Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Shot at Fame...?

Does Lil Mama want some fame or what? If it's good enough for Kanye West, d*mmit, it's good enough for Lil Mama. Who knows? Lil Testosterone's stage crashing might make her the talk of the town come morning. This might be the sliiiiight push she needs to become a household name.


Jay-Z looked like "What is that?" - "Who is that?" - "Security." Alicia wasn't trying to be bothered.

At this point, you have to know Lil Mama is crazier than Kanye West will ever be. Bless her hard soul.


  1. U know they'd pull that down asap.

    Lil mama should have kept up the lip gloss campaign. I haven't heard any more of her music again...sad. BET and MTV awards are nothing but shock value parades - starting to bore me.

    I think it's her strong jawline and the clef chin that turns people off.

  2. Refresh. I have a better angle up now.

  3. How does his 'oh you're T-Pain' comment align with him saying that 'you don't argue with fools' but he references him whenever he wants?

    I guess he can say whatever he wants.........


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