Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eddie Long Can't Make Me Lose My Faith!

Let me start by saying WHOA.


I’ve been reading and hearing everyone’s comments about the Eddie Long situation and I’m going to address the ones that interest me the most.

If the accusations are true, how will it affect the Black Church?

#1: The accusations look mighty true. #2: Shouldn’t we be asking, “How will it affect Black Christians?” If a man can make a Christian waver in his faith to the point that he loses his faith, I think that man didn’t have enough faith to begin with. Unless I see Jesus, himself, sending inappropriate spandex snapshots to the kiddies - I’m good; my belief is intact. Yes, I pass judgment on the Bishop, but I know that this is his struggle, and ultimately, it’s between him, God, and the boys he ruined. I hope his parishioners will pray for themselves and continue to believe. I hope they will understand that man let them down; God’s commandments remain standing and people still follow them all around the world.

Maybe God's allowing this to happen because He wants to blow the lid off corruption in the Black Church. Maybe He's fed up with how the Black Church hides and ignores abuse and downright evil. The Black Church might want to stop worshiping the pastor and pray for DISCERNMENT regarding the pastor. God should be your Father and your Leader. Know HIM.

But it can’t be true. He’s married!

Girl, bye.

Why do women think that married men can't possibly cheat on their wives with other men? In 2010? When the DL man is a huge problem within the Black community? It’s almost as if women don’t even know men and they can’t tell a potential punk from a bonefide hetero male. I need women to pay more attention.

If all of this is true, those boys were the age of consent. They knew what they were doing! They just want some money!

Stop being so ignorant.

It’s alleged that the teens (possibly 30 boys?) were “groomed” by the Bishop since the age of 14 or 15. He picked the most vulnerable boys of the lot – just like predators do. When a kid is such an impressionable age, and when he places trust in a much needed father figure, anything is possible. Have some compassion. This man turned those boys out and manipulated them in the worst way.

I have a question -- Who didn’t suspect this? Eddie frequently wears bedazzled velvet dresses/robes. He unashamedly wears a toupee. 90% of his wardrobe consists of size small muscle shirts. He doesn't come across as annointed AT ALL. His sermons always lead to nowhere. He spent way too much time with teenage boys and too little time with his wife. The signs were there. Who didn’t know this crusty hip hop preacher loved the fellas?

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  1. Let the church say Amen !
    Smokie you are preaching today. A large number of Chri stians worship the preacher and not Him and this is where that will always lead. It has again and again. Nice post.


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