Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is Beyonce Really Pregnant?

With a heavy heart, I have to say NO. I feel like a traitor to one of THE prettiest and most amazing performers in the world. But, Beyonce has me giving her the side eye with this pregnancy fiasco. When she “announced” her pregnancy at the VMAs in August I was sooo happy for her. Not as excited as Kanye West for sure, but still, when she rubbed that bump on stage I felt like, “Yeah! She did that!”

And then, I saw this picture and a little alarm went off. 

Her stomach just didn’t look like there was a baby inside of it. She just looked very full...of Popeyes. I know a pushed out stomach when I see one.

Her stomach didn’t have that roundness that it had in this picture, taken on the red carpet of the VMAs just a few days before the bikini picture:

My mother initially thought that Beyonce probably was pregnant, but wore padding to make her stomach appear bigger or maybe she even had some kind of protective device over her stomach. Ok….

Since then, I started observing her bump like a hawk. I saw all of the pictures of her out and about (never going to or coming from a doctor’s office, mind you) and sometimes her bump wasn't visible at all. I know that clothes can sometimes make a pregnant stomach appear smaller than it is and I tried to give Jay-Z’s wife the benefit of the doubt. Then BOOM. She had the “Sunday Night” interview in Australia and her stomach literally sunk, deflated, collapsed. Oh baby!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Timeline of Beyonce’s Pregnancy

Recently, Beyonce presented a behind the scenes video of “Countdown” (see further down) and in it she said that it was September 23rd and she was 6 months pregnant. This date is what my timeline is based on.

April 2011 = 1 month pregnant
Ok, no one shows at 1 month, but are they able to do all that Beyonce was able to do in her first trimester?

She hit up Disney Land…and rode the roller coaster.

She did a grueling photo shoot in Paris.

May 2011 = 2 months pregnant
She performed “Girls (Rule the World) for Oprah’s farewell show.

She went to the Met Ball with Jay-Z

She performed on “American Idol”.

June 2011 = 3 months pregnant
She performed in France on June 20th.

Here she is on June 27th on “Piers Morgan”. She hadn't told the public about her pregnancy yet, but she hinted.

She did a photoshoot for “W” magazine.

She gave a concert in Gastenbury!

She performed on the “X Factor”.

July 2011 = 4 months pregnant
She performed on "Good Morning America". She wore clothes to hide her bump, but why? There’s nothing to see here folks!

She performed at the Oxegen Festival in Ireland. Covering up again…for no reason.

Here she is performing at T in the Park in Scotland.
(Keep in mind Mama Tina did say Beyonce had morning sickness in her 1st trimester and I’m not showing ALL that she did in her first trimester. Your girl was busy promoting "4".)

She performed on “Jimmy Fallon” (it was taped and showed a few months later).

She also performed on “The View”.

She did a spread for "Complex" magazine.

August = 5 months pregnant.
Remember those 4 nights at Roseland? August 14, 16, 18 and 19

Yes, I know she wore a dress with a flap on it and she didn't dance as much as she normally dances in concert, but that flap meant nothing, zero, nada and she DID dance her butt off on a few songs.

FINALLY, she showed us that she’s pregnant at the VMAs.

A few days before, however, she filmed the “Party” video.

September 23 = 6 months
Then, she did this behind the scenes video in some closed room with Julius probably dutifully holding the camera (because Jay-Z has been keeping his distance). She said it was filmed on September 23rd at 6 months pregnant. “You can’t tell I’m pregnant from the front, but oh when I turn to the side!”

Well, here she is from the side in the "Countdown" video, shot in September. Where is that stomach, girlfriend? I know you aren't wearing a girdle and possibly giving your baby brain damage? Can a girdle even MUCH squash a baby to that degree?

Beyonce's "Countdown" video – The Original, not the Altered, version

Here she is at the House of Dereon Fashion Show.  That flash of skin looks an awful lot like whatever she wore under her clothing during the screening of the Roseland DVD with the Associated Press (more on that further down).

Now, here she is at the Torey Burch store opening in September. How does a 6 month pregnant woman wear this? And check her out in the mirror “from the side”. Huh? No hell.

October = 7 months
Now, here’s the big OOPS! Her stomach literally collapses on the set of “Sunday Night”. There’s no getting around this. 

