Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Queen Latifah Does Mo'Nique

Considering all the factual rumors, maybe that wasn't the best title for this post....

Queen Latifah recently made an appearance on The Mo'Nique show, looking pounds lighter and sounding octaves better. The Queen has really grown as an artist and entertainer. Her new song "Fast Car" is catchy and she hits all of the light yet soulful notes that she shoots for. I thoroughly enjoyed this clip. I'll bet you will too.


  1. i tried to watch it...but i couldn't get past the first few seconds with her in them shades...

    i hate people who wear shades for no reason.....hiding they LYING EYES


  2. ^^^lying eye, lol!

    These chicks are just so boring I couldn't take it!

  3. I like the song. It's real catchy TO ME. I fast forwarded the stuff before the performance.


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