Friday, January 25, 2008

Britney’s Spears’ Sister’s Baby...etc.

For the longest time I wasn’t intrigued by the Britney-Spears-is-crazy headlines. But when her 16 year-old sister got pregnant, I was forced to tune into the world of Trailer Park Trash with Money. What I found was startling! And admirable (in a shameful way). I can’t help but admire the White Girl spin that these girls are putting on the face of a "baby mama". Brit's a trailer park genius. And her sister? Learning fast.

Why do I think Brit’s a genius?

When she first got with K-Fed, she showed us that she don’t give a damn about anybody’s happiness but her own. She surely didn’t care about Shar Jackson’s feelings when she swept K-Fed off his break dancing feet. Then, she proceeded to do exactly what she wanted to do and married Kevin – with an iron tight pre-nup in place. She later pushed out 2 kids for him, completely ignoring family advice and onlooker criticism.

Then, still doing what the eff Britney wants to do, she cut her hair off and began the “I’m too crazy to raise these kids – here, you take em...” facade.

Britney tried out marriage and kids, but she ended up with a man who liked excessive partying and who wasn’t around much. Fine, says Britney. She got a divorce and now she’s playing a damn good “insane mommy” roll. Britney put a WHOLE new twist on being a baby mama. Shar Jackson tried to be the new age black baby mama by being “understanding” and “cool”, but Brit trumped all of that with a big middle finger – to Kevin, Shar, and the kids.

Poor Shar. She’d hung in there all that time as a regular old unwed baby mama. Britney swooped in, got married, had kids, and BOUNCED on everybody. It’s not right, but dammit, she’s Britney bitch.

And little Jamie Lynn is not even playing like she’s about to be any bodies baby mama. Only a Solange would raise a child at such a young age.

I bet a nigga won't impregnate them Spears girls.

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  1. i saw your comment on sandra rose , i do agree with you , she is playing crazy not to raise those kids. But she is not poor , and she is not running out of money , some how she is getting money from the paps , she is in on the whole scherade with them and we are the suckers.


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