Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is Beyonce Carrying Around a Doll?

The last time we talked about Beyonce it was to question the validity of her pregnancy. For some reason that post garnered a lot of comments. LOL Most people appreciated my time and effort, but others said that I had the pictures out of order, I didn't know what I was talking about, and "why is it so important how or if she carried a baby?" Blah, blah, blah. The pictures are in order, first off. Secondly, I feel some kind of way about Beyonce lying about being pregnant and walking around with a contraption underneath her clothes. That's just not right. I feel even funnier about her trying to pass off pictures of a doll as Blue Ivy Carter.

Why do I think Beyonce is carrying around a doll? Because she is, dang it! Open your nose and smell the coffee. Recognize a doll when you see one! Ha ha. No really, I used to love Beyonce before this pregnancy fiasco. I adored her and would go STAN on any one who spoke against her, but this is too much. First a fake pregnancy, and now a fake baby? How in the world is Beyonce going to pull this off? At some point, that "child" will be seen and we will expect her to walk, run, and skip. When the blanket is finally lifted (pun intended)...what is Beyonce gone do?

Let's really think about Beyonce's actions since giving "birth." First off, she named her dollter (daugher+doll) Blue Ivy. Who names their child BLUE? That's just setting her up to be blue/sad/depressed all the time. Weak argument? Cool. Aside from that little opinion of mine, Beyonce hides Blue's face all the time. I don't live in NY and I don't check the weather in NY so I don't know how cold it is, but I do know Blue Ivy doesn't move and she's always covered up from head to toe. Sure we saw a tuft of hair one time, but dolls have hair, too.

And why isn't Tina Knowles happier? Why does she look so pent up every time she's out with Beyonce and Blue? Why doesn't she ever hold the grandchild that she wanted so much?

The Carters so graciously shared pictures of their dollter when she was "born." However, they haven't shared anymore pictures. At first, I thought Beyonce might be ashamed that the child is no longer light with straight hair (Creoles still think this way. I have an insane dad who shares the sentiment. sigh) But then, I studied the pictures of Blue a little closer and....

...notice how her eyes are looking  to the right? Well, they are conveniently STILL looking to the right when Beyonce holds her. I had wondered why Beyonce didn't take a picture looking into her child's eyes. Heck, that doll wasn't crafted to look straight ahead so Bey had to pose to accommodate the eyes. What's up with this weird arm placement, also? That's a doll. Beyonce...are you OK?

Of course, they couldn't do the same pose for Jay-Z and Blue, so we only see the back of the doll's head in that picture. (Why is Jay-Z going along with this?? Admittedly, he's rarely seen with Beyonce these days, but he did go to lunch with her and Blue and he did make the song "Glory" about his dollter.)

So tell me - do you think Beyonce is carrying a doll? Do you think Blue Ivy really exists? Check out the video below that I found somewhere on the net.

Oh! One more thing: the Today Show did a segment on Reborn Dolls this morning. Just for ish and giggles, check it out here: Today Show on Reborn Dolls

ORRRR...what if I'm totally wrong and this is Blue Ivy....??? :-) Beyonce sure keeps us guessing!

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  1. I'm convinced it is a set of reborn TWINS. One with side glancing open eyes, the other with closed eyes. I am a professional REBORN DOLL MAKER.


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