Friday, February 27, 2009

One Big Happy Family

Do you get along with your ex? Does your ex get along with the person you are with now? Do you get along with the person your ex is with?

Well, 'round here we all get along and party like one big family. It's so wild. LOL My ex and his new, pregnant wife just stopped by for a drink (she didn't drink) after attending the rodeo cookoff. I don't mind chilling with them sometimes, but that ex of mine can take it too far with the friendly. Case in point: Tonight he recruited my husband to some "old man's" basketball league. Bear says they'll kick him off the team because although he's 38 in years, he's 21 on the court. He honestly thinks the only person who might be able to dunk on him is LeBron James. (I think he's right.:-))

You know, it wasn't always like this. I can remember when my ex and I broke up and he bitched out like he was the baby mama. Everywhere I turned, there he was. On a date? He was at the next table. At a concert? He was 3 seats down. Getting in late from the club? He'd pull into my driveway before I did. Then, after a year or so of me continuing to live my life and doing MY thing, he backed off and we became family. I've went out with all of his wives (this is his third), and my son thrives in such a relaxed and secure environment. A child can't have enough love.

Do I always get my child support on time? HELL NO. But, my son is old enough to get money from his dad and his rich wife at any time and I refuse to sweat the small stuff. We good. (And I'll definitely get my back pay eventually.)

And, no I don't have any problems from my husband's ex wife either. If she lived in Houston, I'm sure we'd be kicking it from time to time too -- that is, if my husband could tolerate her. LOL

What is your extended family situation like? Demi and Bruce? Kimora and Russell? Or do you let grown people b.s. stop you from getting along?

Anthony Hamilton - Cool

I'm feeling this.

Reunited...? says that Rihanna and Chris Brown are holed up in one of Diddy's cribs in Miami and TMZ has "confirmed" they are back together.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

The pair have reunited almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered the "Umbrella" singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE. "They're together again. They care for each other," says the source. The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean "Diddy" Combs's homes, on Miami Beach's Star Island. Adds the source: "While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves."In its latest issue, PEOPLE reports that Brown called Rihanna on her 21st birthday one week ago. "He called to wish her happy birthday," a source told the magazine. "They've reached out to each other. It's been mutual."

Brown was booked by LAPD for making criminal threats but
the case has not yet been presented to the District Attorney, who will ultimately determine which charges, if any, will be prosecuted.
You know what? I aint got time for this ish. If she like it, I love it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amber Rose and Kanye...Hope It Lasts!

I don't think I've spoken on this whole Amber Rose + Kanye thing, so let me say it now: I love it! That Amber Rose is one baaaaaaaaaaad, beautiful chic. She just might be the one to persuade Kanye to ditch that mulletfro, too.

...and after reading Necole Bitchie, I realized this:

From "Stronger"
I'm trippin', I'm caught up in the moment right?
'Cause it's Louis Vuitton Don night
So we goin' do everything that Kan like
Heard they'd do anything for a Klondike
Well I'd do anything for a blond Dyke
And she'll do anything for the limelight

And we'll do anything when the time's right
Uh, baby you're makin' it
Harder, better, faster, stronger) oh

If you're going to entertain us, this is the way to do it -- beautiful, free people making good music and giving us wild and crazy visuals. Amber looks like a lot of fun.

I love that she had a girlfriend and chunked old girl the DEUCE when a man with some money and balls came along. lol Hey, it is what it is. DO YOU, Amber!

UPDATE: SandraRose just bought this to my attention: Amber's ex-girlfriend is Tiffany from the DVD The Agressives. I saw the documentary and all I thought about Tiffany was "That girl is mad crazy nasty."

From The Aggressives:
"I'm not a lesbian if I date transgender women and have straight sex with them." Tiffany dates transvestites. She delights in the irony of her unique blurring of labels. We see her as she "vogues", gossips, sells drugs, and cruises drag queens.
I guess Amber Rose likes 'em deranged and in pain.

But I KNOW she aint no drag queen...

What if....??? (bites nails, wonders how I could miss it if she's a man????)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rap Beef 2009?

What kind of rap beef is this?! I’m supposed to be clicking on a song.

More 50 Cent antics HERE.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Remember that sunshiny song by Bobby McFerrin a looong time ago? I didn't really like it then because it was so nice and chipper, lol, but it's fitting for today's post.

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry, Be Happy
by blade2409

Why Worry?

