Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Whitney Houston Hour

I sincerely hope that this post manages to convey all of the good, bad, sad, frustrated, and hopeful feelings that I have for my girl.

I’ve always been a Bobby Brown fan first, but I loves me some Whitney Houston. Needless to say, watching her on Good Morning America this morning was kind of hard. I loved her energy and her command of the stage, but the vocals were shaky. More shaky than, "she's getting older" ....more like, "crack is a witch."

Don't for a second get it twisted: I salute Whitney for trying to get her life together and battling such a tragic addiction. I sympathize with her from the bottom of my heart, BUT. Is she broke? Why’d she do this? I saw Being Bobby Brown and I know Whitney didn’t put out a new CD just for the fans. lol What’s up, Nippy?

Whitney Houston's 'Million Dollar...
Million Dollar Bill

Whitney Is 'Every Woman'
Every Woman

Whitney Houston: 'My Love Is Your Love'
My Love Is Your Love
Whitney: I’mma make y’all realize it’s a difference. My baby can’t sing a note!

I just love Whitney for singing, “Me and Bobby’s baby…”

Bobbi Kristina comes on stage for this one. Isn’t she turning out so lovely? I have to wonder how the child of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston can’t sing though.

I’ve watched these clips a few times; you can’t deny that she can still carry a tune or that she’ll always have a nice tone, but Whitney's voice sounds so hoarse and strained and smoked the hell OUT. A few times I actually had to make sure that wasn’t Frankie crashing the set. Let us all pray that our Whitney will quit the Newports and work on her voice. I hear something there so all is not lost... ala Aretha Franklin.

The CD?

I like it! I can do without the oooh yeah and oooh Lord fillers, but it’s a nice CD for grown people to groove to. I’ve heard MUCH worse. We'll just consider this CD her first *rough* one after coming through the storm. To be perfectly honest with you, I'll take Whitney's new CD anyday over Vanessa Williams'.

What if Whitney Houston called Mariah Carey after doing her set on GMA?
Mariah and Nick turn off the television and look at each other with raised eyebrows after watching Whitney on Good Morning America. Mariah can’t talk because she doesn’t speak before noon to preserve her voice.

Mariah’s cell rings. She sees Whitney’s name on the caller ID. Eyes light up.

Mariah: (To Nick) Put down that keyboard; watch me clown right quick. (Puts phone on speaker and sings into the phone) HellooooOOooo? This is Mariaaaah Caaarey speaking ooooooooooooo!

Whitney: Mariah?

Mariah: (Still singing) Yeeees, yeessss what’s uuuuup old friiii-e-e-end? You are my friiiiiend -

Whitney: Oh, hell to the naw. I don’t know why you singing and whispering baby girl. I had to get on crack and weed and powder and handlebars and Bobby and everything else just to come down to your level. Don’t act brand new. I caught the Michael Jackson memorial.

Nick: (Runs to Mariah’s side) Just hang up the phone baby…

Salute - Whitney Houston

Sing it, Whitney!


  1. Crack is a witch. I couldn't finish watching. It's so saddening.

  2. l;j;ljxflkjdfdaf;ldjs;lasdf
    Nick: (Runs to Mariah’s side) Just hang up the phone baby…

  3. Look fool, you DID that!

    I love the 'Me and Bobby's baby' statment too. It seems a mature way of standing up to what people think/know of her and becoming still something from that.

    Cool Dana, real cool.


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