You can find the link to the interview anywhere on the web. It's EVERYWHERE.

Never one to shy away from controversy, she stepped out in a tight blue dress the very next day. Bump in full effect. What is that band around the top of the stomach though?

A few days later, that round stomach is barely there.

November= 8 months
So now her stomach is huge.

She danced at a Jay-Z concert.

She displayed a very awkward looking bump with Nicki Minaj at a Victoria Secret show in early November. For some reason, her face is super swollen in this picture and she's looking like Jay-Z. Her face is never seen like this again. (Too many fat injections?)

Here’s another instance of her deflating baby bump, during the “Live at Roseland” screening. She's talking to the Associated Press and some “super fans”. There are a few things that don’t look quite right during this screening. #1, she’s wearing a black bra, right? Well, what is that beige looking contraption that slips up just as she gets comfortable? Not only does the beige thing show, but her bump deflates at the same time.

Notice that the video below stops at 2:41…right before the beige thing becomes visible and her bump deflates. The good folks at the Associated Press clipped this video short so that Beyonce could save face. Boy, wouldn’t you like to see the rest of that video…! But thankfully, we do have the photographs that show what happened after the 2:41 mark.

Also, why is she wearing that long, long dress and why is all of that gold junk covering the stomach? WHAT IS UNDER THAT DRESS, BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER? LOL She just HAD to come out of the house to promote that DVD. 

Now, she’s shown in full bloom, poolside with Jay-Z and the fam. Why is she wearing so many clothes at the pool? And what is that thing that’s supposed to be a stomach? What is that darkness on the BUMP?

December = 9 months
It’s December now and the charade is almost up. I know she can’t wait until the surrogate delivers that baby so she can finally stop wearing that dreadful bump.

Here’s the "20/20" interview with Katie Couric. In this video I noticed #1, Beyonce races down the stairs to greet Katie, #2, she moves Katie’s hand to a safe spot on her stomach TWICE. It was so noticeable that Katie actually asks Beyonce is it OK for her to touch her stomach. She replies “of course”, but she STILL moves Katie’s hand to a safe spot. #3, Beyonce plops down in the swivel chair in her office AND leans forward when she talks about “the baby”. That girl better stop forgetting that she's wearing a stomach! I'm thinking she must never wear it at home.

And doggone it, her stomach isn’t nearly as full in this interview as it was in the blue pool ensemble. Her face  isn’t nearly as swollen as it was in the picture with Nicki Minaj, either.

Girl, come on. Let’s keep it real.


  1. A reader of mine submit a link to your blog. I must say I am really impressed. I just wanted to catch you up on the latest belly bump scandel. There are two blind items about Beyonce pregnancy feel free to post on your blog.
    "BlindGossip" is dropping some hintful gossip that maybe directly related to the singer, her husband and their surrogate:
    She was brought in from outside the United States. She only speaks Spanish (or Portuguese?), and has a child who is approximately Kindergarten age. She is fairly attractive, looks like she is in her late twenties, and has thick, dark brown hair and medium-colored skin. You probably wouldn’t notice her if she was walking down the street. However, it doesn’t really matter what she looks like, as she is simply the Surrogate for a baby that is a genetic combination of the soon-to-be Mom and Dad. The Surrogate is currently living on the Lower West Side of Manhattan with her first child in a very nice apartment. She is not married, and does not really know anyone in New York, but she does want to stay here once the birth is over. The apartment is being paid for by the Couple. The Surrogate is well-cared for by a full-time staff person and there is always a doctor or nurse on call. She looks like she is approximately eight months pregnant, and is clearly much bigger than the Mom, who is simply playing pregnant.


    BlindGossip] Well, this certainly has been the most incredible pregnancy ever! Bellies growing and shrinking! Breasts swelling and flattening! Prosthetics flopping and popping!

    Frankly, all this trickery is exhausting, and hasn’t been nearly as convincing as she hoped it would be. Therefore, Floppy will be keeping a low profile for the next month.

    So, she’s not really pregnant, but there will be a baby soon. And Floppy has been very busy behind the scenes shaking that baby money tree! Some money is going out (payments to medical professionals who will swear that they were there for the birth), but much, much more money will be coming in.

