Thursday, May 28, 2009

By the Way…

Just a post on things I’ve wanted to blog about but never got around to it...

Chris Brown is so arrogant. And eff the fact that he’s “young”. Young men can be humble. Especially after they stomp a b---- in the ground.

Some women (girls) will defend him til the end. Wonder if any would ride for a Gucci Mane like that.

This was so funny to ME! But what, really, are we to expect from a boi named Spectacular! lol

Slim Thug - Boss of All Bosses
I give it a B+

I do R&B, but I dooooes rap, and I’m loving Slim Thugs Latest CD. It bangs from start to finish. My favorite tracks:

Bea Authur... :-(

I was hurt when Bea Authur passed. I love Maude and I especially love Golden Girls. That's right, I Stan hard for Golden Girls.

This one is so funny.


No More Afro Puffs

I got a perm a week or so ago. I know. I know. I talked all that hot ish and went out and put some chemicals in my hair. Why? Because the other weekend I got frustrated at my husband’s company picnic. Arrived at the ranch with hair touching my collarbone and left with hair touching my ears. But I waited 5 days before slapping on a kiddie perm because I wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t regret straightening my hair. Guess what? No regrets. (Well, I regret it about 5%.)

I went natural in the first place to give my hair a break from chemicals and to actually see and feel the hair that God gave me. I'm very glad I did and one day I’ll go natural again. But for now…

Me at the Alamo for my Anniversary… in the rain… hair unaffected. It is what it is.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drake: [Insert Nothing]

Ok, maybe I'm just too "mature" to get the hype behind Drake. Maybe I've finally reached that point where I just can't get it.

When I hear Drake I hear a sober Lil Wayne. When I see Drake I see a sober, light skinned tall guy with Lil Wayne's mannerisms. I see a dab of "mental" as well?

One wonders.

Oops! Spoke too soon. I like this one:

Maybe he's just different from ALL of the rappers we're used to?

Eminem @ #1

Eminem’s return to rap, “Relpase,” debuts number 1 with 608k records sold. Billboard reports:”Collectively, his six albums have sold 34 million in the U.S., making him the biggest selling hip-hop act in the SoundScan era (1991-present).” Method Man & Redman sold 63k while Busta Rhymes debuted with 59k records sold.
To be white in America....

I listened to Relapse this weekend on my way to San Antonio. We must have skipped over 6 songs. The voice, the delivery, the content... none were very impressive.

Yeah he's on pills (zzzzz... pick up something to SNORT, SMOKE, or SHOOT UP if you want to be a dopehead) and yeah Em's mom was a total screw up, but does all of that necessitate such a whiny nasal delivery? What is going ON Eminem? He's too disturbed and sad for me to get into.

Check out his freestyle .... for his new audience.

For the record: Grand Wizard was the title given to the leader of the earliest form of the Ku Klux Klan, which formed during Southern Reconstruction. .

What Do Men Really Want?

Do women know what men want in a woman?

We know what we want in a man: power, sense of humor, job, God fearing, etc. But what do men want from women? Intelligence? Career oriented? God fearing? Good mother? Great cook? Sex machine?

I think different men require different women. The important thing is knowing what kind of woman YOU are and what kind of man fits with YOU. You might be a strong, aggressive chic who thinks she needs a strong, aggressive man when in reality you need a man who falls back and lets you shine. I’m talking about long term happiness here. I’m not even talking about just dating for fun. Personally, I think women should date all kinds of men before settling down. You might actually fit well with an Accountant when you thought you wanted an Artist.

So, what do men really want? As a standard, one-size-fits-all response, I offer the following:

1 – Supportive. Every man wants a woman who has his back.

2 – Confident. Unless he’s insecure, a man is very drawn to a confident woman. NOT A WOMAN WHO TALKS TOO MUCH AND BRAGS ABOUT HOW CONFIDENT SHE IS. IT IS ALL IN THE ACTIONS, NOT THE WORDS.

3 – Sane. A sane man wants a sane woman. Yes, some men love crazy women but there’s usually some deficit in a drama loving man. Healthily secure, sane men don’t do drama.

4 – A cook. I know, most women don’t cook now, and that’s a shame. EVERY MAN loves a woman who can cook. Even if he does the cooking in the relationship, it’s nice to know that the woman can cook.

