Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This and That

Random thoughts/opinions...

Beyonce says she lost 60 pounds. Really? Why lie, Puddin' Pie???

Women don't want to hear what Tracy McMillan has to say, but the thrice divorced woman is keeping it real. Pay attention. The truth isn't always wrapped in a pretty bow.

I hate the Basketball Wives franchise. They aren't wives, first of all. And second of all, who wants to watch grown women throwing drinks at each other, talking about NOTHING, and meeting at restaurants 24x7? Such a stupid and unnecessary show. I am embarrassed for people who watch it. A better alternative is Mary Mary's reality show. There's enough drama when you are a large family, with real issues, real jobs, and real talent. Check it out sometimes.

I was so disappointed to see Joshua Ledet leave American Idol, but he'll have a nice career. I love this man and I want to meet him so bad!!  He's my first and only gay crush. (Didn't he jam the phone book on the Final Results show??? LOL)

I love you Joshua!!!

Speaking of Joshua, the self-proclaimed "Mantasia"... what in the hell is Fantasia's problem? Now, the girl can sing her butt off when she's not screaming, but was all of this necessary? Fantasia stay pissing me off for a multitude of reasons.

Recently, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Jada's mom, Adrienne, sat down at the "Red Table" to talk about...themselves.  That's cool; it's always interesting to hear Jada speak. The most shocking point, however, was that Jada's mom was a drug addict for many years. That surprised me because I just assumed that Jada got her super strength from her mother. Quite the contrary. Her mother seemed like a weak, albeit very nice, lady. I suppose that Jada got her strength DESPITE her mom's weakness.

I'm not a huge Jada fan because I met her many years ago when I was an extra on Jason's Lyric and she was cold as the coldest ice. Mean and cold. Of course, she was young then, and she's probably grown and changed. Or not. Deep down, I just feel like there are elements of fakeness and I'm convinced that her intent for this Mother's Day discussion wasn't just to help women grow or to speak candidly with her mother and daughter (you don't need a camera for that). Perhaps she primarily wanted to influence the public's perception of her as a mother/wife.

I get the impression that  Willow really just wants to please her mom. She wants to sound mature and she wants the admiration and love of her mother; Jada probably loves her baby to the nth degree, but still...something rings insincere about Jada.