Wednesday, December 27, 2006


With all of the DL rumors and truths swirling, I wanted to post something to honor celebs who we never hear DL rumors about—and never better:

Whether Vintage or Current, Ice Cube is the coolest rapper, actor, director to do it.

Big Boi could wear pink panties and get away with it; nothing but MAN exudes.

A.I. - I'd disfigure a b**** for starting a rumor about this übersexy, übercool piece of steel.
(First time using über!)

Tyrese - He might be Baby Boy and Black Ty, but he aint never Sisqo.

Denzel Washington - What can I say? He's the MAN. Pauletta knows it, Sanaa knows it...

Rick Ross - Teddy Bears don't do it for me, but Ricky definitely exudes testosterone to the limit.

Morris Chestnut - Fine, chocolate, married MAN. Morris is...!

Bun B - What?!
The Pimp isn't on the list because, well, as much as I love him, there was that long jail stint.

If I had to pick a #1, it would be Nasty Nas - no contest. Brilliant and sooo sexy.
Nas could get it, and in many dreams he has gotten it.

... and of course, King Latifah leaves no doubt about what's up.

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