Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Thoughts About the Election

We better get our acts together. Obama is doing his part. We need to step up.

I'm still in some shock.

Who cares about Michelle's dress? She's fine in ev-er-y thing.

Thank you God for giving me a reason to almost like my husband Barry's name.

It was Obama's African wisdom that kept him so cool and told him exactly how to handle each situation. To think, I almost attributed this to his white side. No, he's an African King...

Did Obama and Michelle have the best sex ever last night?

Everything Obama does is fast and efficient. He came on the scene in a whirlwind - came from behind and whipped McCain hard and swift with 338 + electoral votes - became the first Black President of the United States. It gets absolutely no higher than this. He's above Oprah.

McCain went from in-the-news-every day to complete insignificance in under 2 hours.

This election proves one thing: you DO have to be better and smarter to succeed as a black man.

As much as I love them, the rappers don't seem quite as great as Obama.

Can you believe the United States of America chose an African American family man named Barack HUSSEIN Obama? Yes, we can say his whole name with pride now. HUSSEIN HUSSEIN HUSSEIN.

For the first time in my life, I wish I was going to a black owned establishment tomorrow.

It almost seems sinful not to hang up Obama stuff in the office.

I just knew that if Black women could put Tyler Perry at the #1 spot in the box office, black women and every other reasonable minded American could vote Obama into office.

Imagine what the slaves must be thinking now.

Finally! We've done something MLK can be proud of.

What does this mean? What does this mean? Will racism really drop? HAS racism really dropped? Will Obama be in the top 3 best president's list? Will all Michelle's relatives stop by the White House on a regular basis? Will the media continue to cover Barrack like he's a movie star? Will Obama stay strong in the face of many temptations? Will he help Black people? South Africans?

Am I dreaming?


  1. Man when I think of all the things that have happened in the last ten years the new millennium is definitely living up to it's hype. I think of how significant this is to me and then think how MUCH more significant this is to my mom, who went to segregated elementary or my grandmothers who grew up and raised families in the Jim Crow south.

    I wish my paternal grandmother would come out of her Alzheimer's fog just a minute to truly grasp this moment. HISTORICAL and HOPEFULLY is what this moment is.


  2. Just wanted to say what a hater you are for supporting Prop 8. It's only a matter of time though before we all have equal rights. Eat it.

  3. girl - where have you blogged about supporting prop 8???? i don't see it anywhere - what is NAT reading?

  4. Obviously, NAT's a tard.


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