Saturday, February 17, 2007

K-Ci Contributes to "Who's Got Jokes?"

At the bottom of this post is K-Ci's performance on TV-One's "Who's Got Jokes?" Apparently, K-Ci got all the jokes.

He starts out gently lowering himself onto some grown man's shoulders.

I think his "carrier" even caresses his knee.

Then, ya boy tries to get the ladies hot by sticking out his tongue. Definitely misses his mark.

How does a grown man tell another grown man, "Ok, put me down"?

Not even Mo'Nique is turned on by this seductive shitty mess.

Of course he wouldn't be K-Ci without taking off his shirt. Check it out though -- he's updated his style: naked and leanin and rockin with it.

My review of the vocals:
Out of four stars, this is a 1.5 at best. Halfway through, Jo Jo shows up and confirms that he, too, is either flying real high or drunker than Mel Gibson. K-Ci sounds like that old black man in the choir who can't hear nor see and definitely can't sing. And didn't Jo Jo used to be able to sing?

K- Ci better clean up his act and get next to MJB so he can catch her if Kendu lets her fall.

Watch and laugh here:


  1. that was not KC and Jo Jo...that was Ashy Larry and Dave Chapelle up there playing!!!!

  2. Please tell me you have this video because I just say the show earlier this week around 3 or 5 A.M. and have been searching for any repeats. It made me spit up my drink laughing.

  3. I would give a lot to see this performance just one more time. To date, this is the funniest thing I've ever seen on t.v. hands down. They probably gave their last to get that removed. I've looked everywhere for this video because I've never laughed so hard before the night I watched this and I wanted to show everyone I know.


    lol. You're welcome


    lol. You're welcome


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