Wednesday, February 28, 2007


CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer Hudson for winning the Best Supporting Actress award!!!

Yes, she did that. Initially, I didn't believe she deserved an Oscar for her performance -- how hard can it be to play an angry, black woman...? But, Jen's voice and her "extra something" made Effie very memorable. I would have voted for her. Congrats.

Not really sure how I feel about the jacket, but I thought the dress was OK and she looked really pretty.

"I'mma put a root on you, Big Girl!"

This is at an Oscar's event. Not the best look, Mr. Latifah. Kimora looks lovely. Puff is Puff.

JHud and the other girl from Dreamgirls chatting at a party in Jen's honor. No, Beyonce wasn't there.

Beyonce in her Armani dress. ~sigh~ The pale green is uninspired and the thick rope sleeve looks dated.

Kim Fields is pretty damn pregnant, isn't she?

Nick and his new Victoria's Secret model wife. Wow. Let's see if he can get his Will Smith on now that he has the one thing white folks respect more than money: marriage and family.

Update: I hear he's not really married. OK dammit.

The man on the far right is responsible for JHud wearing that space fantasy flight jacket to the Oscars.

The Dreamgirls performance @ the Oscars.

I'm really happy for Jennifer. She's a super talented, gracious singer. I have always loved Beyonce, too, but she sang so hard in this performance. They did a nice job overall, though. Both can really sing, but have different styles. God that girl has a VOICE. Akoni, Akina, Noni Juice...whatever the cute little Dreamgirl's name is...has a great voice also.

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  1. Beyonce can't conceal her envy. She refused to take a picture with JHud and her new man Oscar. Real Talk!

    JHud showed up and showed out in Dreamgirls!


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