Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keyshia Cole: Pregnant and Happy...For Now

1 - Keyshia Cole falls crazy in love (again).
2 - She packs her bags and chunks the deuce to ATL. Cleveland bound. Shuts out family.
3 - She gets pregnant. (or maybe this is #2?)

*we’re at the 4 month mark now*

4 - She passes out turkeys for Thanksgiving with a dazed and bamboozled looking Daniel Gibson. You can see his legal name below on Keyshia’s shoulder. 8X10. Where’s Boobie’s tat? Where is it Boobie???

Keyshia’s looking happier than Chris Brown before it all fell down. Cheesing, rubbing her dip it low stomach, looking like you couldn’t tell her not a damn thang about Boobie. LOL

I’m not mad at Keyshia. She’s 28 and can afford her kid with ease. But I am kind of sad for her. Maybe it’s premature and negative to think this way, but WHOA! Ya boy is 23. Weren’t you on bended knee in front of Jeezy this time last year? Keyshia wants to be married; she’s said it a few times now. Is this the best route to matrimony? A tat, moving to Cleveland, and a baby? All in 8 months? Daaaang, slow down homie. It takes at least 4 seasons to get to know a man.

Prepare for the real talk which some may construe as hate…

First off, I knew Keyshia was somewhere getting pregnant for Boobie. That fertility is in her blood…she couldn’t resist the urge to see what this whole parenting/baby mama thing is about. If it doesn’t work out with Boobie, Keyshia will be on her Neffe little way. She’ll probably love being a parent. And do it again and again (Erykah Badu, Neffe, Frankie). She might be the Tiny to his T.I.P...we might never get another CD from Ms. Cole. Of course, she could go all Anita Baker on us and get married and raise a family. But, nah, I smell a Neffeteria.

Click here to listen to Keyshia and Gucci Mane’s new song “Bad Bad Bad”. God how I wish this was Keyshia’s song with no Gucci.


  1. I love me some Keyshia Cole. Love her music. I couldn't help but laugh at the sentiments expressed within this post, cause I too kinda felt like Keyshia would do anything for a man. I have some young female relatives who are the same.

    Still, I wish her the best. She appears to be convicted about love. I guess you can call it love. LOL.

    Too funny @ I smell a Neffeteria.

  2. Also, love the good deed performed upon both their parts. Everyone involved.

  3. I've been lurking on your blog for a few months and I must say you have a way with words and you are hilarious. Loved this post!

    Neffeteria - LOL! Funny!

    Keyshia does seem quite thirsty for a man. Bless her heart. I do like her music (she's no Monica - but I really do like her music all the same).

  4. You are hilarious. While I never was a fan of Ms. Cole's music, I was taken in by her reality show and that could explain her need for a family connection, marriage..children. I just wish she would have slowed down and let the relationship build.. get to know him.. have a year long engagement..plan a wedding.. all that stuff. Maybe she felt she doesn't/didn't deserve it and all she could be was a baby-mama.


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