Sunday, December 31, 2006

Better Late than Never: 2006 Wrap Up

2006 was a different year - for me, the world, and celebs. Bobby and Whitney filed for divorce, Lil Wayne and Baby tongued (ok – I took it there), and George Bush pretty much cemented his fate as The Worst U.S. President Ever. In absolutely no particular order except what pops in my head, let's get movin:

**Jay Comes out of "Retirement"**
Of course Jay-Z came back this year with Kingdom Come, but Nas' Hip Hop is Dead knocks a little harder and deeper in my opinion. Kingdom Come might actually be a certified winner, but there was no way Jay could have lived up to the hype. I mean the man has conquered it all: he's not living in the hood - and hasn't been for some time, he has the absolute hottest chic in the game, everything he touches turns to gold or platinum, and he's The Man all over the world. Rap is a pain-driven art, and if your pain comes from too much money, well, you aint really in pain...

**Eddie Murphy Divorces, and Shines in Dreamgirls**
Eddie Murphy and his wife Nicole divorced, and now Scary Spice is supposedly knocked up by him. Eddie, however, is denying all of this and basically says Scary is a ho who might be carrying anybody's baby. Come on Eddie...time will tell...those Murphy genes are strong.

I could not post about Eddie without mentioning his outstanding performance in Dreamgirls. He gave us funny, vulnerable, serious, and entertaining. If anyone deserves an Oscar for Dreamgirls, it is definitely Eddie. I wish they would make a separate movie about James Early!

**The Game Keeps On Pushing**
You have to respect this man's tenacity. 50 knocks him down and he gets up every-single -time. Perhaps the best move he made in '06 was the remix to One Blood featuring every rapper except 50 Cent. Cold part about it is The Game even offered 50 a spot on the track, but he refused. Dumb move 50. The Game, with his name dropping ass, is pretty hot right now.

**Mary J. Solidifies Position as Queen of Hip Hop Soul**
MJB is my all-time favorite artist. Love Eykah Badu to pieces, but she's keeping an extremely low profile. Mary, however, comes and goes at just the right time. We never tire of her and we always always always feel her to the core! Mary did it big with The Breakthrough, and in true Mary fashion, she refused to back down and give us that heartwrenching painful music we begged for. She did HER by showing us that you can be in pain, but you don't have to be a fool about it. Check out Be Without You and Take Me As I Am.:

"Be Without You"

"Take Me As I Am"

More Later

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