Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin's Daughter Not Practicing Abstinence

Despite Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin's stance on abstinence, her daughter, Bristol, still managed to get pregnant at age 17. And then, no one really knows for sure if Sarah's latest baby, Trig (wtf?), is actually Sarah's grandson. The Internet is buzzing that Trig is also the child of Sarah's teenaged daughter, Bristol. Not to mention, her own mother-in-law isn't sold on her VP credientials or capabilities:
Faye Palin said the entire family was shocked by the news on Friday. "I'm not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she's a woman and a conservative. Well, she's a better speaker than McCain," Faye Palin said with a laugh. "People will say she hasn't been on the national scene long enough. But I believe she's a quick study." More here

Let's be real. There's a very good chance that Need-A-Cane McCain might die anytime between right now and 4 years from now. I don't want Sarah Palin to step in as President. And, I'm not too convinced she can even give a good speech after watching her frenzied talk the other day. Sarah Palin has way too much going on to run for Vice President right now. She reminds me of a small town principal on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Let's give this woman some Bath & Body Works and let her take a long vacation and relax.

I'm all for Bristol having her baby (or aborting it if she so chooses), but I have a few questions for her mother:

1. Do you still think Abstinence-only is the best method to cut down on unwanted teen pregnancies?

2. With grandmother hood looming, and 5 kids of your own -- one of whom has Down's Syndrome -- don't you think you have too much on your plate to lead the country?

3. How does your husband feel about this? Is he mad at all the extra work he'll have to do?

4. Does Bristol's boyfriend want to marry her?

5. Does Bristol want to marry her boyfriend?

6. Does Bristol want to have this baby?

7. Did you give birth to Trig? Did Bristol?

8. Are you ever going to snatch off your eye glasses and take the pin out of your hair and transform into Super Beauty Queen White Woman?

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  1. alot of ppl ask where the magic is/
    in a world where vps daughters cant practice abstinence/ see what happens is/ these little bitches be having kids/ and then they mommas get mad as shit/


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