Friday, October 24, 2008

Married Life

Well, I just thought I'd update you (and me) on married life. It's great. Didn't know it would be this easy and fulfilling. Wow. There was life pre-married Smokie and life post-married Smokie. Pre was fun as hell and Post is fun and secure as hell.

Ladies, I don't like to brag - really, I don't, but since this is my blog...

I love my man. There is nothing like spending your life with a kind, understanding, thoughtful, God-fearing, sexy, strong, easy-going, smart (just when I think I'm smarter, he beats me in some trivia game or he's right when I just knew I was right - this happens close to ALWAYS), handsome, employed, GOOD black man. I'm loved, so very loved, and I definitely reciprocate the feeling.

Everything happens at the right time. I had no earthly idea that I'd meet the wonderful Bama *can't have it all* who came into my life only a year and a half ago. I always said I'd meet the One at the right time, but when I hit 34, I started to wonder. I didn't panic, but I did ask God, "What's up...?"

Was I too picky? Nah, of course not. I just knew that I needed a man who I could get along with 95% of the time. I was strong, soft, and secure in who I was. I was realistic about what I bought to the table. I didn't ask for a millionaire, or Prince Charming, but I knew I didn't want to spend my life in silence with some crazy man, or in resentment with some lazy man.

I knew I wanted a kind man who would cherish me and WORK. I knew we had to have the same morals and values to make a marriage thrive. I knew we had to be on the same page spiritually and mentally. I knew I wanted someone who I found attractive and strong. I knew I wanted to laugh with my man. I knew I wanted someone who I could totally be my goofy, ghetto, nerdy, opionated, sensitive self with. So I waited, and dated, and finally - thank you JESUS - I mated.

I love you, Bear.


  1. ahhhhhhh my ONE and ONLY friend in a healthy, normal relationship. thank you for shining a little light for me on how things SHOULD be.
    i think i will WAIT also...instead of settling for anything less than A REAL GOOD MAN.


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