Monday, October 30, 2006

Funnier Than I Thought

I ran into this clip of Andrew Dice Clay and Charlamagne from the Wendy Williams Experience. Andrew Dice Clay? I know - black people weren't really feeling him back in the day (myself included), but he surprised me in this clip. I like how he steadily shoots ya boy down.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Don't Kiss MY Daddy on the Lips

Weezy and Baby.
You be the judge.

The Game/UGK

Listen/Download: The Game - Sound Scan

I don't like a nigga who can't make up his mind. Don't like someone who apologizes, and takes it back. Don't like a name dropper. Don't appreciate someone who can't get off someone else's jock.


The Game's music has been jammin. Say what you will.

* * * * * *

UGK - The Game Belongs to ME

powered by ODEO

I got Bobby by the pound
Whitney by the key
DJ screw by the gallon
The game belong to me

Love it.

JD's BS at Virgin Records

Ok, Janet's album wasn't a huge or normal success. I don't understand why everyone is blaming Jermaine Dupri though. He did the best with what he had. He might look like a little elf but the nigga can't do Majic. Janet aint no Mariah. There is only so much you can do with a person who ACTUALLY can't sing. Janet was great in her day. You loved her for being a sexy, young, great dancer/performer. Well, she's still in shape and she's still a lovely lady, but over time that cute airy voice has turned into the 40 year old voice of a chic who was never a songstress. ("She's not a songstress" -- NY from Flava of Love...but I digress). I really like Janet's video for Excited though. I know it took a lot of Geritol and exercise to get thru that one.

Jermaine Quits As Virgin Executive
I don't think this was necessarily the best decision to make. But J&J are sticking together. Maybe they can be the next (mostly) sober Bobby and Whitney?

Fantasia's New CD Cover

The REAL Eva.
(Still hot)

Jay-Z - Lost Ones

Listen/Download: Jay-Z - Lost Ones

Verse 2:

I dont think its meant to be, Bey (?)
For she loves her work

more than she does
And honesly,

at 23,
Hova probably loved my work more than I did she.
So we
aint we;
It's me
and her.
Cuz what she prefers

over me
Is work.
And that's where we
So I have to give her
free time
Even if it hurts.
So Breathe, Mami
it's derserved.
You been put on this earth to be all you can be
like the Reserves.
And me-
My timin is on me
It's served.
So I have to allow
She, her
time to serve.
The times now for her
In time she'll mature
And maybe we can

Again like we were.

my times too short to share;
And I'd ask her now
But aint fair.
So yeah, she lost one...

From Ring the Alarm to Irreplaceable to, now, Lost Ones...they got some things to say to each another. Loves it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ice T's New CD Cover

Looks like a bad flick.

So this is the controversial album cover? Pale ass doughboy Ice T and his butt implanted whore wife? I'mma need more from this CD.

Like a single.

"Dreamgirls" Trailer

Can't wait to see it. Hope it's better than the trailer.

Kelis Photo Shoot

Excellent. Such an artist.

(more here)

What Exactly Did Jay-Z Do for Africa?

According to, Jay-Z was like "Fk it" when it came time to discuss conserving water with the VP of Ghana. Was the trip publicity for his new album? A photo op? Was he in over his head and out of his range of expertise? Did he think becoming a humanitarian would be easy when he don't really give a damn?

Beyonce didn't even want the lil African children getting too close to her:

The recent tour of Jay-Z, a renowned hip-hop star and United Nations (UN) Ambassador, to Africa was supposed to serve as a medium to educate the public about the need for water conservation.

But at the end of the day, the most pressing issue of water conservation that was widely publicized was relegated to the background.

Speaking on United Nations Radio, Jay-Z said, "I'm using my music to educate my folks in Africa about conserving water, since water is a very big issue, I'm using my music to educate my people about the importance of conserving water". [WTF? I see why he's with Beyonce.]

Jay-Z received a lot of goodwill and support from the U.N for his contribution in sensitizing Africa about preserving water; however, reports by the BBC indicated that most people in Africa did not know what Jay-Z's tour was all about.

Other sources close to Charter House told this reporter that the local event organizers had an itinerary for the artiste, but when he got to Ghana, he and his team ignored all the plans that had been made. He disclosed that as part of the programme, Jay-Z was to discuss with the Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama about his water conservation advocacy but he and his team decided to forget about it. ["I got 99 problems, but yo water aint one..."]