    She will be making money off of the fake story of the baby’s


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  2. Seriously, she is not pregnant. what an embarassment. but how about the blue sheer dress, and shes around her nephew. Surely he would ask what shes wearing on her tummy. why would she take such a risk around a kid, and kids cant hold secrets for sh^t!!!

  3. Thanks Mona. I don't update very often, but maybe I'll update more in 2012. :-)

    Enlightened, I'd say there is a 15% chance that Beyonce is really pregnant. Doesn't look like she's going to show that stomach though, does it?

  4. FINALLY! you must have heard me.

    The white beach wear: check the shadows, from the top, they fall from left to right,(downward), (prego or not,no woman has ribs that big), and the shadow from those ribs fall from the bottom (upwards). Totally different direction from those casted by the sun. Who the heck has ribs so big, that they cast a shadow? these cavewoman ribs aren't from her 6-pack because in photos taken over the years - swimwear, she does not have a sixpack)

    PLUS: shadows are one solid color, they do not get deeper/darker when overlapping, (because there is no overlap when it comes to shadows). CHECKout how the air brushed ribs are overlapped by the real shadows, causing the rib shadows to appear darker as they meet the natural shadows.

  5. HA! when women are pregnant, after a few months, it can be seen from any angle (almost), so her saying "you can't tell from the front" (at 6-months)is crack logic. As big as her stomatch was in that video, it would be noticable. Oh Baby!

    She needs to get a fake bump that grows in all directions - expanding to the point that her waist increased. Yeah, all women are different, but this is way pass sad. I'm still not clear with the Oh Baby video, was she quoting what was written in that particular article - or was she actually stating that she is (was) 6-months. I'm finished w/ her, not that it matters

    Babies - a good marriage - do not make.

  6. She not pregnant I'm pregnant. And trust this not my first child I never had a stomach like dat its fake

  7. Hey Smokie, many people are saying Beyonce has a surrogate.
    Check this out
    NEW YORK) — In a strange yet suspected twist to the story of Beyonce’s birth we received an email this morning with a rather unexpected tip. Our anonymous tipper stated this:

    ‘Nobodies seen Beyonce because she’s hiding out while the surrogate mother is giving birth to her baby. The big ‘Celebrity VIP’ is the surrogate disguised as Beyonce in case any of the paparazzi get too close to the hospital before and after the birth’

  8. Wow, the way everything was laid out to me, it really does seem like she is not pregnant and after watching the last video; I was like oh wow. I hope she was pregnant though but if not what's with the lie. Is it shameful? I'll say this, if it's told that she really did fake her pregnancy, she is going to lose a lot of fans. Love her, and there is going to be a baby regardless; so God bless them all and their new baby girl.

    1. I'll still remain a fan because I do love me some Beyonce :-), which is why I was so disappointed that she lied to her fans.

  9. Awesome coverage Smokie! I've been pondering this for a few weeks, and when she 'had' the baby, I said to myself, "Bey wasn't pregnant...!" What did it for me was all the 'cloak and dagger' behavior, I mean, really?! Come on! It's good to be concerned, but covering security cameras and 'buying' the floor? People say she could have had the child at home, but in reality, no she couldn't, because see, she had to have PROOF that she really had a baby, and going to the hospital did that much...SMH...

  10. I can't stand her I'm sorry. I've always thought she was fake....yes, the woman is a star performer but I still don't like her. It's ridiculous that they paid so much for the maternity floor...I read in an article that one of the new dads went to visit his wife and premie babies in thr NICU but was,denied access by Bey's security...cmon...

  11. hey when u fart, your stomach tends to deflate. mine sure did and i have three kids! when i was 6 months with y first, i sure as hell didn't look like it and i'm 5 ft 3in!everybody carries differently, from person to person, and baby to baby. unless her camp comes right out and says she had some one else carry the baby, i believe she carried her baby. yes i seen the pics and they are out of order. fix it and stop lieing.

    1. They aren't out of order. I can't listen to anyone who spells "lying" as "lieing". Stop surfing and pick up a dictionary.

    2. I been pregnant 3 times and I didn't show till I was 5months!! Even till I was 9months my stomach was small...My stomach looked tiny and even people would tell me it looked fake because it was so round.. It looked like I had a soccer ball under my shirt.. Lol but idk I guess there is alot of evidence that her pregnancy was fake.. But no matter what there is a baby so bless her family and if she lied must off been for a good reason, I guess:/...

