Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is one of Trina's better pictures. Love the shoes. Could never wear them.

What is it about Flo-Rida that I can't get into? I should like him, but something prevents even the mildest of attraction . Is it his name? Or that he looks like he just woke up and walked outside to kill a chicken for breakfast?

Rick Ross is Lil Wayne times 82, plus a Baby. (I constantly try to ignore that Rick Ross SHRINE around his neck (ugh!) but it just won't go away!) I wonder about the down and dirty rumblings that must go on inside that stomach 24x7...
Why is DJ Khaled on his tippy toes? and scared?

Don't Do it Mike!

According to, Used-to-Be-Iron Mike Tyson has "tentatively agreed to fight internet streetfighter Kimbo Slice under ProElite’s live fight division, EliteXC. Mike and Kimbo are set to fight 'late this year or early next.' "

I'm not interested in seeing anything like the last fight Mike had. I need him to exercise and get mad as fk so I can be entertained again. As it is, I have to be subjected to the landing strip of taco drippings down Kimbo's front. Insanely pissed off about that.