By nature, I'm a worrier, but whenever I start worrying I pause and say, "Wait a minute," (probably out loud), "God doesn't want me to worry! Am I doing the right thing? For the right reasons? Well, then I can just let life do its thing and trust that the results will be just right in the end." I have to confess that the results always end up going the perfect way they should go.

I don't worry about money...for long.
I don't worry about my job...for long.
I don't worry about my health...for long.
I don't worry about what people may say or think of me...for long.
I don't worry about my or my family's future...for long.
I don't worry about my marriage...for long.
I don't worry about my parents...for long.
I don't worry about ANYTHING...past the moment that I reflect on these verses:

Matthew 6:27-29
Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don't work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are. (NLT)

Proverbs 12:25
Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up. (NLT)

Matthew 6:30
And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith? (NLT)

Philippians 4:6-7
Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. (NLT)
***Worry replaced by Prayer equals TRUST***

Matthew 6:25
That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life-whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn't life more than food, and your body more than clothing? (NLT)

Matthew 6:31-33
So don't worry about these things, saying, 'What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?' These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. (NLT)

1 Peter 5:7
Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

Real talk.

Something amazing happens when I stop worrying about a thing. When I just do the right thing and freely give the issue to God, knowing that He always has my very best interests at heart -- without fail that issue works itself out, or I instantly see how it is going to work out. I'm telling y'all - faith and belief are powerful things.

Really, don't worry! There's so much else you could be doing with that time and brain power.

Racism in America, Cartoon Style

What more, really, is there to say? This is so on point that it's baffling in its simplicity.

Spotted at RealTalk NY

And while I'm on the subject of cartoons:

Hell yeah, this is racist cartoon. Sure, we know that Obama didn't write the bill and the argument could be made that a bunch of idiots created the Stimulus Bill that Obama signed. If that's the case, why is there only ONE monkey being shot in the cartoon? Why not different sized monkeys representing everyone who wrote the bill?

But even with the obvious racial undertones of the picture, I'm not mad. It's just a cartoon and I'd much rather WE get in an uproar about raggedy school buildings that lack adequate supplies and funding, black on black violence, and issues that relate specifically to and hold Black people down. Eff a cartoon. Go protest police brutality, how blacks are represented on television, Darfur, or anything that will really make a difference. A cartoon protest is an unnecessary waste of valuable activist time.

Click here to read John Legend's editor to the NY Post regarding the cartoon.

Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite

I'm in love with this song!

Listen/download whole mixed CD here.

This and That

Paula Dean Loses Her Pants. The even more horrible part is that I think she let 'em drop on purpose. She sure flashed everybody at first. Disturbing on all levels.

Beyonce, Hugh Jackman, etc. Perform at the 81st Academy Awards. Not really my style, but I did like how Beyonce boldly looked in the camera and sang, "At Laaast" like Whatever Etta lol

Xzibit Retracts Statement That Outed Diddy

I read Superhead's book and I clearly remember reading about Puff leading her and Xzibit to what appeared to be a gay club. I found this info quite believable, and Xzibit recently backed up her account of what happened that night on Jamie Foxx's radio show. Now X is saying some other gibberish that really doesn't make much sense. Poor Xzibit; Puffy must have threatened "no more Punk My Rides". (Does that show still come on?)

From Xzibit's blog:

Wow, so I wake up this morning and my phone is going nuts. I turn on the computer and find all this shit about me “throwing puffy under the gay bus” whatever that means. All this SPIN that you journalist are putting on the statements I made on a radio show to DIRECTLY effect a guy in a manor not intended is wrong. I got a call yesterday (which caught me off guard) from Diddy himself stating the club was an after hours spot called “space” I believe. The rumor mill that has ground this bullshit out to be the shit storm that it is, is doing so on its own accord. Like I said at the top, I have no beef with Diddy. BUT WAIT… a bigger problem I see is the negative stance these hip hop sites and blog sites are taking when speaking of gay people in general. All I can say to that is: PEOPLE GROW UP! I do NOT like to spread hate and make it a point not to do so, so this is not the way I intended this interview to unfold. You heard it directly from me ladies and gents, Im looking forward to the issues at hand that really mean something to both my fans and Diddys as well: ART & MUSIC.

Whatever. Dude had you in a club with man on man action. You didn't like it and you got out of there. Nothing wrong with that.

Did the First Lady cut her hair? Are we sure it's not just pinned up in the back?

