Sunday, October 19, 2008

If I Were White

Before I start, I want you to know that, yes, I know Beyonce has 2 new songs, and 2 new videos. On a scale of one to ten, I give a 7 average for both songs. I love Bey, I'm a big fan, but there is still a song that I haven't heard - and want to hear - from Bey. I don't know what it is, but when I hear it, I'll let you know. "Single Ladies" is catchy and I can sing it to ex-boyfriends in my mind, but it's not good enough. The video is engaging though. Same analysis for "If I Were a Boy". That one might be a pop hit.

NOW. Since I've spoken on some kind of gossip... on to business. It's real hard to click on the gossip sites right now. There are way too many news sites and I am addicted to the political climate.


After seeing all of the racist and igNUT rants targeted at Barack, I had to really stop and evaluate who I am and how I would feel if I were a white person.

I criticize all races. I don't believe that "color doesn't matter", and I have always believed, in theory, that people are free to be as prejudiced as they want to be. I've never taken offense at the thought of racism. On the other hand, I have a hard time actually hearing and seeing blatant racism.

I live in the inner city of Houston, Texas, the 4th largest city in America. Yes, there are horses, but I've never ridden one and neither have most people I know. I'm a city girl and for the most part I've never been around out-and-out vocal racists.

I have been called a nigga twice in my life. The first time: in the 4th grade after I called a white boy a honkie, and the second time: in Kentucky by a group of wild white men. Me, my mother, and an all male cast from a play she'd written had to stay in a motel in Kentucky overnight during the play's tour. When I left the room to get some ice, I was almost ambushed by drunken white men who chased me to our room while screaming racial slurs.

Luckily the guys were far away when the spotted me -- and I was back in that motel room before the men could reach me. I'm too cautious to get caught up if I can get just a second moment's notice.

Before we left the city, we were told "go back home, niggas" one last time. So I know racist white people exist. And, as long as they kept their hands to themselves, I thought that I really didn't care about racism.

I even wondered if I'd be a racist if I were white. Would I vote for Obama if I were white? Or, would I be scared of "the blacks" taking over everything? Would I be scared of losing my white supremacy? Would I be so greedy that I wouldn't want America to have a Black president? Would I be too suspicious of his last name and heritage? Would I think he were a Muslim? Would I be frightened that the first black president of America might outshine all of the previous white ones combined (sans Kennedy)? Would I be able to BaROCK the vote?

I might feel all of these things. I might be scared. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'd vote for Barack. I know that I'd see the difference between him and McCain and I'd be smart enough and thoughtful enough to roll with Barack. It's not about race. It's really not because if, right now, John F. Kennedy Jr. were running against Jesse Jackson or Larry Elder or Al Sharpton... I know John would get my vote. I'd choose the young, fresh, thoughtful, analytical, even-tempered, handsome white guy.

I'm not worried about white people pulling a fast one on us and sending McCain to the White House. I honesty don't think white people are that dumb. I don't think progressive white people are that dumb.

And we better be ready for it all. Barack's campaign is sending the worst of the worst the forefront. If this Black man (at this point his racial make up is more than a little moot) is sworn into the Presidential office, some black men in America will be killed. Blacks who have never been called a nigga will probably hear it in their direction for the first time. There will be a back lash, unfortunately. But there will be so much good to counteract the bad.

This time in America will be a deep exposing, and subsesqent scrubbing, of all of the unspoken, vile grime of racism in America. We won't be able to wipe it all way, but a Black president, on front street will put us on a much more level playing field. Unless you are a white person deep in the hills with no contact with the outside world, you will get to know black folks while you are observing President Obama. He has the intelligence, the cool, decency, family values, and the standard big-booty-but-not-so-pretty black wife by his side. He's a black, black man.

If white folks liked hip hop, they're gonna LOVE this. And if they don't, we damn sure will.

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