5 – Loving. What happened to women knowing how to talk to men? And not just before or during sex. Men need that gentle care from a woman as much as she can give it. If not, they'd be with a man.

6 – A friend. So many ppl are in relationships where they aren’t friends. They don’t even realize that if they had a mate who they COULD be friends with, they’d be so much happier.

7 – Respect. This probably should have been #1. The bible says that a woman is to respect the man and the man is to love the woman. We need the love and they NEED the respect.

8 – Peace and Acceptance. No man wants you to blatantly try to change him. He wants peace and acceptance from you. This is not to say that men don't want a woman who can challenge him because they DO. The competitive nature in a male does want someone who can have a lively (yet not out of hand) debate with him. Most men would even love it if you played a game or two with them. But they don't want a battle.

I hesitate to add “career oriented” or anything job or school related because while those are pluses, they rarely beat the 8 characteristics above. In this day and age of bling bling, we sometimes forget that at the center of it all is a man who simply wants LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT, and PEACE IN THE HOME. We, women, need the security. The men just need us to be women. If we could get that part down, we’d be alright.

When you see that out of shape woman with that fine man it’s probably because she gives him something that the fine woman couldn't give him long-term. And unlike women, for the most part, men aren’t settling down with women who they have reservations about. Men "pick" the women who fit their ideal of what a woman should be. Not a competitor. Not a nag. Not a mother. Not a diva. Not a psycho b----. Not a gold digger. But a tried and true WOMAN in every sense of the word.

It goes without saying that every straight, functioning male wants sex from HIS woman. If you're his wife, the more the better.

What do you think men want? Men, what DO you want?

Check out these articles:

What Men Really Want in Modern Relationships

10 Traits Men Look for in a Girlfriend

Terrance Howard Engaged

Iron Man star Terrence Howard asked gorgeous girlfriend Zulay Henao to marry him -- and she said yes.

On location in Prague filming Red Tails, the 40-year-old father-of-three was joined by Henao in Europe, where he popped the question.

Though never officially confirmed as a couple, the star has been seen with the Colombian actress/Maxim pin-up girl at numerous events. He was previously married twice to the same woman, Lori McCommas.

Howard said that he fell in love with Henao, who helped him recover after his mother's death.

See previous blog entry for thoughts on this.


Just Do It!

In case I didn't mention it before, I thought this was hilarious! A man gets fed up with another man's suicide threat so he pushes him off the bridge after an hours long standoff. LOL LOL! I don't blame him. Story

This reminds me of a situation some years back. I was young and seeing this guy on the side. He had a girlfriend, but I didn't know about her until THIS particular day. Anyhoo.... the girl calls me up and I talk to her and tell her to pick me up for lunch so we can talk more. (I will turn a disagreement into a female bonding session if at all possible. The MAN was at fault.) On our way to lunch, we cross the Ship Chanel and she says, full of distraught at her man's cheating, "I should just jump off of here now." Then, before I realized it I said, "You want to pull over?" She was shocked of course. And needless to say, she did NOT pull over.

Nas and Kelis Reconcilliation?

According to an EXTREMELY reliable source, Nas and Kelis are talking again. The insider explained to, "Nas reached out and called Kelis. They had a very productive conversation. I wouldn't say that this means that they're back together, but I would say that this means there's still hope.
I love me some Nas, but I don’t like it when men treat their pregnant women like dirt. I really don’t care what Kelis did in her past. So what if she made a sex tape back in the day? Where, exactly, did Nas think Kelis learned all those bedroom tricks and treats that he loves???

I don’t know if I could take a man back after he talked crazy to me while I was carrying his child. That’s when you need his support the most. Don’t come around after my hormones have leveled off and my shape is back on track. Don’t come around trying to work ish out in the last month of my pregnancy…. From the moment I say “I’m pregnant”, you need to be rightthere doing your husband/baby daddy thing to the fullest. Get it together Nas.

BUT.... I'm rooting for them 150%.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Interracial Dating: Who Cares?

I was reading about Russell Simmons and his young tenderonies "beefing" online and I got to thinking about interracial dating (black man with white woman only.) When I gave it some real thought I could only conclude that I don't really care if a black man dates a white woman. I've peeped the black men who only date white women, and really, these men aren't even desired by the average black woman.

The Black man who only dates outside of his race usually has one or more of the following characteristics:

1 - Inferiority complex - seeking to build himself up by being with a race that he perceives to be better than his
2 - Corney
3 - Controlling
4 - Boring
5 - Nothing in common with the average black person
6 - Insecure
7 - An a-hole in the worst way

So as Frankie would say, at the end of the day, white women actually do black women a great service by hooking up with these guys and giving them the kind of relationships that we simply don't have any interest in giving them. When I see an interracial couple I just smile and thank her for scooping up the dead weight.

Still, it amuses me that some white women didn't get the memo that exotic race women have moved up the list of black male must-haves. White women are almost as far down the list as black women now. (I half kid. I half kid.) The day of the white woman is ova! (Say it like Martin says "the day of the Geechie is over!" @ 2:09 -- I love this clip!)

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

You can't bust any windows like that...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So She's Pregnant for Lil Wayne...?

According to all the gossip sites, Lauren London is joining the rapidly growing list of women birthing Lil Wayne's spawn. She don't give a damn what the chicken heads have to say about it either.

I was about to put on my Judgemental Hat, but guess what? Lauren's a young actress having a baby at just about the same age that I had mine. And her baby daddy is doing WAY more than mine was...

So, I'm wondering: Should we tell our daughters to wait for the right one but if they can't, to make sure they only sleep with the boys with fat pockets?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ashamed at How Much...

...I love this song! I was hesitant to even listen to a song named Birthday Sex, but Jeremiah is jammin.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swizz Beats Admits Love for AK

According to the NY Daily News
Swizz tells us that, yes, he's in love with Keys and, yes, she did give him a birthday party at that museum.

"But we're nowhere near ready for a baby or a ring," laughs Swizz, aka Kasseem Dean. "This whole song is not about Alicia. The part about her cooking breakfast for me naked — she never done that for me." Damn.

Swizz didn't want to talk about Keys till now because, he says, "What we have is so precious." He also felt it would aggravate Mashonda, who's also a singer.

He may have been right. "When he told Mashonda he was dating Alicia, I think she got jealous," says a friend of the couple.

Having filed for divorce in February, Mashonda is seeking interim support for their 2-year-old son, Kasseem Jr., arguing that Swizz has slashed his payments.

"He's been tightening the screws on her," says a friend of Moshanda. "It's becoming intolerable. Meanwhile, she's seen the charges for jewelry he's bought Alicia in France."

During the winter, the heat in Mashonda's Westchester mansion went out. "Swizz wouldn't repair her heat," says her friend. But a pal of Swizz argues, "The house is 30,000 square feet. The heat didn't work in one wing, not where Mashonda and Dean slept. Swizz had been paying all of their bills. On top of that, he was giving her $5,000 a week. His advisers felt that was too much, so now he pays her $3,500 a month, on top of the bills.

"Swizz has put settlement offers on the table, but Mashonda won't say what she needs. She just came back from Paris and London. She drives a Bentley Flying Spur and a Cadillac Escalade. I don't think life's too bad for her."

Mashonda's friend argues that she's resisted his offers "because he's been less than forthcoming about his true financial picture."

Swizz's lawyer, Dan Rottenstreich, insists, "He has taken care of her and his son above and beyond what's required."

Says Mashonda's attorney Bernard Clair: "An application is pending before the court, where the facts will be developed."
My take? Alicia's going to chew him up and spit him out when she's done playing with a man.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Young Dro and Young LA – Take Off

…did LA just say “earthES”? LOL!

I wish I could get a Young Dro song with no features, but I’ll settle for this. I love his swag, sound, everything.

Why does LA sound JUST LIKE Shawty Lo?

Jennifer Hudson on Today

Jennifer Hudson recently performed on the Today show. Check out the white dude singing his heart out around 3:14 LOL.

She's clearly pregnant and rocking as well as she can that Lane Bryant Flashdance ensemble. David's in the background looking cute and ...straight? I love them together. I'm hoping and praying David's not gay, but just a really, really nice guy.

As usual, the vocals were on point.

These are my favorite pics from her recent photo shoot. Gorgeous. more here

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Black Are You...At Work?

My job atmosphere is extremely casual and laid back. Jeans, flip flops, and bare legs are the norm. Just about everyone on the job is smart, resourceful, creative and completely individual. We enjoy champagne hour on the job 3 times a week and at any time any one of us could be working from home that day.