The Obamas hosted their first formal dinner at the White House this past Saturday. More pictures here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blessed Sleep

I'm a person who normally goes to bed around 2 am and wakes up at 6 am -- and that's on a good night. I don't suffer from insomnia (give me a pillow anytime, anywhere and I am asleep); I suffer from don't want to miss a thing in life. Like Puffy always says, "You can sleep when you're 6 feet under".

Enter: the ROOT CANAL.

I had a root canal on Thursday and I've been in pain every since. (Sweet Lord, deliver me.) Vicoden, Tylenol 3, Motrin, Advil, and antibiotics have been my best friends. But the only thing I really really want is a good 8 -12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. After I am all healed, I promise myself that I'm going to start going to bed at a decent time like everyone else in my household!

I'm getting better and I'll be back when all is well. But for now...

The Benefits of Sleep

How Sleep Helps the Memory and Learning Process

Importance of Sleep

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rihanna's Domestic Violence Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words, but you won't see Rihanna's beaten face on my site. I can't look at that everytime I come to my page. So sad.

Click HERE to see Rihanna's face after Chris got his IN. [insert veeeery angry face]

Now what? What is the defense for THIS?

Brandy Sings National Anthem

@ the Pistons v Grizzlies NBA game on Marin Luther King day:

A little shaky, but overall she did a good job and looks great. I like Brandy (despite the fake marriage and all that). I hope she gets another television show.

Throwback Brandy...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Agree 100%...

...with B. Scott!

"A snap/reflex is a single hit." Right. I agree with every word in this video. I'm no Rihanna Stan by a looong shot, but the support for Chris Brown is mind boggling.

Before the beatdown, I was a strong fan of Chris Brown. I will still support him eventually, but a discussion has to be had and wrongs have to be righted! You know, to be honest, if Chris Brown put out some music that I liked I'd listen to it. I'd still support him in that sense, but I do not CONDONE the alleged beatdown he gave Rihanna. I'm angry that the actions of a man, separate and apart from his career, are being swept under the rug by so many women. I can't support R. Kelly because he's a pedophile, but if Chris Brown owned up to this, for good or bad, I'd be able to separate the man from the music. I think.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working Hard For the Money

For now, I live in some regular apartments. Not gunshot. Not exclusive. Just regular. My apartments are pretty quiet and orderly, but to be sure somebody’s selling crack on the premises. Until recently we had a guard for a few hours per night. He walked the grounds and kept the rift raft out of the parking lots. Sometimes he checked IDs when people didn’t know the gate code, but most times he didn’t; he just opened it.

Our new apartment manager, Babs, is a regular hard working chic from New Orleans who moved here a year before Katrina hit. But no one would think she didn’t arrive in a runaway bus with the Katrinians. Anyway, she’s been working for the complex around 3 years and the owners finally upped her title to that of Manager. She’s taking it seriously, too. Very seriously.

Her first order of business? Hiring 4 Bout It Bout It type security guards. All handsome and fit. (Go Babs). Now, imagine the guards checking IDs of everyone who enters the complex. In the rain. Without a guard shack. It goes something like this: Guard jumps out of his truck, fumbles with umbrella, asks for ID, driver looks at him like he’s crazy, he pleads “This is my job, man”, gets the driver’s license, writes some ish down on a crumpled pad, and sprints back into his truck…until the next car pulls up.

I have a tenant sticker on my car, but the security even checks THAT through and through.

Seems to me that if you don’t provide your guards with shelter and a television, they aren’t supposed to be doing gate guard detail.

Then, once I was a day late paying my rent and Babs had a letter tacked on my door erroneously addressed to “Abdul Penyar” with a totally wrong Amount Due. If course this was on her new pink, flowery, letterhead – with 3 misspellings.

Do you know anyone who takes his/her job too seriously? Are they doing a good job?

Nipple Flash

Why don't nobody care about Solange flashing that nipple? LOL
Yeah girl, it slipped out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Few Questions for Chris Brown Supporters


The Lovely B. Scott can say it better than I can:

I had a great weekend; not sure I can say the same for Chris Brown and Rihanna.

As we all know, Chris Brown released this statement:

Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a better person.

Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong. While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else. Those posts or writings under my name are frauds.

Even after that statement black women are still saying, "I'm waiting on the facts to come out before I pass judgment." or "She must have done something to provoke him." Huh?

Girl, the facts are out. Rihanna been in hiding; Chris Brown's family has spoken out and no one is saying this is untrue -- they're saying he's a "good boy" and that one mistake shouldn't turn his fans away; Rihanna's family has admitted to bruising and that they apparently didn't really know Chris Brown; Rihanna is "well"; Chris Brown has all but admitted guilt in his official statement.


