Tuesday, August 14, 2012

From Gay Marriage to Evelyn and Chad

Absolutely trifling. Here it is, Summer, and I haven't written anything since Spring. The good news is that in life you can turn things around in an instant. Imagine if I updated everyday? Imagine if the updates were full of juicy, interesting tidbits? I wouldn't be blog trifling anymore.

So, what have you been up to?

I'm a new aunt. Real happy about that, but it makes me wonder: what would I do with a baby? What if I just -boom!- got pregnant and gave birth at 41? What would that mean? I'd be going to a high school graduation at 59? Postponing my "travel around the world" plans from the age of 43 to...60? College graduation at 64? Becoming a grandmother around 67? The truly horrid part is that I'd want to give our child a sibling around his age, so add 2 years to everything. Gross.

Wait. Actually, those things don't sound too bad. I'd have my current family plus NEW family at around 70 years old. Oddly enough, at 40 years old I am suddenly conscious of who I'll have in my life when I'm elderly. Shudder.

But then there are the late night feedings. Daycare. Raising another human being, which requires heavy involvement and sacrifices that I planned on curtailing in 2014. Then, there are the health risks to both mother and child. Let's not forget my 40 year old energy level.  Do I want to be 44 years old running after 2 toddlers or ...drinking martini's and dancing the night away with my husband on the French Riviera? Mmmm. We can always spend time with our families and even travel with them from time to time.

Looks like the kiddo is a no-go.

But! I have plenty of friends who are having babies in their 40s. Watching their impending parenthood is like a roller coaster ride: it's exciting to watch other people flinging through the air, but I won't be joining them. The thing is, I never really planned to have all of this responsibility in my life. I started out thinking I'd probably end up a free spirited, child- and husband-free, auntie and godmother. But, things happened and I'm a happily married, mortgage paying, working mom of two teen boys (one is my bonus son.) My responsibility quotient is full to the limit.

A Little Thing Called Gay Marriage

President Obama is all for it. Celebrities endorse it. Chick-Fil-A didn't and all hell broke loose. Gay marriage is the "thing" now. So, when asked on a Christian radio show about his views on marriage, the President of CFA expressed that he supported traditional marriage - a husband and wife. The media ate that up and spit it out. You know the end result: uproar in the gay community, talk of boycotting CFA, and record sales at Chick-Fil-A.

I say eat where you want to eat. Most of the CEOs in America are conservative white men. I would research it, and list everywhere you can boycott, but eh, I made my point.

One of my best friends is about to marry a lady who she's been with for about 5 years. In September they are going to make things official in Washington, D.C.

I should support gay marriage, right? Hmm...well... I love my friend, I really do. And I would much rather see her happy then unhappy. So, in that vein I support her decision to marry a woman. I won't wag my finger in her face and quote Biblical verses about abominations and hell fire.


I didn't cheer and jump up and down when she told me that she was getting married to her "old lady". I didn't moan or cringe, but my congratulations was more of a dry, "Oh good..." I felt saddened that my best friend had given up on men and that we would never have an authentic double date with two dudes. A dream had been deferred.

I'll be at wedding and we'll have a fabulous time dancing the night away. I can have my personal views on gay marriage and still be there to support her union.

Evelyn and Chad 

In my mind, the story of Evelyn Lozando and Chad Johnson has always been something like this: "Up-in-age gold digger meets fame hungry, possibly gay, corny, mediocre football player and they manufacture a relationship to later star in their own reality show." Although I haven't seen Chad and Evelyn interact very much, the few times I have seen them made me conclude the above.Quite naturally they've never held my interest.

Did he really head butt her after she found a receipt for condoms and went OFF? What is the purpose of such ratchedness? PR for the show? If so, that plan flopped because their reality show has been canceled and he's been cut from the team. Life sucks. I suppose I could talk about how much I am against domestic violence, but I really don't know what happened, and furthermore, I just stopped caring and can't type anymore about them.

Things I Can't Figure Out
1) Who's to blame in this whole Usher vs. Tamika fiasco? Seems like after the tragic death of her son, Tamika wouldn't still be burdened with this custody battle. Why won't Usher just drop it? These men will do anything not to pay child support.

2) Is Joseline Hernandez a man or a woman?? I thought it was a man for the longest, but now I'm like maybe it's really a woman. Regardless, I need some answers to some very specific questions such as was she born a boy?

3) Were grown women really talking about Gabby's (Olympic Gold Medalist) hair? Like, huh? It was pulled in a ponytail. She was sweaty. She wasn't focused on her hair at ALL. Who cares about her hair? I'm more concerned that she doesn't have braces. Baby teeth long gone. This is the only time I'll ever give life to the subject of Gabby's hair, though. I've purposely avoided posting anything on FB about it or responding to any blogs about it. The subject is one that needs no discussion.

4) Why is Beyonce hiding Blue Ivy, save for one grainy side picture?

5) Kim Kardashian wiped all of the interesting off of Kanye. Why is he with her?

6) Questions about "Love and Hip Hop": Why is everyone so old? I can't understand Benzino's body structure and I'm absolutely tired of looking at his and Karlie's teeth. Why are women frontin' like they aren't MiMi's themselves? Yes, she is super duper tired, but she's not the only one. Scrappy's mama would be funny if she wasn't downright disgusting. She might as well be a crackhead. At least then, she'd give us a little dancing and happiness with all that low class. Why don't I hate Steebie J? He's such a typical game running man. He makes me laugh. K-Michelle can sing and I wouldn't mind being her friend. I don't think she's lying about Memphiz beating her down. She probably was talking way too slick to him. Toya has no fear of a beat down because she could never kill him with words. Not much to say about Erica zzzz. Bucky is soooo dusty. She always looks like she needs to be wiped down with a hot, soapy, fluffy towel. Why can't she and Erica get in a fight so E can snatch that wig off? I'm sure K Michelle would be glad to pick it up and throw it in the trash. How can Scrappy touch a woman who slept with Flava Flave and didn't care if the world knew? Why is Rasheeda still doing this? That ship has sailed, sunk, and will never be found. Is Joseline a man??!?