  12. I think beyounce should be a shame of herself if everyone else can give birth what makes her so special. Maybe she can't have children, but you know i always though this was a fake anyway, she is just a sad person and a little silly if you really want to know the truth.sad, sad, sad!!!!!

    1. Ashamed of herself? Seriously? And if she cant have children shes a fake? Are you kidding? That's just idiocy, i mean, if she doesn't want to give birth its HER choice. Shes going to take care and provide for that baby, and that's what maters. And not being able to have children doesn't make you fake either, again idiocy, and that was just stupid in itself. I wont have to say anything further.

    2. Ok bottom line, if she did get a surrogate simply because she didn't want to ruin her body, yea that's pretty messed up, it goes along with motherhood. Which is a very shameful reason. And if she couldn't have kids it is very respectful that she got a surrogate, however, the lying is what became shameful. She would have gained a lot more respect from fans if she came out with the truth. So, really Robin, you are the one full of idiocy, because yes, she should be ashamed of herself. Pregnancy and children are a beautiful thing, it should not be made into a lie, and that is exactly what she turned it into, that my friend is shameful.

  13. These are awful, barely supported arguments. If anything, she could have a pregnancy in which the baby sits lower within the womb, I've seen pregnancies in which the mother barely showed at all!

  14. Thanks for your opinion, Robin, but I don't believe Beyonce was ever pregnant. She didn't even have a baby shower!

    1. How would we know if she had a baby shower, maybe it was private just as her wedding was. Btw not everyone has a baby shower either.

  15. Not exactly sure how I got here, but I'm here. Why is it so important how or if she carried a baby? All women that have had children know all women carry differently and not only that the same woman can carry differently with each pregnancy. As far as the order of the pictures and videos I can't say, not sure that anyone can considering that magazines are often shot well in advance before being released to the public. Videos can also be edited which is probably why you don't see it in the countdown video when she turns.

    Why cant people just celebrate the birth of a baby regardless of how it got here and let the parents enjoy being parents.

    Cant believe I just posted on this silliness...smh

    1. it's not important how she carried the baby but it feels funny that she lied about being pregnant.

    2. Justluvlife. You want to know how you got here? Just like the rest of us either curiosity or feeling strongly about the situation. The reason why people are so concerned is because Beyonce put her pregnancy out for the world to see. When she became famous, she gave every fan/hater the right away to be in her business. She knew how happy people were when they got up there and said all of those things. The pictures don't add up, the videos don't add up, and neither do her selfish actions of renting out a whole floor. I am not sure what is going on with her but I know that we don't know the truth about 90% of the things that celebrities, and the government tell us so don't assume that what you said is right. Just be honest and say that you don't know whether she was or not, but you strongly believe that she was. There are legit reasons from both sides of the story but one of them is the truth.

  16. It's sad that she feels she had to lie and fake for so long to the people who love her so much. I think she'll have a Ricky Martin epiphany in which she will feel compelled to tell us the truth.

    No shame in surrogacy. It's the lying she should be ashamed of.

    1. So true. I think some people just don't want to believe that they can be lied to by the people they love/like. If our U.S. government can lie to us everyday...she can to.

    2. I agree. It's not the fact that she used a surrogate. It's the fact that she possibly lied to the public, fans or not.

  17. Well now im starting to believe that she waant pregnant. Remember Brandy lied about being married just to protect her image. Who knows. Beyonce is at the height of her career and maybe she doesnt want to ruin that. But still wants to please her husband Jay- Z. Imma read more blogs. Keep it comin Smokie!!

  18. I don't think she was pregnant. I do think she used a surrogate and I also think its smart she lied about it. Let's be real if people knew who the surrogate was that poor woman. Cameras new people always trying o get to her. Extreme stress can cause a miscarriage at any stage of a pregnancy. And now that the birth is over she can go back to wherever she came from and doesn't have to get followed by the press and people who want her to write a book. And that little tummy I guess will explain why she was lucky enough to have no stretch marks. I find it very suspicious that she didn't have a maternity shoot. They posted their pictures for free because they wanted everyone to share in their joy? If she had real belly pictures we would have seen them. But hey it's their baby now so who cares.