I wonder what the Chris Brown supporters would say if they actually saw footage of him slamming his fists into Rihanna's face over and over. Because THAT is exactly what happened, allegedly. A 6 ft. 2 in. man got angry and made repeated face-to-fist connections with his Boo. Y'all down with that? Really?

It sounds like you are down for it because you aren't saying, "Chris Brown didn't do that." You're saying, "She must have provoked him."

If a female is bad enough to hit a male, she's bad enough to get a beat down from a male.

Oh ok. Let's apply that same logic to your daughter or your cousin or your niece. It might sound nice and "equal" coming out of your mouth when referring to Rihanna, but what about that niece who has the smart mouth? You want her 19 year old boyfriend to beat her up and leave her unconscious in the streets?

My niece wouldn't be in that situation.

You don't know what your niece is doing when she's with the boy you don't even know she's having sex with. So whatever.

I so wish ladies would stop tripping. ~sigh~ Why are you identifying with the abuser and blaming the victim? So what if she screamed and put her finger in his face, all I want to know is DID SHE BALL UP HER GROWN MAN FIST AND KNOCK THE ISH OUT OF HIM? If she didn't do that, then this isn't a FAIR FIGHT. That's like an unarmed woman in a wheelchair hitting me and I snap and push her down a hill. I mean damn -- what can she really do???

Why do black women identify with and support black men more than they identify with and support black women?

I was talking to an older lady today and she couldn't understand why Chris Brown would even give his number to another woman if he was in a relationship with Rihanna (we were wondering about the text that started it all). This lady was from another generation and she couldn't even understand the disrespect that Chris may have shown Rihanna just by giving another woman his phone number. I had to let her know that men have moved on to all kinds of blatant disrespect and abuse. Making plans with other women via a cellphone is just the tip of the iceberg.

I blame this sad state of affairs on black women for not supporting and standing up for other black women. It's a shame. A black man would never jump behind a black woman if the situation were even able to be reversed. Incidentally, it's not.

To be totally fair, I will say that all of the facts aren't out and it's perfectly understandable to reserve judgement until they are. I just do not understand a woman's thought process behind: She must have done something to provoke him.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Criticism: What's Up?

I am not anti-Valentine's Day.

I am against those who vehemently want to deny me the pleasure of candy, flowers, dinner... something special ...on Valentine's Day.

But he should be doing things like that for you all the time, not just on Valentine's Day!

He DOES. He always brings home candy and ice cream and little treats that I love. Always buys little gifts just because. We hold hands just sitting on the couch. We say "I love you" everyday (or at least write it). But believe it or not, on February 14th I still want the candy that only comes out in February. I still might want some brightly colored roses. To be quite honest, I only want the roses on Valentine's Day anyway. I'm not particularly interested in getting flowers on March 12th.

Yeah, I'll buy my husband something practical for Valentine's Day. I love him; I like buying things for him. I think that's just one more way to say, "I was thinking about you." And getting a nice hotel room on Feb. 14th is just one more opportunity to chill together in luxury. It's not about the dollar amount or getting stressed out -- it's not Christmas! -- but it's about looking forward to one fun and romantic evening together. Yeah, I can plan a romantic excursion on August the 7th, but it's fun planning one for Feb. 14th, too. Or not. Just depends on what I want to do that particular VDay.

Before you write a long critique about why Valentine's Day is silly and should be abolished, try this: You do you, and let us lovebirds do us.

Happy Valentine's Day.

A Chrihanna Love Story

I ran across these pictures of Chris Brown and Rihanna and I have to there no hope for the young love? *sniffle sniffle*

The Beginning. He wanted a chance:

He really wanted a chance:

She wanted to give him a chance too:

Getting whipped (him).

Enamored, still getting whipped.



Falling deeper....both of them....

Lovin life! Young, beautiful, and rich!

Hollywood, baby!

Hmm....that's dancing?

Got her. Conquered. She's whipped now.

Can't breathe without him.

Isn't this the way it always goes? Hmph!

Is there Hope?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The President Had a Visitor Today

So black people think they can just walk up to President Obama's house (that is, the White House) and ask, "Is Barack home?"

Come on man.

64 year-old Alfred Brock from Louisiana attempted to do just that. He was subsequently handcuffed and searched after letting the Capital police know he had a firearm in his truck. Clearly, this isn’t a case of a possible assassination, just a good old fashioned "Pop Up". Take your meds, Alfred.

