Sunday, August 31, 2008

Halle Berry Introduces Daughter -- and RING

If I knew I could have one of these, I'd try tomorrow. Hands down, baby Nahla gets the Cutest Baby Award!

More pics at BrownSista.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama: the Ali of Politics

WOW. Click here to read speech.

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. For a minute I was worried that Obama was too smart for his own good. I was concerned that, somehow, his strategic mind might not be able to strategize beyond his clever delegate numbers game. But then, I thought, prayed, and logically concluded that a man who's smart enough to get this far, this soon, this grand, knows how to win an election.

Obama did not disappoint! Now we'll see how the astute, socially conscious, upstanding, educated big, BLACK boys play the game to win.

A quick, hard fight is the only way that a Black man can beat a white man in a presidential election. Too much McCain bashing, too soon, would have only hurt Obama in the end. Knowing white people as he does, he knew that he had to come in articulate, friendly, and under the radar as much as possible. If that's not tricky enough, he also had to make ignut black folks understand that he's "for us" — while also making white folks think he's not. Difficult balancing act indeed.

Obama's judgement is definitely on point. If you want to make the most impact in a presidential election, what better way to do it than to hold your big guns until the masses get to know you better and on the anniversary of MLK's "I Have Dream" speech...? What better time to make your mark in American history and hearts? What better time to show everyone how strong you really are?

Obama came out tonight like Ali. He'd held back his blows for months, and then in a flurry, he clearly showed us that he knows what the fk he's doing. Timing is everything.

I wasn't around to hear Martin speak, but I did get to hear Michelle's Boo make magic with these words:

What the nay-sayers don't understand is that this election has never been about me. It's been about you.

That, right there, was real talk whether it was real for him or not. For all of us Obamaholics who think he "walks on water" (?), the passion for Obama really has been about what he represents as opposed to what McCain represents. As cheesy as it sounds, we've really been riled up because of the hope and change that Obama symbolizes. Sure he's sexy as hell, but we aren't really "idolizing" him because of the cool. The cool is a factor, but the real aphrodesiac is his ability to make others want to change for the better. And we are loving the strategic way he's winning this campaign. Whew!

This has been on my mind so I'm going to get it out. If you think Obama isn't "really black" or that his bi-racial status negates any of his blackness, you're wrong. The facts are that he has two black daughters and a black wife and his daddy was an African tribesman. In my estimation, 1 African Daddy equals 4 regular black daddies. So really, Barack is 80% Black and 20% white. LOL

Obama 08.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I Blame Kwame Kilpatrick

On the bright side, at least we know they weren’t kick-dooring or making any more babies to corrupt while filming this, uhm, video.

On the dark side, T-Baby and friends are tired as hell. I lost all hope in whatever I had hope in after I saw this ish.

"Its Cold in the D" by T-Baby

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hood Princess Chronicles Continued...

Over 50 native women of Turks and Caicos recently gathered to announce their disapproval of LisaRaye’s remarks against the Premiere.

You can tell when niggas are running the town.

Thank God for the Turks and Caicos Islands. I haven't seen this level of airing of ghetto laundry since Kwame Kilpatrick took oath. And I don’t care what the people say, I'm holding out for a fight from Lisa Raye. She might not be able to knock down this tribe of mammies from the T&C, but she can bite the hell out of Rosci if given the chance.

“On behalf of all women of the Turks and Caicos Islands we find the comments and actions of LisaRaye McCoy disrespectful, uncalled for, and most of all unacceptable to us. Our Premiere introduced her to us as his wife the same as other leaders have done. We embraced her with the same love, affection, and respect as we did others in the past, despite her unwillingness to come down to earth and integrate into our society and give herself the opportunity to experience and learn our culture and joys.”

How are you going to condemn a b*tch for not being "down to earth"???

Of her rejecting numerous offers to represent various charitable organizations in the Turks and Caicos island and her inability to adopt to the Turks and Caicos lifestyle the natives say:

“It is in itself offensive b/c she pretended and we believed that this was one of her rules as the wife of our Premiere. It is a fact that she has visited a few of our schools at one time or another…. It is also a fact that the ad campaigns and appearances that she has made to promote our country, our tourism dept has contracted her to do so.”

“Today we speak as one voice in support of our Premiere in his personal decision to terminate his marriage and to keep his affairs private. On the other hand, LisaRaye continues to use the media to exploit a private matter for personal gratification and compensation. She will fail.”

I smell a root.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kelly Rowland Loses Again

...because Michelle Williams is bringing it!

Michelle fully won me over with this performance. Sing it girl!

And she’s pretty cool too. She's not dancing on stage with crackheads, Solange, but she's SANGING and that's all I ask that singers do.

