Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seal (with Heidi Klum) - Secret

So what do you think about Seal's new video with his wife? Too risque?

The Good:
Seal is probably an excellent lover
The song is beautiful
Heidi has natural breasts
Visually captivating

The Bad:
Too intimate
Seal's nails
Seal's unattractive

Seal and Heidi love to display their affection in public, and with this latest offering they tip right over the line. But I'm glad. Even though the soft porn tends to make my stomach churn, I can't help loving it. Secrets is a tenderly strong song, and I'm definitely feeling it.

I once dated an extremely unattractive man. I'm talking Biz Markie-is-cute ugly. But he had a fantastic personality and made me laugh. Of course, he turned out to be trifling and didn't worship the ground I walked on so we didn't last too long. Our situation was nothing like Seal's and Heidi's.

Still, that ugly dude captured my heart and my mind for a while — but he never quite stopped being ugly. Sure, I'd look deeply into his eyes with love and affection, but if I dared gaze beyond his dirty brown pupils to that face, the mood was KILT. You know how your heart jumps when you see your handsome man walking up? Well, I never got that jump. My heart would beat once we started laughing and talking, but it didn't flutter upon sight. I wonder... if he had been as thoughtful and successful as Seal... would I have grown to love his scars and life wounds?

Now, consider that Heidi is belived to be one of the most beautiful women in the world... and she's a SUPER model... who's loaded ...with her own money. She's practically a goddess in the eyes of many men. And she's with Seal? We can be certain that love's sweet fragrance is in the air, but I wonder if Heidi ever thinks in the back of her mind, as I did with my ex, "You shooooole is uuugly."...?

Just a thought. Love is beautiful no matter how you look; I sound shallow, blah blah blah.

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