Chris Brown and Rihanna: 4 Scenarios

*This is a very long post. I'll try to keep your attention. Excuse the language; art required it.*

I’d be lying if I claimed to be interested in any celebrity gossip that doesn’t include Robyn Rihanna Fently and Christopher Maurice Brown. I can’t even care about Usher’s poor wife having serious complications from plastic surgery right now.

I’ve been on every site with any drop of new info and I’ve come up with four possible scenarios of the night in question.

It’s understood that –

1 - Chris Brown didn’t want to be with Rihanna that night. They had been having problems, were not “together”, and only made an appearance at Clive Davis’ party to preserve their (Rihanna’s?) image. As we can see, Chris Brown’s facial expressions and body language say, “Give me 50 feet. I do not want to be with YOU and if I stay around you too long I might beat your ass.” Rihanna’s body language and facial expressions say either, “Baby baby don’t go” or “Let’s smile for these damn camera’s, n*gga.”

2 - Chris stopped for gas as they were leaving Clive’s party, around 12:30 Saturday morning.

3 - Chris received a text from a girl. Rihanna got mad.

Here’s where the scenarios’s branch off:

* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * *

Scenario #1

Chris receives a text from a girl. Rihanna gets mad.

Rihanna: Who da fuck dat is?! What you gwone do?! You trying to drop me off and go see dat bitch? Give me da damn phone!”

[Tries to grab phone, uses feet, heels, fingernails, and whatever else to get the phone. Beats Chris across the head with the phone. He ducks, dodges, and tries to keep her hands off of him. She bites his fingers/arms when he tries to keep her back. He bites her in return. Swipes back. Swerves. Jumps out of the car.]

Chris Brown: What the fuck? Bitch, you crazy?

Rihanna: Hell yeah, I’m crazy. [Takes keys from ignition and throws them into the night air.]

Chris Brown: [Snaps, runs up to Rihanna, fists drawn].

Rihanna: [Fists drawn as well.] What you got? What you got? What you gone do –

[Chris’ fist meets the side of Rihanna’s head, another fist lands on her eye, another hits the eye again, then across the other eye. One more across the mouth. She screams. He grabs her by the throat.]

Chris Brown: Bitch, I’mma kill you! Throwing my damn keys. Trying to fuck up my night!"

[Rihanna passes out; Chris snaps to and runs to call his people to pick him up.]

Problem with that scenario? Neither one had any security. Chris didn't stick around to see if Rihanna were alive.

Solution: Are they just too broke for Beyonce/Jay-Z level security? After such a savage attack, maybe Chris didn't care if Rihanna were alive. He did say he was going to kill her. But then, the authorities would have to charged him with Attempted Murder also.

Questions for Scenario #1 – Was this Chris' first time snapping? In the past, did he push? Is Rihanna lying about passing out?

* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * *

Scenario #2

Chris receives a text from a girl. Rihanna gets mad.

[Chris silently reads text and smiles. Rihanna pouts, looks out the window.]

Chris: Where I’m dropping you off at? [Texts]

Rihanna: Take me to that bitch’s house who you textin'.

Chris: Oh you ready to take it to that level? I can handle 2 -- can you? [Laughs; texts.]

Rihanna: Screw you! [Lightly pushes him upside the head].

Chris: You just gone push my effing head? Huh? Huh?! [Pushes her head HARD.] Now what’s up? [Gets out car. Raises arms.]

Rihanna: [Gets out of car. Gets in his face. Points.] Don’t play with me like that! Texting bitches all in my face and shit -!

Chris: What? Monitoring my calls while you mouth fucking fags at concerts? Whatever baby. I aint got no rings.

Rihanna: [Pushes his head; swipes at him.] But you got tats you goofy m$(&^%$#!!!

[They scream back and forth and he tells her to “stay your ass here. Walk home!” Rihanna jumps in the car, takes out the keys and chunks them in the darkness.]

Insert beat down from Scenario #1.

* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * *

Scenario #3

Chris receives a text from a girl. Rihanna gets mad. Starts fighting Chris in the car. He never hits her back, stops the car, they argue, she still hits him; she throws his keys in the wind, he leaves, she beats herself up and screams bloody murder. Calls 9-1-1.

The problems with Scenario #3?: Way too good to be true.

* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * *

Scenario #4

They argue, push and shove a little, and Rihanna sacrifices performance $$$ out of spite. All of the “sources” are lying and this is just a scorned girl who wants to damage her boyfriend’s career because he no longer wants her.

The problems with Scenario #4?