    1. Good points thatnovagirl...

    2. But she could've just not told anyone about the surrogate until the baby was born. That would've been a lot easier than faking a pregnancy.

  19. I just don't understand why Beyonce had to lie to her fans. Maybe she did not want to ruin her body with the pregnancy. Her mom, husband and herself know that if in reality she is perfectly capable of carrying a baby in her womb but instead they paid someone else to do it to maintain her body or to be able to keep on working and not loose high pay contracts... who knows! Whatever the reason, I just don't like her as much as I used to....

  20. I was a cow with my second pregnancy, but with my first i barely showed. I understand that some people can carry small, but how did it go up and down at different times...aint that much clothes. i didnt show with my first boy until 8mos. (when the baby starts to gain weight), and pregnancy widens you. it would have taken her at least six months to get her original shape back two months if she breast feeds. mariah still wide right now, jennifer hudson spread too. i dont really care if someone else had the baby for them with their dna, im just relieved she cute!

  21. She taped her UK ITV Special "A Night With Beyonce" in July/August. After hearing she was pregnant I remembered the show and thought she must of been then. She wears a leotard which shows everything and no way is there a bump anywere. I don't care either way, I love her work and think it is a private matter.

  22. Im so glad I found this site because it feels good that Im not alone in my belief that Beyonce was NEVER pregnant. The whole thing had seemed so strange from the beginning. It just wasnt adding up. Beyonce never really had any pics of herself where that "baby bump" was just so pronounced that it was unmistakable. Most women that are pregnant toward the end when they are huge you'll clearly be able to tell. Never seen that with Bey..sadly though I was really routing for her now I just think she's fake

  23. Do I think beyonce was ever pregnant? No Do I care not really just curious. Truly this is entertaining. People lie all of the time, she is human too just world known lol. But I wouldn't let it worry me too much slowly but surely either the truth will come out or this story will die either way I'm just watching lol

  24. these pics arent even in order!but everyone is entitled to their opinion! But yeah this is BS :) such a sad post

  25. This is hilarious to me. Smokie did her homework the photos are in order. I had doubts all along too I was waiting for her to have the naked preggo pose on Essence or something to shut up the non-believers, it never happened. No she didnt have to prove a thing but I think she should have shared that with her fans. I know they have plenty of money but the picture would have went for millions. Who walks away from something like that? The people that believe in that illuminati say its satin's baby. Poor B!


    Beyonce gurl i love you but dey did a better fake baby from the movie The Pregnacy Project(enven though they just cut a basktball in half and put it on her stomach) it looked better. Beyonce I don't know about they other 1,00000000 of people in the world but i will still love you if you lied just give up the act. You can sing amazing but you don't want people to know you as a GOOD ASS SINGER but she's A LIAR too. Just admitt to your lie and apoligze 4 da lie.

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  29. I linked to this article from my Heather's Haughties site. You did a GREAT JOB!!!!

  30. Hi, I see what you are getting at.. but usually in the first month of pregnancy you don't even know you're pregnant yet because you haven't missed your period. I didn't know I was pregnant until week 5. So her going on roller coasters, etc in the first month was because she didn't know she was pregnant yet.

  31. Okie.. lol now that I have read everything I'm going to comment on everything. Remember JLO performing until she practically popped? Evern big old Mariah? I don't get your point on how it's crazy that she was performing at 2,3,4, etc months pregnant. I was active throughout my entire pregnancy. I traveled, hiked, worked out at the gym until I was 7 months pregnant. Do you have any kids? It's not a handicap being pregnant LOL!

  32. How did she lied and faked her pregnancy? How would you people know? She was pregnant, and thank God she delivered a bouncy baby girl. Every woman is different. Fall back haters.

  33. Beyonce, I just don't know where we went wrong. You knew u were the side piece for tv, we won't discuss the true details of your non existent contracts, but it's safe to say you and JayZ were never in a real relationship. As pathetic as the situation looks now, your best bet is to salvage the little bit of your music entity you have left and let go of the charade. Blue Ivy is not a real person, you made her up in your head to cover the ugly truth about your history in the music biz. Money has kept u out the crazy house thus far..poor JayZ how does his "real" wife and kids handle this?