A Ghanaian event organizer, Kwame Sarpong said, "some international artistes use Africa's plight to get sponsorship to tour the continent, and they make the money and forget about whatever theme they were supposed to be sensitizing the people about".

Several interviews with music fans and the general public clearly reveal that very little is known to the public about Jay-Z's water project.

(rest here)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Deelishus aka London Charles

Introducing London Charles...

Click here for more pics.
And here.

Why did Flavor give Deelishis a 'net whore pass but Nibblz nor Toasty could get one?

Jay-Z - "Show Me What You Got" Video

Unnecessary song; unnecessary video. Catchy hook though.

Lil Flip feat. Lyfe Jennings – Ghetto Mindstate

Listen to Lil Flip feat. Lyfe Jennings – Ghetto Mindstate

Come on back Flip! This is more like it. It's got that certain something that only Flip can deliver. I am not a huge fan of Lyfe Jennings, but he's growing fast on me; I like his messages.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ashanti's B-Day Party

Pics from Ashanti's surprise 26th b-day party. Lovely!

Jibbs featuring Chamillionaire - "King Kong"

I like it*. Hate me.
Listen to Jibbs featuring Chamillionaire - "King Kong"

* not really

Mammy Serena

I am speechless, but this deserves words.

Serena should have hidden from the camera. No need to take a picture in this condition.

Of course Al can't miss a photo op, so we'd expect her to be in a picture gaying it up, but is Serena having a nervous breakdown?

Vh1 Hip Hop Honors Celeb Basketball Game

(more pics here. great site.)

Congratulations(?) to Deelishis

Deelishis won Flavor of Love tonight because #1 - NY is crazy and #2 - she played her hand to perfection. This little clip (along with her ass-ets) might have helped, too.

(story here)

Now, I loved NY. Crazy and unique looking as she is - I loved NY's fire and, well, her craziness. I hear she's going to have her own "Flavorette" type show. I can't wait to see her lording over a group of men. En-ter-tain-ment.

I liked Deelishis. She was calm when necessary, street when necessary, sexy when necessary, nurting when necessary, and then...she sang. So Flave had to pick her. Do I think she really loves him? Hell no. But she did what she had to do! And she did it with her arms, shoulders, and back out in every episode—with pride. Bravo, Detroit, Bravo!

(Gotta love how NY cussed Flave out at the end. It's a shame they couldn't have make up sex after all of that though. Read about NY's new show HERE.)

(Oh yeah! WHO is Deelishus' PAID baby daddy? All that money he's supposed to have - and Deelishus had to tongue Flava Flave to get on???)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Angie Stone: Too Much

She droppin' it, and I KNOW it's hot!

Solange and Lil Wayne Possibly Dating

Such a strong face for such a young girl.
Kelly looks great.

I guess Solange and Lil Wayne are trying to kick Nas and Kelis out of their spot as the Official Jay and Bey knock off couple. (love nas and kelis!)

(first spotted here)
(then here)

Michael Jackson Denies Wearing Women's Clothing

BULL story here.
Even if the pictures were doctored, someone somewhere recently saw Mike in drag.

* * * * * * * *
Mystery Down Below

No, really, what is that?

"Press Play" CD Cover


Coming to stores, Tuesday, October 17th. Coming to Morpheus right about....

R. Kelly Trial Date Postponed, etc.

I knew it was too good to be true. For 4 years the R'uh has dodged sexual battery charges. Now, when it's finally time for a trial -- no trial. I saw the tape. So I know why the boy is scared. But, he has nothing to worry about; he'll get off. Every since OJ's glove didn't fit, niggas been getting off. Well, except for Mystikal and Shyne.

(story here)

* * * * * * *

Hip Hop Weekly

I should have thought of this.

* * * * * * * *
Jay-Z in Africa

Was there no other traditional attire he could have worn?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Justin Timberlake - My Love

Black men have always said that Justin Timberlake makes "real" soul music. I used to disagree. Then, I heard his latest CD and realized it was time to give the man his props. FutureSex/LoveSounds is hot.

I love T.I.'s flow on here. He finally changed it up a little.



