Friday, January 18, 2008

The Wendy Williams Disconnect

Do you feel any kind of connection to Wendy Williams? As a woman, do you ever think, “I see myself in her...” Do you ever identify with Wendy? Does she remind you of your best friend, sister, mother, cousin? Or does she remind you of your gay friend, a transvestite around the corner, your gay brother…?

I have always voted that Wendy was probably born Wendell or even Leon, but definitely not Wendy. Some people laugh at me; few agree, but Wendy has to be a man for these reasons:

Wendy is 5’11. (Many natural born women are taller, sure.)

Wendy sounds like a man. (Height and voice go together, so that's ok.)

Wendy looks like a man. (True.)

Wendy went in hiding when she was pregnant. She called it “bed rest”. (Ping!)

Wendy ‘s husband always looks like he’s ashamed to be with her. Not because she’s loud and Tammy Faye Baker-ish looking, but because she is a HE. (Ping!)

I feel more of a connection with Serena Williams, as brute as she is, than with Wendy Williams. I know that Serena has her good and bad moments, but I also never ever doubt that Serena was born a female. She's just athletic. Wendy is a man.

As you're watching the heart-wrenching clip below, try to imagine Wendy without the make-up and you’ll see… that's a grown man under there.

Wendy's also obsessed by gay men. She’ll give a little bit of talk to lesbians and heteros, but her thing is exposing the gayness therewithin! Only fag hags and gay men are obsessed by gay men. I don’t see any gay men in Wendy’s entourage, so she’s not digging the girls who are obviously boys. And she clearly doesn’t like women. Yes, I know many women don’t like women, but this woman is a man. Period.

Wait – I just blew my own theory. I’m neither a fag hag nor a gay man – I’m a straight woman and I’m obsessed with wanting to out this “gay man”. ~Sigh~


  1. Yes! Wendy Williams is a man.

  2. Even though she looks like a dude, has anyone trace back to her high school that she claims that she went to and find out if Wendy Williams existed? What about childhood friends?

  3. The ignorance level prevalent in this post is so breathtaking I don't know where to begin.

    You get half your genetic material from mommy, half from daddy. Despite what some of the scientifically challenged may think, no one on this planet is '100% man' or '100% woman.'

    There are also women who have the parts but can't bear children. Does that make them men too>

    There are more than a few guys walking around who look like their mothers and vice versa.

    Ever heard Toni Braxton sing? I also know of genetic women who have more bass in their voices than some so called men.

    FYI Smokie, not all transwomen are the height of WNBA point guards. There are also transwomen that are of average height as well.

    So in your wisdom, any genetic woman who is sensitive to the plight of GLBT people or gay men, or has a mix of physical or social traits that are associated with the opposite gender is automatically a 'man' herself?

  4. @monica roberts: Thanks for stopping by, Dude!

  5. Haha damn Smokie you're a bigoted asshole.

    Like really at this point i think you're beyond helping so i'd just prescribe some dying in a fire 4 u motherfucker :)

  6. Looks like Ru Paul's double to me!! I do not think that this person was born a woman.


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