Friday, December 14, 2007

My Blogging

I created the first gossip blog.

Whew! - I’ve been holding that in since I first clicked on the BEST entertainment blog out there: Crunk and Disorderly. I had been doing something much more low key (think: home spun) since 1999. Under the sickeningly soulful name of TexasFlava, I'd created a page on BlackPlanet for the sole purpose of getting my opinions into cyberspace. I had no desire to include any personal information on my page, although my pictures were splattered throughout.

Chris Alexander, a witty, smart, clever, and private friend of mine who passed away earlier this year (RIP PD), had an impersonal yet heavily trafficked page on BlackPlanet. Because I thought he was the coolest thing since Matthew Knowles, I wanted my page to be impersonal also. I did agree that it screamed of desperation to make your BlackPlanet page a personals ad, so I was never tempted to go that route. All I wanted to do, at first, was crack on wack pages on BP. Those commentaries quickly turned into celebrity and news opinions. I had a nice following, too.

A few years into it, I lucked up on Crunk and Disorderly. I was shocked! I laughed, and I went to some other celeb blogs. I quickly realized these folks were serious about blogging. My commitment just didn’t go that deep. But, I’ve tried to maintain some semblance of a blog. I have gotten pretty damn lazy about it though. Instead of the insightful musings that I was known for on BP, I’ve resorted to quips here and there on celeb sightings and events. Little news—and even fewer original ideas.

I think I’m ready to put a little more effort into this thing.


  1. So you created the first like Al Gore and teh internet or Like Lil' Richard and Rock and Roll? I would just liek to know the correct bvantage point to read this from! *lol*


  2. I also would like to know how to type a little better in the afternoon!! Sorry for the typos *lol*

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