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Paul Wall Proves He's a Ni***

"Money talks, I'll do an album with Pee Wee Herman if the money's right, baby. I'll do an album with anybody... Fuck it, I don't give a damn if the record doesn't sell."

"Rappin is the simplest, easiest shit in the world. That aint shit to brag about. That shit aint hard. Cause all you gotta do is write some shit on paper... All I'm doin is writin some shit down I done seen with my own eyes..."

*you MUST watch the video. audio is imperitive to the post.*

If this white boy is really serious—not just trying to sell an image, but actually that dumb—I'm shocked. I thought he might be somewhat of a gimmick. Not 100% gimmick, but about 30%. I knew he was raised with black boys, but he used to be this guy:

SO you can understand why I thought that some of his foolishness was just an attempt to be an authentic white/black boy. I knew he had a real affinity for us, but I believed that deep down inside lived a smart white kid trying to get on. Even got a black wife to get that stamp of approval. (I still respected his hustle.)

But then... I saw this video. Right now I'm convinced that Paul Wall was actually raised by a drunk, black uncle who didn't make it to his 5th grade Graduation.

Only a real, true nigga can be as ignut as I just witnessed. Paul can just about say nigga now. Wish we could see his eyes b/c if he's as crazy as he's portraying himself to be, his words should be a direct result of a day's worth of blunts, syrup, and Hennessy. Anything less is unacceptable.

Jay-Z and Beyonce in Africa

Jay got Bey all in Africa, walking around like a married couple (or like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt).

I been doin this too long, but I'll be damned if I see another chic on your arm!!!

Jay-Z responds to China's Performance Ban
"I look forward to rescheduling my concert date in Shanghai," Jay-Z told in a statement. "This world tour has been a life changing experience and it has only been made better by touching the fans that I am seeing for the first time."

That's IT, Jigga?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Usher in "Chicago"

Usher, in the hit Broadway musical Chicago. That's a talented brotha. Sings. Acts. Dances.
Usher's been out sick since Oct. 6th. Story here.

Kanye and Farnsworth Sittin' in a Tree....

I’m actually close to not liking Kanye West. First, he tried to tell us not to hate on the gays. We ignored that foolishness and let him make it. Then he tried to make us believe that the chic below is actually his fiance. One day we heard rumors about Kanye and John Legend/Farnsworth Bentley. The next day, Mr. West hit us with an “engagement”. When did they actually DATE before becoming engaged? I would have noticed a bitch other than John Legend by his side before.

Kanye and his "girlfriend"

Now, Kanye’s running all over the country promoting Farnsworth Bentley as a r a p p e r. WTF? First, Puff put him on, now Kanye has signed him to a RECORD DEAL. The Umbrella Man needs to stop the madness and just write a book about how to whip a superstar.

See Farnsworth performing at Fashion Rocks below. Pretty boring stunt.

Monday, October 9, 2006

Omarion/Snoop/Jay-Z, etc...

Omarion - Ice Box
Nice new song by Omarion. I'm not a fan, but I love music. Sounds nice. I just wish it would have lived up to it's beginning.

* * * * * *

J. Lo at a charity event. Less really is...less. Keep this up and she'll be looking like Farrah Fawcett in 10 years.

* * * * * *


Seems Snoop Dogg got ahold of some kill/kill:

I could waste a lot of time and just put out negative music and n***as would do what I say ‘cause I’m Snoop-mothaf**kin’-Dogg. King of this Crippin’, King of whatever the f**k I want to. I could be the king of New York right now if I wanted to be. Who is it, Jay-Z and 50, that’s it? Them my lil’ homeboys. If you wanna keep it real, I could be the King of mothaf**kin’ New York and mash on n***as. But I got my hand out in peace and love because I’m a grown man and I understand that when I make peace with Jay-Z and make peace with 50 and I sincerely love them and treat them with respect and love all their homeboys, I get more out of it. The game expands more as opposed to me sayin, "I’m riding with the mothaf**kin’ West Coast, n***a. F**k y’all n***as. It is what it is." I been on that page before. I ain’t get far. (rest here)

* * * * * *

Details of Cassidy's crash, as told by a passenger.

* * * * * *

Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got
Story behind the "leak" of the song here
I don't really like it. Big disappointment.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Beyonce - Irreplaceable

Are all you simple biatches satisfied? Beyonce made a calm, quiet video for y'all since you didn't appreciate anything remotely creative, exciting, or outside of your structured black boxes.

