Saturday, September 29, 2007

Superhead on Jamie Foxx Radio Show

This is a pretty interesting, funny, and looooong interview. No holds bared.

The gist is a lot of name calling and laughing. Karrine is ... Karrine. And Jamie is, of course, Jamie. The only somewhat serious moment is when Tigger calls and lamely defends the NASTY ASS claims Superhead makes against him. I mean, it's pretty vile, and either she's a bold faced liar or he's flaming punk. The computer got kinda hot, I must say.

The only part I don't get is: why is she so offended at being called Superhead?? Bitch, don't act brand new -- that's your name.


  1. she should be wanting to be called "mother" wtf????

  2. I am glad that Karrine "Superhead" Stephens exposed Big Tigger. Maybe more women will use more caution with men. I have to say this is really scary. Just the idea that men are on the down low sickens me. Men, let's be honest about your sexuality. Karrine never stated that Big Tigger was gay although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what went down. She simply stated what she saw and that leads me to believe that there is truth to what she said about Big Tigger. A message to these men that are on the down low...what you do in the dark will eventually come to light especially when you are deceiving and dishonest about your sexuality. Big Tigger if you have sexual encounters with men or if you have done so in the past, just be honest about it. I am sure people will love you anyway. Thanks Karrine, I appreciate that fact that you are open and honest about your sexuality. Now maybe people will wake up and stop acting like this stuff don't happen all the time.
    Don't shoot the messenger...


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