1- Chris Brown hasn’t spoken out to clear his name. He hasn’t shown his face; in fact, he has only hidden his face as of late.

2 - Rihanna can’t afford to miss appearances like that.

3 - NO ONE has said that Rihanna’s injuries were less than horrible. No one has said that Chris Brown did not use his fists on Rihanna.

* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * *


I think the answer lies somewhere between Scenarios #1 and #2. The only questions that remain are: Where is Chris’ mug shot? Is the economy too shaky for a clerk to risk his job and LEAK some pictures of Rihanna’s bruises???

* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * *

Random “Rihanna and Chris Brown Altercation” links:

Necole Bitchies detailed run down of events.

Rihanna’s friends worried about her since December.

Grandmother: Rihanna is doing fine.

Chris Brown holed up in Vegas.

Text message starts the violence.

Rihanna’s injuries horrific.

Chris Brown’s step dad, still talking.

Rihanna started the fight.

Chris Brown endorsements pulled.

Chris Brown threw dishes at his mother.

Rihanna admits to violent fights with her brothers.

This picture has been circling the net. It’s obviously photo shopped – and stupid.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Whitney Houston Singing @ Clive Davis Party

Whitney Houston looks absolutely lovely. The vocals? Eh, not so much. To be fair, she sounds OK for a regular woman, but this isn’t the Whitney I know and love by far. Any ol' crackhead who used to sing in the choir could pull this off.


Law enforcement sources have now gotten specific with us... police took pictures of Rihanna's injuries and they are "horrific."

As we reported, the photos show major contusions on both sides of the singer's face -- there is serious swelling and bruising. Her lip is split and her nose bloody. We have now confirmed there are bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers.

And we now know this... Rihanna claims Brown struck her with his fists and that's what did the damage. There was no object used in the alleged attack.

Rihanna refused treatment at the scene, but before she left cops took photos. We're told the photos alone are "devastating proof of abuse."And we've learned it was not Rihanna who called 911. Someone in the area heard her screams and called.
More here.
Could this be true?

I want to reserve judgement, but man! There's nothing a woman can do to warrant this kind of abuse. Rihanna didn't drop Chris' first born in a bed of snakes or kill his mama. So uh uh and No Sir. I don't care if the Barbados forehead slapped him upside the head and pushed him by the tip of his nose. A man don't have to hit a woman.

Grown, athletically-inclined men know how to PAB. They know the art of Pushing a Bitch clear across the street to get the point across. You don't have to hit a female unless you're seriously defending your life.

This whole thing is some young and crazy stuff, indeed, but youth is no excuse for pummeling a female. If Chris Brown really got loose on Rihanna like that, I can't support him at all.

*I don't know how far Limewire goes in terms of support, but you understand my point. *

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chris Brown Assaults Rihanna?

The good news? Rihanna didn't perform at the Grammy's.

The bad news? Probably because Chris Brown blackened her eye.

Yep, it looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna missed the Grammy's because they got into it around 12:30 am Sunday morning after leaving Clive Davis' party. Witnesses report watching them argue in the car, then jump out the car and... I guess Chris Brown got physical.

Bossip is reporting that they were arguing because Rihanna gave him herpes. I mean, damn.

Chris didn't look too happy at Clive's party either.

Did Chris Brown really get in that azz? Is Rihanna telling the truth? Did she throw the first lick?Was she really stalking him? Did she give him herpes?

I don't advocate violence against women for any reason other than real true self-defense, but ooooh weeee! These kids are doing way too much.

2009 Grammy's zzzzzz

D@mn the Grammy's were boring. I started watching an hour late and still caught up too soon because I had to fast forward just about eeeverything. UH!

The BET Awards this was not.

This was pretty good. T.I. looked great and Kanye is ...weird. Lil Wayne's focus is always on being diff-er-ent. And Jay-Z's hair? Where, exactly, is Jay-Z going with this? I just want to see the end result because surely this is just the ugly beginning stages of some super fly hair

Jennifer Hudson did her thing. It started out a little shaky and unclear but she ended up in that place that only Jennifer can go. I mean she just rides the song. Beautiful! I think her fiance loves her too. There was something in his eyes.

List of winners here.

More Grammy pictures here.

Kinda Gay and Funny

This clip has its gay moments, for sure. lol

10 reasons why “He’s Just Not that Into You” is NOT a chic flick:

Ten Chick Flick Cliches That Are Not In "He's Just Not That
by warnerbrospictures

I might actually watch the movie now.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rev. Run on Vacation

Damn shame. Ought to be vacationing at a fitness spa.