We have 2 Africans, 5 African Americans, 7 Middle Easterners + a lot of Caucasians and Jews. We're not politically correct and I discovered during the election that most co-workers are Republican. 'Tis life.

Once a month, the whole company gathers for "Staff Ed". We all drive to an offsite location for lunch. During lunch we get an update on the company and take quizzes for money and prizes. Nice money. Nice prizes.

Here's the problem.

A new feature of Staff Ed is "Leon Goes to the Movies". One of the black co-workers, Leon, films himself in a corner of his home "reviewing" a movie. Actually, he doesn't review the movie for about 5 minutes because he's too busy cracking jokes and mimicking our Human Resources director first. He covers his face with a large cut out of our HR lady and says stuff like, "You can't say that, Leon. That's crossing the line, Leon!" in her voice. At first it was funny. Five movie reviews deep and I'm ashamed to be black at Staff Ed. And oh yeah - he's a low talker too. So you have to be quiet and listen intensely to the flurry of sarcastic/inappropriate jokes.

NOW he's on a "just review black movies" kick. That's right. He reviewed Madea Goes to Jail last month, and yesterday he reviewed The Secret Life of Bees. I think Obsessed is next. I'm sure everyone would prefer Wolverine.

Here's my issue: If he were white, would he only review white movies? Would he review Brown Sugar? Why am I so ashamed that Leon's reviewing only black movies? Do I have some deep seated inferiority complex because I'm .... black?

How would you feel if this were your co-worker and you had to sit through 15 uncomfortable minutes of "Leon Goes to TVOne"? Are you black and proud at work - displaying posters of Obama and Nelson Mandela?

Successful Marriage Tips

My 1 year anniversary is coming up (next Friday). My how time flies when you're having fun. :-) Whoever said marriage wasn't fulfilling and one of the most rewarding experiences in life, lied -- or married the wrong person.

I've learned a few things about myself, learned a few things about him, and learned a few things about having a happy marriage. So far, this is what I know about the latter:

1. Married people who are unhappy from the JUMP married the wrong person. They ignored the warning signs and foolishly hoped that things would get better once they tied the knot. You have to be vigilant about your spousal selection before you get married because marriage means living, eating, and breathing with another human being under CONTRACT. If you don't genuinely like and appreciate your spouse, it's going to be hard to be happy with them.

2. Marry who you can chill with. If you can't unwind with a person and don't enjoy their very presence, marriage will be a chore.

3. In a 2 income home, both parties should do what they are skilled in and there are no set "roles" in a 2009 marriage. If you can cook, cook. If you like cleaning, clean. If you can manage money well, manage it. If you don't mind doing something that your spouse hates to do, do it for him or her! With the right person by your side, marriage can actually make your life easier.

4. Always talk respectfully to each other. Disagree with respect. Argue with respect. Fuss and fight like a crazy person with the people outside of your home, if you must.

5. Sex keeps the intimacy alive and well. It doesn't have to be an all night marathon, either, to be extremely fulfilling. Loving sex on a regular basis keeps the blood pressure down and keeps a woman and a man at a calm level. Sex with the one who God merged you with is the BEST, guilt free sex that you can experience. Cherish that in-house ...

6. Two incomes is the bomb!

7. Marry someone with morals, goals, and a religious belief that is comparable with yours.

8. Opposites attract but the things you have in common make you stick together and bond.

9. Family members do not need to live with you, especially not in the early years of your marriage. The only exception should be an elderly parent or grandparent who will stay in their room and not get in your way.

10. Marry someone who balances you out. You can't be so alike that nothing gets done, or that both of you want to be the boss, or that neither of you is in touch with reality. Marriage is a merging of two who become one. You have to bring something different and missing from that other person's life to the table and vice versa. You'll both grow tremendously.

11. Maintain your friendships. Sure, we can get caught up as newlyweds, but at some point you have to come out of the cocoon and go out with your girls or with the fellas. There's nothing like coming home after happy hour (go to club all night for what??) and telling your spouse about your evening. Having your own life only adds to the life you share.

12. Your mate should be your haven. Home should be a place of refuge, acceptance, and encouragement. If everyone else is against you, your mate has to be for you. If you're dating someone who doesn't have your BACK and won't go to bat for you, the love isn't strong enough to make you happy in the long run.

