Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blogs and Such

Christmas is over and I'm glad. I enjoyed spending time with my extended family, but I'm pretty introverted and there's only so much togetherness I can take. Give me a book, a PC, the television, my husband, the kids up stairs out of the way and happy -- and space to write in peace -- and I'm GOOD.

So, I'm at work and the office is about 20% full. Perfect! This is the absolute perfect time to be at work. I don't mind the quiet because there's always a flurry of activity going on inside this brain of mine. I'll go on vacation next week when the kids are back in school and everyone's back on the road. Am I weird for that? If so, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaatever! :-)

I've been surfing the internet a lot lately, and I just wanted to share what I've been reading. Blogs, articles, sites, etc.

Food Gawker - I love this foodie website. So many pics and recipes.

Major Must Haves - This woman simply has it going ON. This is a fashion website where I just look at the pictures and get tips and advice on where to find outfits and how to dress. I'm not a shopper, so I need all of the help I can get!

Nami - Mental Illnesses - I'm working on the last couple of chapters of the self help book for women: Healthy on all levels. So, I've had to read up on mental health. I think it's pretty interesting.

Dreams of Life - This is a documentary about a 41 year old woman who dies and no one notices...for nearly 3 years. I've read so many comments such as: "oh this could be me!", but unless you're an old recluse, this SHOULDN'T be you. Live life. Have close relationships with people. Period.

99 Crazy Moments of 2011 - I like looking at the year in review.

50 Best Websites of 2011

Time Magazine - I just LOVE Time mag. The pictures, the lists, the articles. Great mag!

Life Magazine - See above.

Washington Post - "Being a Black Man" - I mean, since I'm not one, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Top Documentary Films - Watch free documentaries online.

Crime Library - If you love stories of crime, this is the spot to be.

Foot Binding - UGH!!! - I'll never look at "Lotus Flower Bomb" the same again.

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