Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eddie Long Gives Us The Business...

...not quite -- but I know a Queen when I see one.

Check it. Eddie puts hands on his hip and almost comes out @ 1:26. The hand on the hip is just too juicy for me. Then, right after that, as if the news editor totally agrees with me, a flaming member of his church comments about how giving the Bishop is.


What we have here ladies and gentleman is some messy punk ish combined with pedophilia and deep hatred for ones own sexuality. But, keep in mind, the basis of this is PUNK ISH.

Follow me if you can: Eddie Long - who I will shall not call a Bishop - is, if not a pedophile, a gay man who pastors a huge congreation in ATL. I've noticed that many of his parishoners are gay too. That's not a bad thing, but it is a gay pastor's playground.

Eddie Long has not denied any allegations. Eddie Long is still wearing a jherri curl toupee with much pride. Eddie Long is still rocking the muscle shirt and vest and he almost gave us two snaps and a "thank you very much". You don't understand what is happening before you!

How far is Eddie willing to go? He already asked the congreagation to, basically, ride with him; in the clip he says that "God can handle Eddie Long". Well, ok - God can, but in the meantime -- who wants a DL pastor who marches against homosexuality before church and bangs little Jamal in the pastors study after? And what about all of the double talk he's giving the church members? Really? This is the expectation for a pastor? If the allegations are true, this "bishop" needs to jump down from his super high horse and get it together. He shouldn't have time to lead a flock of people to wherever he's trying to lead them.

If no one takes a stand, and if everyone keeps drinking that filthy kool-aid he's passing around, I will bet that Eddie Long is going to be the first OUT mega preacher. That anyone of sound mind would accept his leadership, at this point, is very sad. One must read the bible for him/herself and know exactly what they should expect and demand from a pastor. Not everyone is called for a reason. And even the called ones are sometimes re-called.

If I were blogging for comments, I'd Plaxico Burress my hand! - Random thought.

Seal (with Heidi Klum) - Secret

So what do you think about Seal's new video with his wife? Too risque?

The Good:
Seal is probably an excellent lover
The song is beautiful
Heidi has natural breasts
Visually captivating

The Bad:
Too intimate
Seal's nails
Seal's unattractive

Seal and Heidi love to display their affection in public, and with this latest offering they tip right over the line. But I'm glad. Even though the soft porn tends to make my stomach churn, I can't help loving it. Secrets is a tenderly strong song, and I'm definitely feeling it.

I once dated an extremely unattractive man. I'm talking Biz Markie-is-cute ugly. But he had a fantastic personality and made me laugh. Of course, he turned out to be trifling and didn't worship the ground I walked on so we didn't last too long. Our situation was nothing like Seal's and Heidi's.

Still, that ugly dude captured my heart and my mind for a while — but he never quite stopped being ugly. Sure, I'd look deeply into his eyes with love and affection, but if I dared gaze beyond his dirty brown pupils to that face, the mood was KILT. You know how your heart jumps when you see your handsome man walking up? Well, I never got that jump. My heart would beat once we started laughing and talking, but it didn't flutter upon sight. I wonder... if he had been as thoughtful and successful as Seal... would I have grown to love his scars and life wounds?

Now, consider that Heidi is belived to be one of the most beautiful women in the world... and she's a SUPER model... who's loaded ...with her own money. She's practically a goddess in the eyes of many men. And she's with Seal? We can be certain that love's sweet fragrance is in the air, but I wonder if Heidi ever thinks in the back of her mind, as I did with my ex, "You shooooole is uuugly."...?

Just a thought. Love is beautiful no matter how you look; I sound shallow, blah blah blah.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eddie Long Can't Make Me Lose My Faith!

Let me start by saying WHOA.


I’ve been reading and hearing everyone’s comments about the Eddie Long situation and I’m going to address the ones that interest me the most.

If the accusations are true, how will it affect the Black Church?

#1: The accusations look mighty true. #2: Shouldn’t we be asking, “How will it affect Black Christians?” If a man can make a Christian waver in his faith to the point that he loses his faith, I think that man didn’t have enough faith to begin with. Unless I see Jesus, himself, sending inappropriate spandex snapshots to the kiddies - I’m good; my belief is intact. Yes, I pass judgment on the Bishop, but I know that this is his struggle, and ultimately, it’s between him, God, and the boys he ruined. I hope his parishioners will pray for themselves and continue to believe. I hope they will understand that man let them down; God’s commandments remain standing and people still follow them all around the world.

Maybe God's allowing this to happen because He wants to blow the lid off corruption in the Black Church. Maybe He's fed up with how the Black Church hides and ignores abuse and downright evil. The Black Church might want to stop worshiping the pastor and pray for DISCERNMENT regarding the pastor. God should be your Father and your Leader. Know HIM.

But it can’t be true. He’s married!

Girl, bye.

Why do women think that married men can't possibly cheat on their wives with other men? In 2010? When the DL man is a huge problem within the Black community? It’s almost as if women don’t even know men and they can’t tell a potential punk from a bonefide hetero male. I need women to pay more attention.

If all of this is true, those boys were the age of consent. They knew what they were doing! They just want some money!

Stop being so ignorant.

It’s alleged that the teens (possibly 30 boys?) were “groomed” by the Bishop since the age of 14 or 15. He picked the most vulnerable boys of the lot – just like predators do. When a kid is such an impressionable age, and when he places trust in a much needed father figure, anything is possible. Have some compassion. This man turned those boys out and manipulated them in the worst way.

I have a question -- Who didn’t suspect this? Eddie frequently wears bedazzled velvet dresses/robes. He unashamedly wears a toupee. 90% of his wardrobe consists of size small muscle shirts. He doesn't come across as annointed AT ALL. His sermons always lead to nowhere. He spent way too much time with teenage boys and too little time with his wife. The signs were there. Who didn’t know this crusty hip hop preacher loved the fellas?