13. Marriage should be for life. Do everything in your power to choose someone who you can ebb and flow with. It's crucial that personalities "fit" when you are married. Clashing personalities = a clashing home. Who wants to willingly enter into a life of chaos?

14. Keep your business to yourself unless abuse is in the relationship or unless you plan to leave.

15. If the love is strong before the marriage, it will only deepen to levels that you never knew you were capable of during the marriage.

16. Pride doesn't exist in marriage. Or at least it shouldn't. Don't be afraid to lay it all out on the line with the person you've married -- and fully expect the same thing in return. Have those uncomfortable conversations at the beginning of the marriage to get ish straight from Day ONE. Give in to reasonable requests when you can. Don't ever let pride get in the way of an easy compromise. Picking your battles and compromising are the keys to a happy home.

17. Keep your appearance up. Some married folks settle in and gain weight or they just generally get careless with their appearance. They think, "I got him now" or "She love my dirty drawers." Yeah, all that's well and good but everyone appreciates a good smelling and aesthetically appealing person by their side. You don't want to catch yourself lusting after the some stranger who gives a damn about his/her appearance. So, look good in the house as often as you can because there WILL be days when you can't help but look like a troll. Shore up enough good looking memories where the ratty clothes days won't matter.

18. Marriage requires communication, honesty, transparency, respect, affection, understanding, patience, accountability, and the mindset of "giving your all". You will definitely get it all back in return.

19. Spend quality time together, alone, just laughing talking and catching up with each other. If at all possible, make this a ritual EVERY single day.

Do you have a #20???

Alicia Keys and Her Boo, Swizz Beats

I'll admit that I've been on Twitter lately, and it's been BUZZIN about Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys. Now, Necole Bitchie has pics of Swizz on vacation with Alicia and some family members. Home wrecker or not, Ms. Keys looks haaaappy and somehow, someway, she done made Swizz Beats half way handsome! I'm still waiting on Jay to get that glow.

Swizz looking like "The world looks so brand new to me. Now that I found loooooove."

Did Alicia steal Swizz Beats from Mashonda? Who knows and I know Alicia aint about to spill the beans. As long as the two of them keep that look of love (is Swizz whipped or what??) and as long as Alicia keeps ignoring the rumors and stays on her "love the world" kick, I think they'll be fine.

(So, does this mean Alicia's not gay???)

Surprise Ending

No, the sexy thang above didn't just win a cherry eating contest. She got drove by a slim blonde rebel who was READY. (It gets real good in the middle. I remember when people used to break up girl fights. Now they just fight until they can’t go any more. Thank God for the new days – and messy men with cameras!)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"They Real! They Real!"

Officer Ross says we need to hold the hell up! - his shades are real LVs. Screw what the Louis Vuitton rep had to say about it.
Florida rap star Rick Ross is hitting back at reports that the Louis Vuitton’s claims that the sunglasses he wore on the cover were fake by producing the designer.

According to Ross, the sunglasses worn on the cover of the May 2009 issue of XXL Magazine were customized with solid gold accents by Jacob Bernstein, AKA “The Sunglasses Pimp.”

"It’s the same thing as buying a Rolls Royce and having it tricked out; just because the product has been customized by me doesn’t take away from the fact that the frames are authentic Louis Vuitton Millionaires," Bernstein told more here

Slow n*ggas and microphones...

So basically, we're supposed to believe that The Sunglass Pimp stripped away everything with LV on it, and the only thing left that was "truly" LV were the frames...? JUST the frames? I guess I'll just have someone remove the Gucci stitching from my purse and stitch their own Gucci ish on it. .........Boss.

Tyrese - Take Me Away

Tyrese - Take Me Away

I suppose it'll grow on me, but auto tune, Tyrese? Well, I'm just glad it's not Black Ty.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's Really Real, Rick?!?!

The XXL Editors received this letter from Louis Vuitton concerning the May 2009 cover of Rick Ross.

Dear Editor:

We were dismayed to see the cover of the May 2009 issue of XXL Magazine, which features a photo of Rick Ross wearing a pair of sunglasses prominently featuring counterfeit Louis Vuitton trademarks. Because the photo has generated considerable confusion among your readers and Louis Vuitton customers among others, we feel it is important to clarify several points.

