Friday, April 9, 2010

Tupac Lives?

Call me crazy, but every now and then I look up Tupac info. I don't know for a fact that the brotha is dead. He was cremated and his whole death and after death has been somewhat of a mystery to me. So, I keep hope alive.

I ran across this video and I'm pretty sure it's NOT Tupac. But...what if? What if Pac is actually a lot of those Tupac impersonators that we see here and there? What if, sometimes, Tupac actually walks around with a bandanna on his head, like "you know I'm not Pac"...but it really is him? What if dude in the video is him?

Surely the FBI and detectives everywhere would have analyzed all of the Tupac sighting footage out there and been ON it if Pac were really walking around, chilling, being caught on camera and video tape.

Or...what if he's hiding right under our noses?

Really, who is this old dude and who does he think he's fooling?


  1. I think he's dead. and if he were alive, which I think is entirely possible, he wouldn't be anywhere cameras, making videos, wearing bandanas.

    good 1

  2. Yep. Unfortunately, Tupac Shakur is dead and gone. I cannot see anyone as famous being able to successfully fake their death.

  3. Tu! If U were alive, you would not have that nose!


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