Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's Over O.J.

I've been gone a LONG time, but of course O.J. bought me out of seclusion.

Orenthal James Simpson (because that's who he'll be on each and every commissary note) must think it's a joke. It aint! After being hauled off to jail like he'd just been caught killing a blonde and her friend, OJ joked:

"I thought what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas."
No, Black Man, what goes on in jail trumps what goes on in Vegas. Note to OJ: They got you nigga. No bail and no more breaks, Mr. Simpson. If you don't get a trial by judge, an all white jury in Bootuck, MS will give you every second a black man can face.

OJ will be older and stiffer than Bill Cosby when they let him out.

But what do you expect from a man who wrote, "If I Did It?"
Did OJ really think he was going to get away with confessing? When a black man gets away with that kind of double murder his best bet is to shut the ___ up and lay real, real, low. Like, almost dead. Not dance around with white women and writing about how he killed 2 white people ... and then armed robbery?

OJ is more of a nigga than I know he ever planned to be.

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