Thursday, March 1, 2007


Rich boy or Sick Boy? If ever there was a reason to get tested...

Whitney and Ray Jay. Damn. This is sicker than Demi and Ashton.
If I didn't know who they were, I'd swear she was his mama patting him on the back as they walked into church. WTF?

Put that phone down, boy.

I can't post this picture because, technically, it's child porn. Somebody done put that baby Chris Brown on blast! Supposedly, he lost his sidekick which held over 300 pictures of him doing various nasty things. So when you click on the link, expect to see what's supposed to be Chris' grown man parts. There's a website where all of the pictures can be found, but there's a $10 access fee. If you pay for it, shame on you. (But send me some pictures.)

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  1. Theres another screenshot out:


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