Hood Princess

Thank you Gossip God for giving LisaRaye all that crazy sexy cool! She is bringing the drama baby, and I don’t think she’s going to stop anytime soon. Praises.

I fuks with LisaRaye. Always have. Since she first touched the pole, I saw her as the ultimate example of a woman working with what she had. Not only using her looks to get ahead – but more so how she maximized her natural born drive and determination to became a celebrity and, for a moment, Princess of Turks and Caicos Island.

For what it’s worth, LisaRaye and Vanessa Williams (the Penthouse one) both represent beautiful examples of women with determination who have jumped over obstacles to get ahead and stay ahead. I like women who do them no matter what people say or think.

All of this means one thing: I thought LisaRaye would never be caught dead busting in a meeting and biting her husband and another random nigga. In my mind, LisaRaye was the prettier, richer, finer, more well known, less talented, version of I thought she was strong and I’m shocked that she’s not handling her business a little better. I’m amused, oh yes I am damn amused, but I’m also looking at her with one eyebrow raised.

Is my idol showing weakness — like my husband’s idol, Trae the Truth recently showed???

Unless I’m missing some KEY information about the Lisa/Micheal/Rosci scenario this is what has happened:

1. Michael was accused of raping a Puerto Rican woman.

2. Michael had a party at the home he shares with LisaRaye. Rosci spent the night and hosted the party like she was the lady of the house. Oh for real, Rosci -- you ready to go against grown ass LisaRaye?

3. Reports surface tha LisaRaye doesn’t plan on leaving her cheating, raping, newly slim husband.

4. Michael puts out a press release that the marriage is over and done. Word is that Rosci sent the press relese to Gully jumpoff aint she?

5. LisaRaye busts in a meeting, screams, "Does Lisa have to bite a b*tch?!?" and bites Michael. Then she bites the dude helping Michael.

6. She goes to jail for a minute – or not??

7. The guys go to the hospital to check the bite wounds (WTF?). They’ll live.

8. LisaRaye releases a British sounding press release saying, basically, that she shall this and that. Ultimately, she wanted to be there to support her man, but he wanted divorce. Why is she putting herself out there like that??? Is there a method to the scorned woman madness??

8. This video of Lisa Raye discussing the whole thing screams either “stressed” or “I’m on my way to kick Rosci’s ass”. I don’t know, but something about LisaRaye in this clip reminds me of Diamond’s mindset right before Ebony walked out that bathroom.

Rosci better hope she never runs into LisaRaye -- or Da Brat.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Fonzworth Conspiracy

Forzworth Bentley must be doing something right -- behind closed doors -- because I haven’t been impressed with anything he's done on-screen. Puff’s umbrella man? nope; Rapper? nope; Host/any thing that requires him to speak? hell no.

This man has zero talent, and you can't convince me that he's supposed to be doing anything other than make-up and hair. I see that he has no talent; you see he has no talent, so what are all these Hollywood niggas seeing ? What kind of dik in the booty (RIP Pimp) blackmail does he have over Kanye, Puffy, and Andre3000?

I think that he’s either blackmailing them or they're all in on it together, willingly. Kanye is once again trying to turn hip hop into a gay-friendly genre. No sir. We prefer our Baby’s and Weezy’s to kiss and NOT tell.

Back to my conspiracy theory. I present a piece of evidence to you. This is from Fonzworth’s myspace page. Notice the rainbow colors? This is a the gay calling card of America.

Then check this out… this is the second part of the Colours artwork on his page:

Oh really?

Now peep the video staring Bently, Kanye and Andre3000. Try not to fall asleep before Andre starts rapping. Sorry, Fonzworth, we just aren't ready for an obviously gay black male to make it big. (Too bad Fonzworth can't slip through the cracks by making us laugh like Katt Williams or Eddie Murphy.)

Simple Math



WHAT IN THE HELL is wrong with Gucci Mane? Exactly how much crack did his mama have to smoke to wind up with some ish like THIS?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

SOLANGE - The Verdict

She's aiiite, but she aint no Beyonce.

Why do you have to compare her to Beyonce?????

Because she sounds like Beyonce would sound if Bey couldn't sing. For all the people who believe that Bey can't really sing, I implore you to take a listen to her little sister. THIS is how Beyonce would sound if she really couldn't sing:

Yes, the lyrics are great, but Solange, you're tongue tied. WTF? No ma'am to you and any other tongue tied singer who aint named Fantasia.

I like Solange's attitude, clothes, free spirit, and general vibe (if she's showing us the real her). I think I'd prefer to see her just talking crazy and doing whatever it is that she was doing before Matthew forced her to get out there and work. Write a song, have a drink, smoke some la la — just please stop singing. Shit.