  34. I have 5 children and with each of them i did not find out i was pregnant until i was already more then month (sometimes longer) because of a crazy menstrual cycle i have... also i did not show until 4-5 months with ANY of my kids to the outside world.. now family and close friends could notice a change but not showing enough that people would automatically know i was pregnant.. month 6 was always when the bump would start being a lot more visible ... sometimes a pregnant tummy can look bigger and/or smaller depending on the day and hour simply because your stomach without a baby is the same way.. when you are full or relaxed your tummy can stick out... if you are trying to stand tall and hide a gut (or a baby) your tummy can appear smaller... also a baby changes positions ALOT which can make your tummy appear different shapes ... my last pregnancy with my daughter (my 5th baby) no one could tell i was even pregnant in months 6-7 with a coat on... and in photos of myself face front you can not tell i was pregnant and only from the side... i did gain a lot more weight and got really big the last 1-2 months though... and i have had nice healthy size babies... my smallest being 7 lbs 1.5 oz and largest almost 9 lbs. soooo i can totally see how her pregnancy is real... as far as the touching the ladies hand when she touched her tummy.. i would do the same out of reflex... also... her covering up when in the blue swim suit? well it was still a bikini and it was a sheer cover up... i don't think it was covering up too much... i think people just expected her to show of her bare belly and sometimes mommy to be's don't want to do that.. their pregnant bellies they want to keep protected as if it were the baby already here... also she has always had a flat tummy ..maybe she was not comfortable showing off a fuller tummy, especially KNOWING that everyone that spots her would be wanting to get a glimpse... as far as them not showing the babies face when she was born.. some of the same reasons come to mind.. i mean maybe just maybe they wanted to enjoy their baby for themselves and share her beauty with only loved ones for at least a short time because as soon as one person got a picture they knew (and we all know) it would be EVERYWHERE! and of course it is true now! i think they are just trying to keep some things for themselves and of course no matter what you do you get picked at and/or criticized no matter which way you go so do what you feel is right

  35. I bet all of you who felt so strongly about the idea of Beyonce faking her pregnancy feel really dumb right now. You all have been proven wrong. She put herself out there. She bared her soul and her body for us all to see and she has nothing but my utmost respect and admiration. I'd also like to add that I too have had 2 babies. With my first no morning sickness whatsoever. I didn't show until I was 7 months and I wasn't big at all. People only knew I was pregnant after I said I was because I felt like I couldn't hide it any longer and with my second child I was sick from the moment I found out until I gave birth. I showed earlier and carried differently. Not every woman spreads. Not every woman gains gargantuan amounts of weight. My younger sister has also given birth to 2 children and shes a size 0. Pregnancy is something that should be revered and respected. Bringing new life into the world and being the vehicle to do so is an honor that so many take for granted and some will never experience in their unfortunate situations. I hope now that all the nay sayers finally have that confirmation they needed.

  36. First, I don't even read comments of those who want to tell me about how much they gained when pregnant. Your pregnancies are completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. Discuss it with your girls. Now, concerning the lovely Beyonce, she proved NOTHING in the documentary. Who's skinny, swayback silhouette was THAT? Then, in the bathroom shot, it looks like she (or somebody) is pushing her stomach out. Bey's face is NEVER shown with her body. This do actually gives credence to the "rumor" that she was never pregnant.

  37. "This doc actually gives..."

  38. The baby was carried by a surrogate, she already stated she had problems carrying children like a million times. With that stated, the child is biologically hers and maybe she just wanted to experience pregnancy like she would have had she carried her baby. No biggie, it will all come out in the wash. Even if it doesn't she is still a mom to a beautiful baby. I wish people would quit speculating on a baby that has already been born?

  39. i havnt read all comments , only half. BUT has anyone noticed how she seems to never DENY the rumour AFTER being caught with the pink dress? she just said "my mother freaked out" im convinced now that she wasnt pregnant. she admitted to a miscarriage so it could be #1 she cant have kids or #2 she doesnt want to ruin her body. but others say she doesnt want to go threw the 9 months and after effect cause she will loose work? i really disagree with that because her and jayz are worth hundreds of millions and can be set for life if they decide to never do anything again in life! anyways great article :)

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