I've read various blogs and your reluctant "approvals" of the video. Of course, you can't give the girl all her props though -- you want this video to have more of a "storyline"; you don't understand the 20 minutes of silence at the beginning; and you wish she'd do something else with the last few seconds of the video.

Know what? Why don't you just go to film school and make your own videos instead of typing letters (for someone else to sign) and paying invoices from 8-5, Mon.-Fri? Let's see what kind of video YOU come up with.

As for my opinion of Irreplaceable, I love the song and the video is cool. I actually enjoy the non-composed, erratic Beyonce more, but Beyonce is gorgeous and "KMA"-ish in this one. She looks a whole lot like Solange - or maybe Solange looks a whole lot like her.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Even the Amish Aren't Safe

I've always respected the Amish -- and except for a few things, I've also envied their simpler way of living. Until recently, they were able to exist with little-to-no violence. However, the psycho pictured below, 32 year old Carl Roberts IV, changed all of that when he took a one-room school hostage and killed 5 young girls.

Before taking his own life, Roberts called his wife to confess about molesting young family members two decades ago. Wait. That means he was only 12. So, he was essentially a kid himself at that time. I think the girls were only 3 and 5, though. So that's pretty horrible - but how senseless his actions were today!

There have been too many school shootings in the past month alone, the previous one at the hands of that Bailey fool.

Schools should be equipped with metal detecters and security officers at the front doors. Perhaps some soldiers in Iraq can come home and hold guard?

Mark Foley: Yuck

This man is a pedophile.

Mark Foley, disgraced Republican Congressman

Yet, he won't admit it. He has, however, admitted to being everything but: alcoholic, depressed, homosexual, and a victim of molestation by the clergy when he was 13-15. Such a nice, neal little explanation, isn't it?

I think these are just excuses disguised as honesty. Why isn't he honest enough to admit what he really is?

When the scandal broke, Mark Foley ran to rehab for alcoholism. I'm sorry, but you can't tell me that Crown & Coke will turn me into a pedophile.

(Veering off subject: Mark Foley reminds me of Leslie Jordan, the little man on Will & Grace.)

Now, the man below, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, should leave the post. Just get up and go because anyone who can ignore—and by that I mean *accept *—a man running around hitting on teenage male pages needs to go the hell home. He looks like he's one burger bun away from a heart attack anyway.

Let's back up to Foley's confessions. After running like a bitch to AA, he had his lawyer say that he's been depressed, molested and blah, blah, blah. Those are some hard blows, but the fact that he's been a crusader for strict laws against pedophiles - yet an undercover pedophile himself - rubs me the wrong way. I've read that he was known for harassing young boys around the Capital. They were warned: "Watch out for Foley". Foley is not only a pedophile, but he's a Classic Pedophile.

Mark Foley needs to shut up instead of crying to the public.

"Any suggestion that Mark Foley is a pedophile is false, categorically false," Roth said. "Mark Foley denies ever, ever having any sexual contact with a minor." [But he sent emails to boys asking if they are horny? So bold! And, in 40 years he's never made sexual contact with a minor...?]

"Mark was the under the influence of alcohol at the time he sent the alleged e-mails and IMs that I have been informed of," Roth added. [Alcoholics should be pissed and insulted.]

Roth also announced for the first time that Foley was gay. "Finally, Mark Foley wants you to know that he is a gay man," Roth said in concluding his prepared remarks. [No, he is a pedophilic man. Ex Gov. James McGreevy and his GROWN lover are gay. If I were a gay male I'd be mad.]

Of course, Foley was abused by a Catholic Priest. No offense to holy Catholics, but I'm starting to think that that whole religion was created as a secret Mecca for gay pedophiles. I mean it is THE Place to Be if that's your thing.

I want Mark Foley to go to jail and get dealt with.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

The Pictures We All Knew Existed

Is Alicia Keys gay or not? The hug in the last pic is pretty innocent. Maybe white people are more affectionate than we are. Alicia is black, yes, but her mother is white: so technically, she's a white woman on the inside. Other sites are assuming that Alicia and Erika (friend) are more than homegirls, but I beg to differ. Notice how their mid sections don't even threaten to touch?