Monday, April 9, 2007

Houston Nurse Kills 3 in Fire

Firestarter and Mobile Home Owner, Misty Ann Weaver

A licensed vocational nurse has been arrested and accused of starting a fire in her office that killed three people and injured six others.

The March 28 fire spread throughout the fifth floor of a six-story building. Three firefighters were among the injured.

Misty Ann Weaver, 34, was scheduled to make her first court appearance Tuesday, charged with three counts of felony murder and one count of first-degree arson. Weaver, arrested late Saturday, remained in jail Sunday in lieu of $330,000 bail, said Harris County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. John Martin.

Authorities alleged that Weaver started the fire because she had neglected to finish an accreditation audit that was due to her boss, a plastic surgeon. "She was fearful of being discharged by the doctor," Fire Department investigator James Snowden said. "Therefore, she figured that by starting a small fire, it would more or less postpone the audit information."

Investigators did not say how the fire was started. Martin said Weaver did not appear to have an attorney to speak for her yet. There was no telephone listing for her in local directories.

What, really, can you say about this? Ms. Nurse had the option to 1) WALK OFF THE JOB, 2) SHRED THE EVIDENCE, or 3) 'FESS UP. I've done all three and life goes on. But she chose to start a fire and run? What a LOSER.

More here, but I had to dig this piece out:

She had worked for Capriotti for about eight years and her duties included "a little bit of everything," he said from his home in Tanglewood.

"She was a wonderful employee," Capriotti said. "She has always been top-notch as far as performance and attitude. It's just a total shock. It's just almost beyond our comprehension."
He said he was aware that Weaver had ongoing financial trouble — she filed for bankruptcy protection, apparently to prevent foreclosure on her mobile home — but did not think the trouble was "pressing." He said that she had no access to office funds.

As for her behavior, it did not change before or after the fire, Capriotti said. She continued to work in his relocated office.

After reading the whole piece, I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

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