Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She Get It From Her Mama

So it turns out that Gabby Sidibe’s mom is just as confident as good ole Gabby herself (or "Notorious Precious" if you're Jamie Foxx). Never mind that her daughter was just in an Oscar nominated film, Alice Tan Ridley is still singing in subways for some spare change and loving every minute of it. And now? Now she's jumping into the ring while it's hot as fried chicken grease for the plus sized confident black woman.

Age, race, size, and missing teeth be damned! Alice will be an inspiration to us all as she auditions for America's Got Talent on March 20th.

Oh yeah, you thought there would be only one Hollywood star in the family? Baby boom. I just love that mother and daughter team. I can't wait to see them slim up as the get deeper into Hollywood.

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