Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kilpatrick and Wife Speak

I'm very confused about the over-sized men's suit she's wearing.

Is he belching...?

I think this whole story is dramatically fascinating, yet completely common. I'm not saying - nor do I believe - that all men cheat, but this happens all the time. Just not in a public forum.

Girlfriends don't leave their cheating men. Wives don't leave their cheating men. Girlfriends marry men who they know will cheat. Wives excuse the cheating. Politicians cheat on the company dime every day. Corporate execs do it, too. If the citizens of your city pay for your affairs and you are caught, you should pay the money back. That's really, the only issue here.

That Kwame and his mistress were immature enough to send THAT many text messages might be another issue. The strong, sensitive woman in me hates Kwame for hurting his wife like that. I hate the redbone he was...boning...because she was married and happily destroying so many lives. And, I have issues with Mrs. Kilpatrick for sitting there in that men's suit. I'm almost tempted to understand why he cheated. Ok, I completely understand why. Oh well...Team Kwame.


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