More HERE if you dare.

Rick Ross Responds to 50 Cent

Rick Ross - Kiss My Pinky Ring (50 Cent Diss)

Don't be asking 50 Cent to kiss no fake/leased/borrowed ring. I don't even cut for 50 Cent like that, but how insulting can Rick Ross really get against 50? "Spend that money, Monkey"...? That's it? I guess when you can't call someone broke, out of shape, or fraud you're left with...Monkey.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Realest Article Ever

You may not agree, but I thought this article was soooooooooooooooo on point. It might be the realest thing I've ever read. In fact, it's so good that I'm just going to copy and paste the whole thing right here. No link.

Most people think of the "mentally disordered" as a delusional lot, holding bizarre and irrational ideas about themselves and the world around them. Isn’t a mental disorder, after all, an impairment or a distortion in thought or perception? This is what we tend to think, and for most of modern psychology's history, the experts have agreed; realistic perceptions have been considered essential to good mental health. More recently, however, research has arisen that challenges this common-sense notion.

In 1988, psychologists Shelly Taylor and Jonathon Brown published an article making the somewhat disturbing claim that positive self-deception is a normal and beneficial part of most people’s everyday outlook. They suggested that average people hold cognitive biases in three key areas: a) viewing themselves in unrealistically positive terms; b) believing they have more control over their environment than they actually do; and c) holding views about the future that are more positive than the evidence can justify. The typical person, it seems, depends on these happy delusions for the self-esteem needed to function through a normal day. It’s when the fantasies start to unravel that problems arise.

"Depressive Realism" puts forward the notion that depressed individuals actually have more realistic perceptions of their own image, importance, and abilities than the average person. While it’s still generally accepted that depressed people can be negatively biased in their interpretation of events and information, depressive realism suggests that they are often merely responding rationally to realities that the average person cheerfully denies.

Lear's Fool speaks wisdom disguised as madness.

Those with paranoid disorders can sometimes possess a certain unusual insight as well. It has often been asserted that within every delusional system, there exists a core of truth—and in their pursuit of imagined conspiracies against them, these individuals often show an exceptionally keen eye for the real thing. People who interact with them may be taken aback as they find themselves accused of harboring some negative opinion of the person which, secretly, they actually do hold. Complicating the issue, of course, is the fact that if the supposed aversion didn’t exist before, it likely does after such an unpleasant encounter.

As one might imagine, these issues present some problems when it comes to treatment. How does one convince a depressed person that “everything is all right” when her life really does suck? How does one convince an obsessive-compulsive patient to stop religiously washing his hands when the truth of what gets left behind after “normal” washing should be enough to make any sane person cringe? These problems put therapists in the curious position of teaching patients to develop irrational patterns of thinking—patterns that help them view the world as a rosier place than it really is. Counterintuitive as it sounds, it's justified because what defines a mental disorder is not unreasonable or illogical thought, but abnormal behaviour that causes significant distress and impairs normal functioning in society. Treatment is about restoring a person to that level of normal functioning and satisfaction, even if it means building cognitions that aren’t precisely “rational” or “realistic.”

It’s a disconcerting concept. It’s certainly easier to think of the mentally disordered as lunatics running about with bizarre, inexplicable beliefs than to imagine them coping with a piece of reality that a "normal" person can’t handle. The notion that we routinely hide from the truth about ourselves and our world is not an appealing one, though it may help to explain the human tendency to ostracize the abnormal. Perhaps the reason we are so eager to reject any departure from this fiction we call "normality" is because we have grown dependent on our comfortable delusions; without them, there is nothing to insulate us from the harsh cold of reality.

********bold applies to self. :-)


Etta James Is Still Gully

"You guys know your president right? You know the one with the big ears. Yeah, wait a minute, he ain't my president, he might be yours. I tell you that woman he had singing for him, singing my song, she gonna get her ass whipped. The great Beyonce. Now like I said, she ain't mine. I can't stand Beyonce! She had no business up there singing. Singing on a big ole, big ole presidential day and going be singing my song that I've been singing forever." -- Etta James

Click here for the audio.


Beyonce better hope Aretha and her girls don't jump in on the action. Solange might be able to keep Rihanna at bay, but Mama Tina might have to handle Aretha's heavy artillery.

