Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don Imus: Part 2

First, who gives a ish about Don Imus? Second, what black man really gives a ish about those nappy headed hoes?

I hear black men screaming foul like they really care. And I see Al and Jesse foaming at the mouth behind Imus’ remarks — but who are you kidding? The average black man wouldn’t claim the captain of that basketball team if she was his sister. (And who could blame you? Those Rutger dykes look like they can bench press Chevy's, but that's not the point.)

Imus doesn't bother me. I don't care about the opinion of some near death white man. But I do care about black men swiping credit cards up black women's butts in videos. And I do care that the black women allow it.

I don't want to waste time seeking an authentic apology from Don Imus. (And, yes, he will die before he's fired.) I want to figure out WTF we’re going to do about this crop of disrespectful black boys coming up under a crop of disrespectful black men. And I want to talk about why the girls allow themselves to be so disrespected.

If White men had regularly used terms of degradation for their women, wouldn’t we sometimes call a White woman that degrading term, also? If we always heard white men singing about “stringy haired gold diggers” wouldn’t we start to think of white women as stringy haired gold diggers, too?

I really can’t ask - or expect - Imus to respect my sister if he's witnessing my brother spitting in her face 24 x 7.


  1. That nigga bitch sure is ugly

  2. It cuts both ways, just like the Black society needs to teach morals to girls while they're still young otherwise it would also be right to say....
    "I want to figure out WTF we’re going to do about this crop of disrespectful black girls coming up under a crop of disrespectful black women."

    Every week I encounter a Black woman shouting all manner of obscenities at her children in public. How do we expect these kids to grow up to be self-respecting, confident, focused and humble, non-confrontational Black ladies??

  3. I understand where you are coming from but Don Imus remarks are referred to as racial remarks. When a black amn goes there with a sister, it's not racial. Both are demeaning, but there is a BIG difference. Not that black sisters shouldn't be saddened by both. But lets be honest, some sisters deserve that ish.


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