Saturday, July 26, 2008

“Freeway” Ricky Ross speaks on Rick Ross II

Now that the rapper, real name William Roberts, has been confirmed to have worked as a correction officer, the original Ricky Ross tells that he attempted to steer his rap counterpart away from public embarrassment.

“After seeing all the stuff that has been going on with the Correctional Officer (William Roberts) that stole my name, [it] makes me think back to a year and a half ago when we spoke,” Ross explained to “I tried to talk to him like a big brother and let him know to be you, and that he couldn’t be me. And that if he wanted to rap the lifestyle that he couldn’t frame it based on my life.”

There’s nothing wrong with being a correctional officer, but there’s a lot wrong with stealing a man’s name, beard, occupation, and life story. There's something doubly wrong with thinking that millions of people have never heard of the internet. I guess Rick Loss thought his fans were as dumb as he is.

To be fair, Ricky gave us plenty of signs that he was a busta. His shout outs to other rappers in interviews and the general corny way he came across had long ago set off my fake thug radar. I hope Officer Williams saved, invested, and prayed over the money he made.

Yes, his career is over. Young Buck can come back from a state of confusion, but Rick Loss might as well shave his beard, remove the shades – nigga not even high – and try out for the role of Biggie in a movie. Let's see what kind of hustler William Roberts really is.