what all of these pics are saying...

Venus Williams and her boyfriend

Thandie Newton's mom and dad

Chris North and Tara Wilson

The Ambassor to the UN, Susan Rice, and Ian Cameron

Stacey Dash and husband Emmanuel Xuereb

The whole Mowry family

Simon Cowell and Teri

Ronald Betts and Family. Billionaires.

Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne, again

Robert Dinero and wife Grace Hightower

Peter Norton (Norton anti-virus) and wife Gwen

Paula and Robin Thicke

Olympic star Tina Ellerston and family

Olympic star Mary Wineberg and her husband/coach

Deborah Wilson and Cliff Skelton and look at Regina King with Nicholas Gonzales!

Naimi Cambell and her rich man. This is her longest relationship.

Tia Mowry and boyfriend

*Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.*

Michal and Tarika

George Lucas of Star Wars fame and wife Mellody Hobson. Get it girl.

Just a megarich couple. His money.

Marsha Thompsaon and husband

Mark and Allison ECKO

Lydia and Mat Peobody. Filthy rich.

Kim Wayans and husband

Kim Hamilton and Werner Klemperer

Ms. Kelly and a guy she either is dating or was dating.

Keesha Sharp and husband. Mmmm...

Jane Fonda's son and wife

Halle and her baby daddy

Golden Brooks and her boyfriend

Celebrated chef Wolfgang Puck and his wife Gelita

Garcelle and her family

Eve and fiance Shane Powell

Eve and Shane again :-)

Now would you look at this. Anything is possible people! This is Count and Countess Ferdinand.

Movie critic Rupert and his wife Chaz

Angela Howard and Matt Stone, originator of the South Park Series

Alice Walker with her family

Alfre Woodard and husband

Alec Wec and boyfriend

Akira and her husband. Asian's need love too.

Kerry Washington and her new man

Now check out all of these ordinary interracial couples:

Did she snag a Pilot?

That's that good ole used-to-be-your-Domestic love.

Family membership at the gym!


Here comes the bride!

Interesting II

That's that good ole used-to-be-your-slave love!

So what's up ladies? Will you date outside of your race?