Sunday, April 8, 2007

Does Jay-Z Have a Kid or Not?

According to US mag he just might... but who cares? R. Kelly pissed on that little girl and I'mma still Flirt. And as long as Jay keeps making good music, he can keep making $1m dollar babies on the low.

Ok - let's suppose Jay did pay the girl $1m to keep his name off the birth certificate. And let's suppose he kept it quiet because he'd just snagged Beyonce and didn't want anything to spoil that magical union. (Let's keep in mind that the Knowles' don't play about illegitimate kids. We all know they made Solange marry her baby daddy just to save face. Too bad Sonja Norwood couldn't pull that one off... but I'm drifting...)

So, if Jay is guilty of all of this (he denies the "ridiculous rumors" here), does this make him a sorry dad? Yes. Does this make him a deceitful liar? Yes. Does this make him crazy behind Bey? Possibly. BUT - does this detract from his skill and business savvy? Nope. I really don't understand why this is such a shock to everyone. Image-minded Jay-Z has never wanted anything to spoil his image. And most importantly - don't we love him for his selfish arrogance?

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