Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chris Brown, the Village Idiot

I admit that I stole that title from my good friend, Larry. I'll take an idea and run with it if you don't. Zero shame.

Anyway. What a joke Chris Brown turned out to be. He came on Larry King Live and basically gave one big apology to the people and let us know he loves Rihanna. His lawyer made sure to divulge that Rihanna had slapped Chris before... but nobody could give us any details about the night he almost beat her into a coma "out of respect for her privacy". Whatever dudes. Larry King tried, in his slap dog way, to get a detail or two from Chris but Chris got stuck on, "Wow - wow - uh wow". Repeat this 20 times and that's pretty much the transcript of the interview.

If you're going to reserve time to speak on an incident DO THAT. Chris Brown could have just recorded a public apology and been done with it. I can forgive him and just look at him for the entertainment. Nobody needed him to put on a bow tie and dodge all the real questions in an *Exclusive* interview. And I surely didn't need to see his enabling mom crying one second and looking like a pit bull ready to pounce the next.

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  1. He accomplished his objective - which was to say that he loved her still and that she had been physical with him.

    Chris brown is a child in more ways than we know. I figured that the CD he had coming would show a man, not boy - but I'm sure it'll be more breakdancing and more costumey shows.

    This could have been a pivotal point for him, but he's wasted it. What woman would return to something like this? He should have said sorry and came forward as a Man - not donned down in costume complete with bow tie and glasses.

    yeah, Village idiot.....Good one Larry.


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