The first is that the sunglasses Mr. Ross is wearing were not made by Louis Vuitton, and in fact, are counterfeit. Louis Vuitton did not grant permission to Mr. Ross or to whoever did make the sunglasses to use our trademarks. The second is that no affiliation, sponsorship or association exists between Rick Ross or XXL and Louis Vuitton. The third is that counterfeiting is illegal.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct the confusion.


Michael D. Pantalony, Esq.
Louis Vuitton Malletier

The Biggest Faux is at it again. I guess he'll respond that the shades are real; then he'll say they're not real; the he'll ask us what the big deal is. At the rate he's going, I'm wondering if dude is actually wearing a fat suit...?

Obama 'Wassups' Michael Steele

"Wassup?!" LOL LOL!

More here

Sunday, May 10, 2009

White Trash Wedding?

No, I’m not being offensive with the title: Heidi Klum and her slave husband Seal actually had a “White Trash” themed wedding renewal. I guess they’ll have a “Hood Rat” renewal next year?

Dang. Just how much does it take for a white woman to throw up?

More pictures here for the brave.

Ciara on SNL


She's really really trying and for that I give her a feeble, "go girl".

Friday, May 8, 2009

Exclusive! R i h a n n a: NUDE!

Really, check the pics out here. Or here. And daaaaamn she has a fantastic body!

Thanks to Crys for the scoop!

(I guess Cassie lost again.)

Do you think Chris leaked them???

When Snakes and Drapes Attack

It's like Ciara just woke up and said, "Make me look as unappealing as possible."

No Ma'am. Try again. Or not.

If Ciara wants to get some attention, she might try 1) releasing her hair from that drawstring ponytail and 2) convincing 50 Cent to make an outside appearance with her. That would guarantee some fresh attention...for both of them. But since Super C insists on hitting the scene solo, I'm led to believe that she's single. As bad as she wants some of Rihanna and Beyonce's shine (yes, I said it and I mean it 150%), I know she'd pull 50 out of his hiding spot to stand up under her for the paparazzi.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah

It was hard watching a physically and emotionally unhealed Elizabeth Edwards stuttering her way through the difficult questions about John Edwards' affair and possible love child as a result thereof. At once I was angry at Mrs. Edwards' denial, saddened at her battle (with John and cancer), and perplexed at why she agreed to share it all on Oprah. For book sales? Or to get a message to Rielle Hunter that she's irrelevant? Not hardly. Rielle's just demanded that John take a DNA test and chances are pretty high that the baby he was holding outside that hotel room is his.

I cringed when Mrs. Edward's explained the baby holding pic by saying that politicians are known for holding babies. At secret meeting spots with their baby mamas?

Liz was very frank in the interview, with the only stipulation being not to mention John's mistress by name. When Oprah inquired why, Elizabeth responded:
"You know, somebody wants to stand in the light, you know, that shines on John, that's one thing," she said. "If they somehow, you know, work at destroying my family and my home in order to get into that light, I'm really not interested in them being in the light too much. It's not about this woman. It's about this family."
When asked about her kids' response to the affair she said, "maybe the cancer's a bigger thing in their lives than this woman's passing through." I'm sure this is true for the children, and I can't help but wonder why the cancer doesn't totally trump the affair for Elizabeth as well.

She brought up a good point, however, when she said that women need to stick together. Although Elizabeth unfairly put very little blame at her guilty husband's feet, she's right. If women banned together and stopped dating involved men, men would be forced to be faithful; they'd probably want to be faithful to their own strong, morally upright, woman.

To put it a little more bluntly: Don't worry about what the men are doing; just worry about what YOU are doing. If everyone does what they're supposed to do, everything will balance out and get back on track.

Video of Rielle:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Keyshia Cole ft. Monica: Trust

While Neffe was busy keeping a roof over Soullow’s head, Keyshia Cole was shooting this gorgeous video featuring Monica. Monica, girl, you better give us a new (good) CD!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Eminem - 3 AM

The beat is sick and Em does what he does. Some fans are complaining that Eminem's doing "that white boy ish", but uhm, it's either sound like this or like Paul Wall. Even Tina Marie doesn't sound black, bless her heart.

I don't have a problem with the song; it's totally Eminem, and either you like him or you don't. Or like me, you're pretty indifferent and won't hear the song again until it comes on the radio and only then, after hearing it over and over, will you know if you like it or if it gets on your nerves.

Verdict's still out.