Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The (Fake) Relationship (Fake) Ends

Eva and Lance broke up. No surprise here. I wish I would have cared a tenth of a fraction about Eva and Lance before today. If I had, I would have written a small post about what I really thought of them. Instead, I never addressed the couple and only chuckled to myself at the idea that they were more than an attractive Dawn and Que.

Separately and together, the two are both visually appealing, but they never seemed like a real couple to me. It never seemed true to me. They appeared like a manufactured relationship brought on by two D list celebs who wanted to become a hot couple in Hollywood.

They were hot - sizzling and crackling aike fire - but, who followed them like that? Their whole relationship was one big photo shoot. As a single or married couple, what could Eva and Lance ever do to get Jay-Z and Bey kind of attention? Or even Kim K. and Reggie B. attention?

So yeah, I knew the wedding would be called off. It's one thing to take a bunch of pictures together and memorize cutesy little anecdotes about each other, but it's a whole 'nother bucket to plan a wedding and have to marry your cute lil gay homeboy. Ok, Lance might not be on the down low, but I still never saw them as a real couple.


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