Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goodbye Whitney...

Today - sadly, tragically - Whitney Houston passed away. The cause of her death is yet unknown, but the reason is somehow irrelevant because...she's gone. Her struggle has ended at 48 years old. Poor Cissy. Poor Dionne. Poor Bobbi Kristina. Poor Bobby. Poor everyone. We all loved Whitney. She was a vibrant and lively soul until the end.

I've read the comments on the blogs and new sites. Most people are praying that she's resting in peace, but there are others out there who are showing no sympathy because of her addiction. Some feel that she was a talent wasted, and that's sad and so erroneous because her talent was never wasted. She gave us so many great songs from 1985 - 2009. Her music will live on. Her legacy breathes.

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