Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eddie Long Gives Us The Business...

...not quite -- but I know a Queen when I see one.

Check it. Eddie puts hands on his hip and almost comes out @ 1:26. The hand on the hip is just too juicy for me. Then, right after that, as if the news editor totally agrees with me, a flaming member of his church comments about how giving the Bishop is.


What we have here ladies and gentleman is some messy punk ish combined with pedophilia and deep hatred for ones own sexuality. But, keep in mind, the basis of this is PUNK ISH.

Follow me if you can: Eddie Long - who I will shall not call a Bishop - is, if not a pedophile, a gay man who pastors a huge congreation in ATL. I've noticed that many of his parishoners are gay too. That's not a bad thing, but it is a gay pastor's playground.

Eddie Long has not denied any allegations. Eddie Long is still wearing a jherri curl toupee with much pride. Eddie Long is still rocking the muscle shirt and vest and he almost gave us two snaps and a "thank you very much". You don't understand what is happening before you!

How far is Eddie willing to go? He already asked the congreagation to, basically, ride with him; in the clip he says that "God can handle Eddie Long". Well, ok - God can, but in the meantime -- who wants a DL pastor who marches against homosexuality before church and bangs little Jamal in the pastors study after? And what about all of the double talk he's giving the church members? Really? This is the expectation for a pastor? If the allegations are true, this "bishop" needs to jump down from his super high horse and get it together. He shouldn't have time to lead a flock of people to wherever he's trying to lead them.

If no one takes a stand, and if everyone keeps drinking that filthy kool-aid he's passing around, I will bet that Eddie Long is going to be the first OUT mega preacher. That anyone of sound mind would accept his leadership, at this point, is very sad. One must read the bible for him/herself and know exactly what they should expect and demand from a pastor. Not everyone is called for a reason. And even the called ones are sometimes re-called.

If I were blogging for comments, I'd Plaxico Burress my hand! - Random thought.

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