My Problem With LisaRaye

I think by now we all know that LisaRaye married a hustling, overspending, raping (alleged), playa. He came into the marriage a chubby man, then lost that weight and got buck wild:
  • 2 kids by other women while married to LisaRaye
  • Leasing cars he couldn't afford
  • Getting a $7million loan in LisaRaye's name
  • Letting Rosci host parties at the crib while LisaRaye was out of town
  • The list goes on and on.
We understand that he's an asshole, but what's LisaRaye's problem? She knew about the women and probably knew about everything else that man was doing and STILL she didn't want to leave him. He had to leave her. She was more than willing to "work on her marriage". All LisaRaye cared about was that dolla dolla bill and the title of "First Lady".

How many women are just like this, but on a much smaller scale? How many women say WHATEVER to the man's shenanigans just so they can shop til they drop and walk around with a "title" such as "wife", "baby mama", or "main gal"? (Gal may be a Houston term.) And for the record, I do NOT believe that LisaRaye was raised in an upper class family as she recently claimed. How can you possibly be upper class and not have one drop of actual "class" fall on you? I can believe that her dad was a hustler and they were hood rich, but upper class? UPPER class, LisaRaye? Prove it.

In my opinion, LisaRaye and Michael Misick are birds of a feather and all of this ghetto fallout is what happens when two birds get together and shit all over each other in the game.

I'm usually always on the woman's side, but uh uh LisaRaye. Too much. Read the full court transcript here.

If Michelle Were President...

... would the average black woman support her long-term? Or would we get jealous and hater-fied and resent her for being so together? (Beyonce anybody? YES, I just compared Michelle Obama to Beyonce Knowles Carter.)

On the flip side, President Obama is in a safe cocoon of black love. It takes a lot for a black woman to turn against a public black male figure - no matter how stereotypically bitter the black woman is rumored to be. Really, about the only thing a public black male figure of celebrity status can do to lose the black woman's love is to screw around with a white woman...or with a bad ass black woman. If Obama can resist the Monica Lewinsky's and random groupies of the world, he's set with us.

And, interestingly enough, he's set with the brothas, too. Their "code" doesn't really allow too much room for hate. Other than the classic hood dudes who didn't vote for him anyway (or anyone), most black men won't cut and run from any team they support. The brothas are supporting Team Obama.

I sure hope that we'll keep supporting our First Lady, too. I hope we don't start comparing her life with ours and get pissed when we come up short because ladies we WILL come up short—on the strength of her husband being the first Black President of the United States, alone! Then when you top that with her workout regimen, rearing of her daughters, career achievements, and unwavering on point attitude...whew! Let's keep sending her the love. This is surely not an easy job even for a woman as astute as our First Lady Obama.

Love & Personality...

"The only thing that wins or causes love is personality. If you have distinctive personality, you will be loved whether you have physical beauty or not. Your personality may have flaws and not be entirely beautiful from an artistic point of view, but if you are an advancing soul, not only is somebody going to love you but in time to come everyone will love you. Love is the energy of life, and one who has more life in them attracts more love from others. Love motivates you to become a better person for those you love."

Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

This is so true.

Erykah Badu Twitters Birth of Third Child

Badu and Electronica chose to forgo delivery in a hospital and instead opted for a home birth with a midwife. According to updates, it looked like the midwife may have been running a bit late.

"Labor has begun," Electronica wrote. "Everybody stand back. No hospitals. No doctors. No medicine. We're waiting for the midwife to show."

While waiting for the midwife, Electronica described the vibe and sent messages to rapper Talib Kweli ("I'm build for this sh--") and producer Just Blaze ("You should be here").

Electronica also compared the atmosphere to a scene from "The Color Purple." He wrote that only a few family members were present in Badu's Brooklyn home, including her daughter Puma. The rapper told followers he was sending the tweets between watching contractions and rubbing Badu's feet. He even blogged about Badu's water breaking, how far along she was dilated and when she started pushing.

"I see the head, full of hair," he wrote. Just over 20 minutes later, Badu gave birth.

"Feb. 1 2009 my first child, my daughter born at 130 PM exactly," the new father wrote. "It's the happiest day of my life."

Later, Badu, who has two children from previous relationships with rappers Andre 3000 and the D.O.C., popped back online with a message to fans.

"I can't believe it's over," she wrote. "Home birth, no painkillers, about five hours, she was a little past due date, but I didn't mind waiting. Breath."

They named their new daughter Mars Merkaba. Hey, I guess she’s doing her thing.

Read Erykah’s earlier defense of her 3rd pregnancy HERE.

Throw back clip of Erykah at Def Poetry Jam: